What Is Vaping – All You Need to Know Before Starting Vaping

what is vaping

Unlike smoking cigarettes, vaping is simply the process of inhaling and exhaling aerosol through a special electronic device. The substance that is inhaled during vaping is made of various chemicals which are changed into fine particles.

These chemicals are known to consist of some toxic components which are hazardous to your health. In fact, some of the most notorious health issues associated with vaping include heart diseases, respiratory problems, and cancer.

The History of Vaping

Though vaping has existed for many years, it became popular in the 2000s when Hon Lik, a Chinese pharmacist made the first vape. Later in 2006, Ruyan group which is now famous for Dragonite International supporting him in his bid to launch the first vape in Europe.

In the US, the first vape came out in the year 2007. Currently, there are a lot of vaping devices available in the market. While some are customized, the common ones include vape pens and e-cigarettes.

So What Does a Typical Vaping Device Consist of?

A typical vaping device has a mouthpiece which allows you to inhale. Then there is a cartridge which holds a particular liquid known as the e-liquid. Finally, there is a battery powered heating compartment.

How Does a Vaping Device Work?

A vaping device works in a relatively simple way. The power released from the battery heats up the heating compartment leading to the e-liquid vaporizing. As a result, an aerosol is formed and inhaled through the mouthpiece into the lungs and then exhaled.

Cigarettes are lit and the tobacco is smoked as they burn. On the other hand, vaping devices are heated and even though nicotine may be used, this is not always the case. Therefore, combustion does not take place in vaping and it doesn’t produce smoke.

An atomizer is one of the elements that vapor products must have. Usually, an atomizer has a coil which is responsible for heating up the liquid leading to vaporizing. However, the atomizer needs help from other parts for the vaping process to be completed. In addition, most vaporizers have a tank which stores the e-liquid used in the process.

vape tanks

A wick is attached to draw the liquid from the tank and deliver it to the coil. Moreover, the atomizer is designed in such a way that, it has an opening to allow air to flow through it. The air flows over the coil sweeping the resulting vapor and taking it up to the mouthpiece, allowing the user to inhale it through its tip.

A few studies have shown that a number of vapers like to use more sophisticated devices. This is common among the vapers who intend to stop smoking through vaping. Unlike the ordinary vaping devices, these ones come with a removable atomizer for the purpose of trying out different flavors.

A majority of vaping devices come with an inbuilt battery; some even have an LED settings screen that displays the usage of the battery. Some have controls to adjust the flow of power.

Vaping devices with removable batteries are known as mods. What sets them apart from the rest is that you can replace the battery. This means that you can opt to use a fully charged battery while charging the other one externally.

vape mod

Since most people are not certain of the chemical composition of the liquid that vaporizes, there have been a lot of misconceptions surrounding it. In fact, some people have even argued that it may be an adulterated liquid that originates from China. Others think that it’s a type of oil that is mixed with tobacco.

Nonetheless, this is far from the truth. Actually, the liquid is vegetable glycerin coupled with propylene glycol. These two substances are usually used in food as well as some FDA-approved drugs.

On the contrary to what people may think about this liquid, the only kind of nicotine that it may be used with it is the pharmaceutical grade liquid. Apart from that, the flavoring is made up of predominantly food grade ingredients.

As much as people argue that the e-liquid only originates from China, it helps to know that a large amount of what is available in the US is indeed manufactured domestically. This means that it is surprisingly of the highest standards.

Smoking VS Vaping, Which Is Better?

Both vapes and cigarettes are unsafe to some extent, but according to experts, cigarettes are likely to do more harm than vapes. A well-renowned nicotine researcher who is at the University of California, Neal Benowitz, MD, agrees with this observation.

Statistics show that about half a million people die from cigarette smoking in the United States every year. This harm is a result of the numerous chemicals that are produced from the combustion process.

On the other hand, there is no combustion in vapes. This eliminates the kind of hazards that cigarettes pose. In 2015, a study from the Public Health England stated that vapes were 95% less harmful than cigarettes.

Nevertheless, Kenneth Warner, who is a tobacco policy researcher at the University of Michigan deemed that the percentage is inaccurate.

As part of his response, Mr. Kenneth said that a majority of the people who criticize vaping are likely to argue that it’s about 50 to 66% less dangerous. However, from a practical point of view, vapes are at least 80-85 % less dangerous.

In some of the states and communities that ban cigarettes from public places, vaping is also prohibited. Warner further says that, as much as secondhand vapor may also be somewhat harmful, the probability of it being hazardous is extremely low.

Though no studies have been carried out on that, there is some evidence from his reading that vaping could actually help some people to do away with the habit of smoking.

Caren Kagan Evans, who is a 56-year-old lady from Washington, DC is one of the few lucky people who were able to stop smoking as a result of vaping.

Caren smoked her first cigarette at the tender age of 13, little did she know that smoking was a habit that would take over her life. She would later try to refrain from smoking by using hypnosis, gum as well as a nicotine patch, only to miserably fail.

Caren decided to stop smoking, so she tried out vaping. One month into it, she was able to stop smoking. As of now, she hasn’t smoked a single cigarette in over 2 years. She says that since she began vaping, she can now eat and sleep better. Moreover, she no longer smells like her ashtray.

However, Caren’s story stands out. If there were more similar stories where people could simply vape and miraculously quit smoking, “Vaping would be widely revered” says Benowitz. He continues to point out that one of the major problems facing smokers who try to stop smoking in the US is that they smoke and vape at the same time.

When the circumstances do not support smoking, they vape. This happens in restaurants and many other places where you can’t just pull out a cigarette and smoke.

While Sward says that the FDA is not so convinced that vaping can help a smoker stop smoking, discussing with your physician on other proven options or medicine available to help you stop smoking works better.

Additionally, the American Heart Association advice that vaping should only be considered as a solution after you have tried everything else and failed.

How to Vape Safely

If you have never smoked or vaped, then you should not start. Nicotine is very addictive and can be detrimental to your health. Therefore, you are better off not trying it out, lest you get addicted.

If you have to vape, always aim for the highest quality in terms of the vaping device that you intend to use. This is because a low-quality device can pose other health hazards that are not even related to the act of vaping.

If you are a vaper, always go for an e-liquid that has no nicotine. Although a good number of manufacturers allow you to use a certain amount of nicotine and reduce as you continue, you would do much better with zero nicotine.

E-liquid can poison children or even pets when left in the open. Therefore, ensure that you keep it safe and out of reach, especially to the minors as well as your beloved pets.

For those who know nothing about the ohms law or the mechanism behind a vaping device, then they should not attempt to build their own mod.

Evidently, vaping lacks most of the harmful chemicals found in cigarettes and other similar substances. However, there is considerable uncertainty when it comes to the possible dangers of vaping. Besides that, nicotine is an alluring drug that is highly addictive and is said to be poisonous once ingested.

Having read all the information that has been provided in this article about vaping, we believe that you are now in a better position to make the right decision as to whether you should get into vaping or not.

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