Vision Spinner II Review

Vision Spinner II
Vision Spinner II

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Dimensions: 124.5mm x 16.5mm

Battery Capacity: 1600mAh

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The vision spinner II battery has numerous improvements as compared to the first one. They have blended all the features and pros of the first generation spinner and simultaneously developed a unique Vision Spinner II. Small & sleek, Spinner II comes in various colors to match the different tastes people have. It is quite easy to use and to carry with you. On the other hand, the power button can be relatively fussy, as you will see later in this review.

In terms of quality, nothing was spared in making sure that the battery is not only sturdy but strong enough to endure any hard falls or stress. Also, safety was part of the manufacturing process for the Spinner II. It features short circuit protection as well as a lock feature. Below is a detailed review of the Vision Spinner II battery.



Vision Spinner II

124.5mm x 16.5mm
Battery Capacity:
Charging Voltage:

Build & Design

Similar to many e-cig batteries, Spinner II utilizes the average 510 threading connection. This has become a practical size for threading for some time now, and it is not a surprise that the Spinner II battery has it too. This means it can connect to several atomizers or other gadgets you may utilize from different products.

Moreover, it comes with several different mAh varieties. You can select from 1300, 900, 650, and 400 mAh, and each one of them is made in a beautiful 4.7 inches compact size and a 0.7″ diameter. You can as well change the voltage using a button situated at the bottom of the battery. The more you increase the voltage, the thicker the vapor is supposed to be. However, remember that utilizing an increased voltage will burn through the liquid faster.

When utilized with a liquidator tank, it offers some excellent airflow. It keeps the vapor stream steady and makes sure you frequently have incredible thick vapor to draw in. If you’ve had issues with achieving a good vapor from your current tank, then you should consider changing to Vision Spinner II.

The Spinner II has better airflow on several different tanks if you are considering changing your previous batteries for it. Furthermore, the voltage settings are more distinct and more comfortable to comprehend on the Spinner II.

Vision Spinner II Logo

Colors and Flexible Voltage

The Spinner 2 comes in various colors like the vibrant forest green, ocean blue, stainless steel, dark red, and an intense black. The typical 5-click on and off-key, battery monitoring, short circuit, and over-charge protection are among the aspects of the Spinner series featured in the Spinner II. The cutoff time is more than enough for most vapors.

The adjustable voltage ranges from 3.3 to 4.8 volts – 4.8, 4.3, 3.8, and 3.3. And every one of the four click-clocks is simpler to see and lock in quite safely.

510 Threading

This means that this battery is compatible with any other mod featuring 510 threads. This battery is very consistent with every Joyetech eGo series atomizers as well as cartomizers, all 520 threaded cartomizers and atomizers, and other 510 threaded gadgets. Furthermore, you can charge this battery by utilizing a Joyetech eGo USB charger.
Vision Spinner II Top

How It Works

To set the battery in motion, you click it five times. It produces a white light to show a 60 to 100% charge, blue to indicate a 30 to 60% charge, and orange when the charge is below 30 %. The automatic stoppage time is set at around eight seconds. It takes approximately 5 to 6 hours to have the battery fully charged, but because it is a 1600 mAh gadget, it will give you a lot of power to vape the whole day without having to recharge.

Another feature is the change in the spin dial. It is more ergonomic, and once you spin, it clicks. Generally, it is easier to adjust, and it feels more robust, and it lasts longer.

The Vision Spinner II has a fantastic design. Its embossed design, the triangular-shaped firing key, and the deep shades, are significant enhancements on the aesthetics. This tank is compressed, and it definitely has more than enough power as well as voltage to push a bigger glassomizer or full-blow tank through it.


The Spinner II upgraded protection system senses short circuits automatically. In case this happens, the battery will twinkle thrice then turn off till the circuits go back to normal. Also, the battery will turn off immediately if the button is held on for 8 seconds or longer and get back to normal after a while.

On the other hand, similar to all e-cig batteries, the Spinner II should be handled with care.

Vision Spinner II Bottom

Pros and Cons


  • An easy to use the flexible voltage
  • Offers great airflow for various tanks
  • Excellent performance generally, and is a dependable battery
  • Has a decent price tag
  • Numerous color options
  • It has an attractive design
  • In-built short circuit protection system which ensures your battery is safe


  • The buttons are not very well designed
  • Quality of vapor is relatively thin as compared to some of the competition

Bottom Line

The vision spinner 2 is a decent upgrade from the previous one. It features a better design and makes adjustable voltage easy for beginners. When it comes to vapor, this model produces powerful clouds and a great battery life. If you are not satisfied with the battery you are currently utilizing, and you want to upgrade, you may be able to by changing to spinner II. It is typically a well-constructed battery, and it gives you service for a while.

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