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White Cloud e-cigs are arguably high-end brands that won over the hearts of many vapers due to their incredible power, quality, and appearance. Initially, they were introduced in the market at high prices. However, the great news is that these prices have dropped tremendously.

For instance, the Citrus 2 that cost $239.95 previously is now retailing at only $49.95! Over the years, the brand has introduced more superior models at affordable costs. Now, users can enjoy these products without breaking the bank. In this review, we shall delve further into White Cloud e-cigs and why you should try them out.


White Cloud’s Products and Features

White Cloud e-cig brand is renowned for its cartridge technology. They commonly use Smooth Draw Technology. This technology helps quick passage of vapor in large amounts through the smaller kit passage. It produces a white cloud of vapor that feels and tastes great. Recently, the company introduced new products that are a real game-changer. Let’s take a look at some of these new kits.


The Cirrus2 has been one of White Cloud’s oldest kits and costs only $49.95 on the market. This kit comes with classic white batteries with orange LED lights and a grey tip. Additionally, it includes 5 Smooth Draw cartridges, a user manual, and a USB charger. It takes 90 minutes to charge the batteries fully and drains after 280 puffs.


Following closely to the Cirrus2 is the Cirrus3 kit that is retailing at $69.95. This kit comes equipped with a squid charger, a user manual, three batteries, an AC adapter, and 5 Smooth Draw cartridges. Additionally, it is White Cloud’s lightest and smallest kit. Its cartridge is usually attached to the 3.5-inch-long battery. The batteries can be charged for one hour and drains after 200 puffs.


This kit is the brand’s latest addition to its Cirrus models, and it’s retailing at $89.95. It comes equipped with an AC adaptor, a USB charger, three batteries, a car adaptor, 5 Smooth Draw cartridges, and a user manual. It is the brand’s long-lasting battery that takes two hours to charge fully. This quality allows it to last for over 600 puffs.
Cirrus Omni – This kit has been designed to give the user customization advantage with the ability to work with any other model parts. For this reason, it is perfect for users who already use some parts from any brand edition they prefer. Additionally, it can be excellent for new vapors who prefer customizing to meet their preferences. It allows unmatched flexibility in terms of performance as well as minimizing costs as you won’t need to purchase all the Cirrus3X batteries.

Phantom Kit 

This is White Cloud’s limited-edition kit retailing for $129.95. It includes a black squid charger, 5 Smooth Draw cartridges, three batteries, a locking display box, a black AC adaptor, and a membership card. The brand produces only 500 kits; thus, you’ll be forced to purchase them earlier before their discontinuation. This kit is designed specifically for high-end vapers that opt for unique vapors. It has a black and sleek design. It uses the C3X batteries that take two hours to charge and drain after more than 600 puffs. You’ll fall in love with its super cool locking display box that’s out of this world.

White Cloud

White Cloud’s E-Cig Flavors

Do you love a strong, mild, or extra mild e-cigarette? Well, White Cloud provides you with a wide variety of flavors at different strengths, no matter your taste. The three main flavor categories include:

  • Tobacco – contains Light strength, Ultra-light strength, Full strength, Nicotine strength, and Extra strength.
  • Menthol – includes, XX, Light strength, Ultra-light strength, Full strength, Nicotine strength, and Extra strength.
  • Flavors – includes either expresso or vanilla in Light strength, Ultra-light strength, Full strength, Nicotine strength, and Extra strength. Others include kick, clove, chocolate, and vanilla available in extra, full, and light strength.

Compared to other e-cigarette companies, White Cloud offers clients with great charts to assist in selecting the correct strength and flavor. Whether you are a heavy or light smoker, these charts are quite handy in your flavor selection.

White Cloud’s E-Cig Vapor Volume

The first Citrus kits from White Cloud did not possess flavors that could be considered strong enough for habitual smokers. However, the introduction of Citrus3 has so far fixed this problem. Also, the brand introduced “flavor kicks customizers” that boost the overall flavor for vapers. Tobacco flavored e-cigarettes are some of the most sought after in all electronic cigarettes.
White Cloud


White Cloud could be termed honest in offering its warranty, which lasts for six months. They do not provide their customers with bogus lifetime warranties laden with a host of terms and conditions. Sometimes, your warranty may be rendered null and void in case you use e-liquid in your cartridge rather than the required White Cloud cartridges. You may opt to purchase an additional warranty for your e-cigs at an extra cost.

Pros and Cons


  • Smooth Draw cartridge technology
  • Longer battery life and performance
  • Squid charger technology
  • 4-step battery quality control mechanism
  • Healthy and mild options with many nicotine levels


  • They lack manual battery options
  • There exist huge gaps between levels of nicotine (unsuitable for slow reduction)
  • Newer models tend to be expensive
  • Extended warranties come at an extra cost

Final Words

White Cloud is known for its superior product quality and exceptional customer service.
Additionally, they offer more great flavors that are updated regularly to suit their customer’s requirements.

Furthermore, they have significantly reduced their product prices, making them a better option for many vapers. Ultimately, they have joined the leagues of top brass e-cig brands and loved by many users. They have evolved in producing new products and technologies. You won’t go wrong when you choose White Cloud e-cigs!

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