Vuse Vibe Kit Review: Is It a Better Choice?

Vuse Vibe Kit
Vuse Vibe Kit Unit

Review Score

Tank Capacity: 2ml

Nicotine Level: 3.0%

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Since it established in 2013, Vuse’s quality products helped it reach peak popularity in only two years, when it gained the status as the most popular e-cigarette company in the US. Most of its products are pen-style devices that help smokers quit vaping.

Vuse Vibe Kit is a nod to the old-fashioned eGo e-cigarettes. It uses pre-filled tanks instead of their more common, refillable counterparts. The simplistic design is surely going to attract a lot of beginners. Now, let’s dive a bit deeper and see if it can perform as well as it looks.



Vuse Vibe Kit

Tank Capacity:
Nicotine Level:
Battery Capacity:
Around 26g
Original, Mint, Melon, Nectar, Tropical, Fusion, Menthol

Package Contents

The box itself is nothing to marvel at, but it fits in nicely with the minimalistic look. It has an illustration of the device as well as the Vuse logo against a mostly grey background. The contents are placed inside of plastic packaging, and they are:

  • 1x Vuse flavored cartridge
  • 2x rechargeable battery unit
  • 1x USB charger

As you can see, the Vuse Vibe kit is pretty straightforward and contains just enough to get you started.

Vuse Vibe Complete Kit

Build & Design

The Vibe is an elongated device of cylindrical shape, roughly the length of two regular cigarettes. Even though it’s a bit wider, it can be easily held due to the ergonomic design. The overall look is very sleek and clean since there are no buttons.

The high quality of the build is apparent as soon as you take the device. Unlike most of its competitors, Vibe uses durable metals for both the core of the battery and its chassis. On the contrary, cartridges are made out of high-grade plastic, but that’s to be expected since they’re disposable. Because of the premium material combination, you won’t have to worry about this device breaking from a single drop.

Instead of overwhelming its users with a lot of components, Vuse decided to stick with a simple 2-part construction. There’s the essential black stainless-steel battery, which looks very elegant, and a black pre-filled cartridge. The cartridge is screwed onto the battery in a matter of seconds, and you’re ready to vape. The only decorative part is the red-colored ring in the middle with the Vuse logo on it.

Vuse Vibe Kit


The flavor choice is very ample, with seven different variations available. Every pack contains two tanks of the chosen flavor. However, keep in mind that there’s a minimum of 2 packs per order, which means you’ll need to spend at least $20.

– Original

This is Vuse’s take on the pure tobacco flavor and the one that comes included with the kit. It’s very rich without being overly harsh, with a slight bit of sweetness in the background. It produces a very smooth, enjoyable vape and leaves no chemical aftertaste.

– Fusion

Fusion aims to be the flavor of choice for the dessert lovers. It combines mild hints of custard, a very significant amount of fruit, and slight sourness in the background. Even though it’s a bit more on the lighter side, it still manages to be very satisfying.

– Tropical

This is just what you’d expect. The exotic tanginess of the mango is perfectly combined with a bit of pineapple and papaya. A creamy coconut is there to complete this awesome tropical mix.

– Mint

Contrary to its name, Mint puts a fair amount of focus on the tobacco undertones. It tastes like a combination of the Original flavor with a slight bit of added freshness.

– Menthol

This is what Mint should’ve been. It’s very potent, a lot more so than the previous flavor. The tobacco taste is barely noticeable, and the vape itself is very refreshing – a perfect choice for an everyday flavor.

– Nectar

The Nectar emphasizes sweet honey taste along with a very nice fruit mix. It has a floral, natural feel to it, perfect for the fruit lovers.

– Melon

This flavor manages to recreate the taste of a juicy, ripe watermelon very well. It’s pretty sweet, but very easy to take in — also one of the better choices for everyday vaping.


A tight draw characterizes the vaping experience on the Vuse Vibe with a very solid throat hit. The temperature of the vapor is neither hot nor cold – fairly neutral. The airflow is a bit more on the restricted side, but still somewhat balanced. However, at only 3.0% of nicotine content, it might not be enough for heavy smokers.

Vapor production is just as you would expect on the device of this size. It’s nothing too impressive, so don’t expect to be cloud chasing. However, it does manage to bring the full potency of the flavors. It’s even able to keep up very well with chain vaping without getting overly hot.

Vuse Vibe


The 600mAh battery is going to be enough for roughly one half of the tank. It arrives fully inside the package. To avoid overheating, there is a 7-second cutoff mechanism for the drag length.

Recharging takes around several hours. Unfortunately, the cartridge has to be removed for the battery to be plugged in, so there’s no support for pass-through charging. The LED indicator on the bottom lights up red while the battery is charging. Once it’s full, the light turns white.

Another nice feature is the faulty tank diagnostic. If you notice the LED light flashing red for a couple of seconds, it means that your tank has a flaw and should be immediately replaced.

Pros and Cons


  • Attractive, simple design
  • Affordable price
  • Tasty, rich flavors
  • Beginner-friendly and easy to use
  • Long-lasting battery
  • Solid airflow


  • Fairly low nicotine content
  • No pass-through charging


Vuse Vibe Kit is a straightforward and affordable choice for anyone looking to join the vaping industry. It’s effortless to use – plug in the cartridge, and you’re ready to go. If you’re not specifically looking for high nicotine content, I’d say this is one of the better options that you can start with.

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