VGOD Pro Mech Mod Review-Is This Mechanical Mod Fit for Beginner Vapers?

vgod pro mech pod kit
vgod pro mech mod kit

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Diameter: 24mm

Battery: Single 18650(not included)

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Mechanical mods are the bread and butter of a quality vaping experience. As they require more advanced knowledge, and the beginners might not be able to handle them. Mech mods provide unparalleled customization capabilities that are worth the learning process.

The VGOD Pro Mech mod was, as the creators say, made for professional and experienced vapers. It packs a quality, and premium builds at a competitive price.

Read on to find out about all of its amazing features and how vapers can take advantage of them.



VGOD Pro Mech Mod

Durable billet copper and stainless steel construction
Dierect Connection:
Hybrid 510 connection
Air Vent:
Five air vent holes
AEROSPACE grade carbon fiber encrusted button
Black, Red, White

Package Contents

VGOD Pro Mech comes in a beautiful, glossy black box which accented with white and red letters. As always, it contains some necessary information about the product. All of the accessories are carefully stored inside an attractive, black carrying case.

Included in the VGOD Pro Mech Mod you will find:

  • 1* VGOD Pro Mech Mod
  • 2* VGOD Stickers – one black, one white
  • 1* Black Carrying Case with VGOD Branding
  • 1* Spare Gold Plated Spring

vgod pro mech package content with bag


The VGOD Pro Mech Mod has a compact and robust design. It weighs a bit over 120g, even though it might look quite hefty.

With a battery and an atomizer installed, that number is going to go a bit over 200g. Its diameter of 24mm means that all 24mm atomizers are going to fit nice and snug, which is the usual size of most of them.

Whole-body has a matte finish in one of three colors, disturbed only by the engraved VGOD logo. There are multiple vent holes (all on the side) to increase the user’s safety experience. The top is effortless to unscrew and take off. The Delrin sleeve inside acts as an extra layer of protection in case of any battery wrap tears.

vgod pro mech black gold

Build Quality

The battery switch can be taken off. Inside of it is the copper contact along with a Delrin ring, which is to prevent any battery rattling, automatically adjusting to all types inserted. The switch is made out of copper, and it’s pretty bulky to provide durability. On the bottom of VGOD Pro Mech Mod is a unique serial number that comes with every mod. The spring is housed alongside- it’s gold plated and greased to ensure smoothness when pressing it.

VGOD Pro Mech is a hybrid mod, which means that the battery has direct contact with the atomizer. Although this brings more power, you’ll need to pay closer attention to safety measures before installing and using anything. Make sure that you always insert the atomizer before the battery.

vgod pro mech Hybrid 510 connection


Safety is Number One Priority

As always, hybrid mechanical mods are NOT safe to use unless you’re familiar with all the prerequisites. Ohm’s law and the mechanics of energy transfer around circuits, as well as battery safety guidelines, are a must for anyone looking to use VGOD Pro Mech Mod.

Since there with the direct contact to the battery, any atomizer used must have to protrude 510 pins to avoid short-circuiting the battery. Avoid any atomizers with flush pins or the ones with tiny protrusions (less than 1mm).

18650 batteries are rechargeable and can go up to 2600 mAh in capacity. However, the package doesn’t include these batteries. Any high-quality Sony battery is going to do the trick and bring the most out of this mod if coupled with an excellent atomizer. You could feel free to use even the atomizers with a diameter smaller than 24mm. They’re going to work fine, but you might notice that it’s not as fit as it should be.


The combination of billet copper (or aluminum, depending on your choice), Rhodium plated threading, Delrin and carbon fiber are guaranteed to last for a long time. Couple that with some quality coils, a robust atomizer and a long-lasting battery to experience the real power of this mech mod. The overall quality and wattage will depend on the type of coils you install.

The direct contact brings almost no delay between the button press and the hit. Since it’s self-adjusting, battery switching takes only a couple of seconds.

VGOD Pro Mech Mod has high-quality materials, pretty designs, and incredibly customizable. There’s not much more you can ask from it.

vgod pro mech bag

Pros and Cons


  •  Highly durable, solid build made out of quality materials
  •  Aesthetically pleasant with the engraved logo and matte finish
  •  A nice carrying case included
  •  Spare spring included
  •  Extremely smooth carbon fiber spring-loaded button
  •  Delrin sleeve on the inside for increased safety
  •  Extremely light even with the battery and the atomizer installed
  •  Self-adjusting copper battery contact
  •  No delay for the hit because of the direct connection
  •  Compatible with pretty much any RDA
  •  An incredible price


  • Not beginner-friendly, but this is the case with all mechanical mods
  • Some users don’t like the concept of direct contact
  • Magnet buttons are should be a bit more durable


The ratio between pros and cons should speak for itself. For a price at around $60, the VGOD Pro Mech Mod is the best out of the bunch that you can get. It has absolutely everything that a hybrid mod needs to have, and it’s comparable to those four times more expensive.

The overall design is stunning, and the engraved VGOD logo gives it a nice contrast. Carbon fiber button acts as a stamp of quality. Even the cons listed are subjective, and there are high chances that more than half the users won’t have a problem with them. The attention to detail is what makes it shine.

If you’ve been looking for a high-quality mod without breaking the bank, I would say that your search ends here.

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