VGOD Stig Disposable Pod Kit Review-Is It Worth to Buy?

vgod disposable vaporizer vgod stig disposable pod
vgod disposable vaporizer vgod stig pod package

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Size:72 x 10 mm

Battery: 260mAh(non rechargeable)

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If you’re looking for a hassle-free, one-time use vape device, disposable pods are for you. Advertised as a rewarding alternative to cigarettes, the VGOD Stig Disposable Pod Kit is an on-the-go, which is extremely portable to satisfy your nicotine cravings.

Pod kits are becoming increasingly more popular due to their convenience and reasonably low price compared to other devices.

So, if you’re interested in finding out what makes the pod kits so unique, along with what separates them from the crowd, you should keep reading.



VGOD Stig Disposable Pod Kit

270 puffs/each pod
Pod System:
Disposable Pod
Salt-Nic Level:
6%(60mg salt-nic)
Six Enjoyable Flavors:
Lush Ice, Tropical Mango, Cubano, Mighty Mint, Mango Bumb

Package Contents

Included in the VGOD Stig Disposable Pod Kit you will find:

1 x VGOD Stig Disposable Pod Kit – Pack of 3 Stig Pod

Stig Pod Package


VGOD Stig is a tiny device coming in at around 72x10mm in dimensions. You might even forget you’re carrying it and it’s able to fit even the smallest of pockets. It’s body entirely made out of black plastic. One side is the Stig branding in big and bold letters, while the other side is decorated with the flavor branding. There is only one Cubano taste pod differs from others, which has an attractive Cuban-like design on it.

The mouthpiece side is narrowed with an airflow hole of about 9x2mm in dimensions. The other side characterized with a blue LED indicator which lights up when you’re drawing. And it would flash three times in succession if the battery is empty.

The inside of the Stig Pod only contains 1.2ml E-juice container, as well as a 260 mAh battery which can’t be recharged. It’s clear that VGOD put their primary focus on providing quality juice and vape, but the design still manages to hold up.

vgod stig disposable pod vaporizer device


Although it goes well with the overall style of the device, the pre-charged battery is one of the lacking features in most cases.

Yes, it is convenient. But if you’re not looking to vape the VGOD Stig Disposable Pod in one go, you’re probably going to end up wasting most of the juice. The 260 mAh is not nearly large enough to go through the whole day without being recharged. But guess what – they don’t give you an option since there is no port to charge it through.

Battery recharging wouldn’t be that big of a problem, but at the price of roughly $7 per one Stig Pod, you’re going to want to get the most out of it. From my perspective, this is one of the only lacking features, but it’s quite a hefty one.

Performance & Taste

The pods come with the liquid in them and can’t be refilled. Since that liquid is Nicotine salt, the body absorbs it exceptionally quick, and you feel the hit almost instantly. Although this might be appealing to some users, those less prone to high Nicotine content might be struggling with the whopping 60mg that each pod contains.

All the flavors come with the 60mg of Nicotine in their juice. The Tropical Mango and Mango Bomb are very similar as the name suggests. They both have a subtle, mildly sweet taste to them with the hint of other tropical fruits and citrus. The sweetness might prove helpful in overcoming the high Nicotine content.

Mighty Mint offers a refreshing, cold menthol sting that doesn’t let down.

The Lush Ice combines the cold feelings of mint with the rush of fresh watermelon to provide a fruity and enjoyable experience.

Last but not least, the Cubano aims to replicate the creamy taste of the original hand-made Cuban cigars. The strong custard taste and creamy vanilla combination provide an eruption of flavors for everyday satisfaction.

vgod disposable stig vaporizer vape pod

Pros and Cons


  • Very portable and lightweight – can fit anywhere
  •  Easy to use – open the package, remove the protective foil and start vaping
  •  A LOT of vapor and power for such a small device
  •  High Nicotine content – it’s going to satisfy your cravings (sometimes a bit too much)
  •  The wide variety of flavors – you can switch them up daily
  •  It can help smokers get rid of their smoking habits
  •  1.2ml of liquid is going to last for a while – almost like 20 cigarettes
  •  Easily disposable
  •  Very beginner friendly – requires no setup


  • The taste can be inconsistent between the pods
  • Can’t be recharged or refilled
  • The battery charge can differ – one might last a couple of hours, while the others can last three days
  • If disposed of improperly, they are damaging to the environment
  • Nicotine salt can be too intense for some users
  • Price can add up over time if you use them frequently


The VGOD Stig Disposable Pod Kit is an excellent little device for convenient everyday use. You won’t have to go through the troubles of refilling and charging before going somewhere. The hit is attractive and strong, which is surprising when compared to its overall size. The flavor options are there (a couple of them very similar to one another), although they could’ve added a bit more variety.

If you can get past the battery issues, this is one of the better pod kits out there, make sure to get the most out of it. The effort put into providing a rich flavor is noticeable from the start.

If they helped you quit smoking or you have any experiences to share, feel free to leave a comment below!

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