Vaporesso Aurora Play Review

Vaporesso Aurora Play Review
Vaporesso Aurora Play Pod Kit

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Dimensions: 78.8 mm by 43.7 mm by 15.5 mm

E-liquid Capacity: 2 mL

Manufactured by Vaporesso, the Vaporesso Aurora Play is among the latest pod vape on pre-order in the market. Vaporesso Aurora Play is available in silver, rainbow, metallic grey and bronze, this device sells at $32 on pre-order.

Not only does it constitute a superb automatic MTL draw, but it also comprises of a convenient and familiar body styling, CCELL coils and a 1.3 ohm for nic salt.

With a more round and slightly larger body, push-to-fill system, distinct pods, and mouthpiece, on and off button, and an entire swapped system, this is an advanced version of the Aurora. Comprehensive detail of its specifications, performance and build quality and design are as explained below.



Vaporesso Aurora Play

Maximum Wattage Output:
12.5 W
Minimum Atomizer Resistance:
1.3 ohm
Maximum Juice Capacity:
2 mL
Battery Capacity:
650 mAh
Coil Type :
Vaporesso CCELL Coil Technology
Metallic grey (pattern), silver, bronze, rainbow

Kit Content

-User Manual

-Quick guide

-Warranty Card

-USB Cable

-10ml E-juice filling bottle

-2ml additional pod

-Aurora play kit with 2ml pod

Vaporesso Aurora Play Kit Content


If you had used the original Aurora, you’d understand that it has plastic cylindrical tanks with the replacement of the coil head. The Vaporesso Aurora Play does not use this but uses disposable magnetic pods.

Concerning its capacity, this has been moved from 1.2ml to 2.0 ml. The best part is that you will be able to easily monitor your juice level using two 6.5mm by 8mm juice windows.

On the top of the pod is a spring-loaded valve that fills the reservoir if you push it down using your dropper.

This means that refilling the pod is easier attributes to the press-to-fill system. Back to the droppers, in as much as you can use glass dropper on this vape, it is proven that the needle as well as the plastic tips work better and clean for the refill.

Ensure you like the flavour before filling it in the Vaporesso Aurora Play, because once you fill the flavour in the pod, you cannot have access to another flavour till the one on the pod is drained out.

You wouldn’t forget the tip on the first Aurora tip which resembled snorks the cartoon character, right? I mean, who would forget that cheap, odd-shaped and proprietary tip that would easily fall off and get lost? This machine has sought the same faults especially in the feeling cheap and falling off aspect but guess what?

Vaporeso has promised to make the retail version free of these faults. Particularly they have said they will have the tip unremovable and it will ensure that they design it to be a 510-style tip form factor.

Build Quality and Design

The top of this pod vape has some amount of wobble, but this does not compromise its excellent build quality. The build quality is not the only mind-blowing thing about its design but its incredible finishing on the zinc alloy chassis body.

If you were keen during the intro, you noticed the mention of the automatic drawer and the on and off button of this machine. Well, the on and off button is a simple 5-click button situated above the micro USB port which is located on the narrow frontside.

You are likely to love its retail version as Vaporesso has leaked that the retail version will feature three pre-sets (red 9 watts, blue 10.5 watts, and green/12.5) for wattages used by the on and off button.

However, I am not certain of how you’ll feel about its weight, because it weighs an estimated 95 grams which is more or less heavier than most if not all portable pod vapes. This should nonetheless, not be a major issue of concern because the pod feels extremely awesome in hand.

Also, it mimics or even works better than the world’s popular lighter in matters of sound and looks, if you chose to play with it. Similar to the lighter, it also has a cam lever meaning you’ll enjoy satisfactory clicks or those silent and easy openings.

Concerning its size, given the dimensions in the specs section, you can trust that it is more or less the same as the Orion Go.


If you are looking for a pod vape with exceptional performance, this is it! You don’t have to struggle with the automatic draw as it is easy and hits more quickly than you can imagine. The Vaporesso Aurora Play also houses a throat hit which has a warm vapor, and the vapor is excellent for a pod vape not to forget the flavour from the CCELL coils which are excellent.

Not that am not fascinated by the vapor and flavour, but I find the thicker juices exciting with this coil. Consider this scenario, while I can hit ten rapids before the flavour tastes wear off, I can comfortably vape 20 hits in succession with 10VG and low nic.

If this is not an indication that its CCELL is good with thicker juices, then maybe, just maybe, we are distinct vapers with different tastes and preferences. The best part is that even if the flavour wears off quickly, to me, there is no big deal as the coil gets back to performing normally and almost immediately.

Bottom line, I agree that the coils of the Vaporesso Aurora Play are epic because honestly, where does one get a pod vape which upon use you experience no leaking, no abrupt burnt hits, zero spittings, and zero dry hits unless you going extremely tough on the coils like me (once in a while)?

Vaporesso Aurora Play Pod (2)


The Vaporesso Aurora Play has a battery capacity of 650mAh. I find battery life normal. I mean nothing is devastating about its battery life and also there isn’t anything ordinary about the battery.

If you are a moderate vapor, the battery life can last you a day, but if you vape a lot, you will need to charge the system once in a day. The steal is in the charging time because it does not take more than 60 mins and less than 50 minutes to charge which is nice if you ask me.

Vaporesso Aurora Play Pod System

Pros and Cons


  • Quality machining and manufacturing
  • The easy and responsive automatic draw for perfect MTL
  • Zero leakages
  • Excellent flavour
  • Awesome throat hit
  • Nice juice window
  • Easy to use


  • Low-quality mouthpiece
  • A little wobble on the top
  • Difficulty in removing liquid due to press-to-fill feature


Yes, the Vaporesso Aurora Play slightly resembles those novelty machines, but it is more than a legitimately superb vape. It sure does feel like the flip flop lighter, but again its quality is quite outstanding. Its awesome finishing and machining have received compliments even from non-vapers.

Considering all this and the changes, Vaporesso says it will include in the retail version; this is just a plus pod vape.

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  1. Avatar Sulogno de says:

    I didn’t quite understand the utility of 3 different wattage types . Which wattage type (9 , 10.5 or 12.5) should I use for experiencing more flavour with a high VG (70:30) 3 mg nicotine freebase juice ?
    And what measure of wattage is best for nic salt , quick hits

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