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Vape Wild E-Juice

While most companies specialize in either manufacturing or selling, Vape Wild is doing both at the same time. The company was established by a group of three people who wanted to provide an alternative for their smoking-plagued environment.

While their original goal was creating a personal brand of e-liquids with unique and exotic flavors, Vape Wild is today more commonly known among the vaping enthusiasts as an online store with a very extensive amount of different products. Still, this didn’t stop them from establishing a team of experts and ultimately creating a reasonably successful brand. Today, they have ten stores in four different states around the US.

Vape Wild’s main motivation, as they say, is standing out as an every person’s vaping company. The brand even has its own YouTube channel with every video filmed in-house, and their social media following grows with each passing moment. Let’s go over some of their elements and see how they managed to pull this off.

Appearance & Functionality

Vape Wild Website

Vape Wild’s website takes an animated approach with a lot of elements fading in as you scroll through the homepage. The main color scheme combines baby blue & white, but there are a lot of images representing different items sold to break the monotony. The header of the homepage has an annoying nicotine warning banner which stays on the screen even while scrolling. It’s somewhat large, so you’ll be noticing it at all times.

The item category strip has evident labels to help you find exactly what you’re looking for. Alongside the nicotine label, a live chat prompt opens up in the bottom right corner as soon as you load the page. Fortunately, it can be minimized with a single click if you don’t want it to bother you.

Overall, everything is reasonably well organized and self-explanatory. Even though the automatic live chat prompt might be a bit obtrusive, it’s nice knowing that you have immediate access to support if you happen to need it.

Product & Brand Availability

The shop puts emphasis on a comprehensive e-liquid variety, but it doesn’t skimp out on other items either. The available product groups are:

Vape Juices

Vape Wild has over 400 individual juices, from standard e-liquids to the stronger nicotine salts. You’d be hard pressed to think of any flavor profile which they don’t have. Alongside buying the pre-made products, users can select a DIY option to customize a flavor to their liking. Brands include Vape Wild’s own Milkman E-Liquid, Bluebird E-Liquids, Burst E-Liquid and many others.

Vape Wild E-Juice


Due to the high popularity of Vuse products, Vape Wild has dedicated an entire category just for them. Here you’ll be able to find four of Vuse’s best-sellers: Alto, Solo, Vibe and Ciro. Alongside the standalone units, there’s every type of replaceable cartridge/pod as far as flavors are concerned.

Vape Alternatives

A product category which isn’t encountered very often, the vape alternatives imply a different way of consuming nicotine. They can be both oral-based or applied to the skin, but Vape Wild sells exclusively oral products, mainly tablets and pouches. These are becoming increasingly more popular due to their portability and easy disposal. The store offers many different flavors, from the minty and refreshing ones to the fruity citrus lozenges.


If you’re looking for full-fledged devices, this is the category for you. Whether you need a sleek, subtle vape pen or a more powerful box mod, you’ll surely be able to find something which appeals to you. Different style options provide a lot of customizability, to the point where you can have a unique device personalized just for you. The big-name brands here are SMOK, Aspire, Voopoo, Suorin and many others.

VapeWild Mod


Vape Wild has a very limited offer of tanks at approximately 25 different units. However, they’re all of high quality and capable of producing strong clouds and potent flavor. Each item has a large variety of different colors to suit anyone. The available brands are Aspire, Freemax, Nautilus and others.


If you want to get the best possible performance, you’ll have to get your hands dirty. A selected choice of highly-performing RDA, RTA and RDTA atomizers will get you on the right track in no time. If you want to make a statement with a robust, heavy-duty atomizer or simply test out your DIY skills, Vape Wild offers plenty of options.


The supplies section contains all vape-related items which wear out over time such as coils, batteries and other accessories. These also include cartridges, coil cotton for additional customization and even different travel kits.

Customer Feedback

Over 200 5-star reviews are a testament to Vape Wild’s trustworthiness. Many customers praise the company’s tendency to send gifts to the newcomers as well as long-time loyal users.

For example, it’s not uncommon to receive an additional bottle of e-liquid or a sample from a different flavor, as well as specific discounts from time to time. As one user reports, “I’ve received extra bottles & bottle trials with every order”. The juice flavors always seem to be fresh, and the customer support outstanding.

Still, some people had bad experiences. Most of the complaints are about low-quality devices which seem to go faulty in just a couple of days. In addition, some users have trouble getting their identity confirmed even after sending in pictures of their documents. However, it seems like Vape Wild tries their best to respond to each bad review and attempt to sort it out, which is always a good sign.

Shipping & Delivery

Unfortunately, even though Vape Wild claims to ship internationally, their website states that they don’t deliver to Canada nor EU member states. For any other foreign country, Vape Wild provides $10 off of shipping on all orders over $50.

The shipping is done either via FedEx or USPS depending on the customer’s choice, and every order comes with a tracking number. Orders placed Monday through Friday are usually processed between 24-48 hours, with the weekend ones being shipped the following business day. Since delivery times vary from country to country, Vape Wild doesn’t provide any estimates.

For US-based orders, delivery is available for 44 states, including Alaska and the island territories. If the order exceeds $39.99, shipping is free. Additionally, free shipping on any order in the US is available if you’re subscribed to their yearly premium membership.

In total, Vape Wild doesn’t ship to 29 countries, including Canada and EU states, which is a massive disadvantage.

VapeWild E-Liquid


As far as the prices of e-liquids go, Vape Wild has some of the most affordable ones currently available. Most of them cost between $5-20, with a variety of different flavors available. Unfortunately, this also means that there are quite a few sub-par items, so customers have to choose carefully. Vape Wild frequently has sales on different selections of e-liquid packs, as well as weekly discounts on popular items.

Other products, such as specific vape mods/kits, have noticeably lower prices than normal. For example, the Vuse Alto is currently selling at a measly $0.99, and the highly popular Aspire Breeze 2 is priced at only $24.99 less than the price on the official Aspire website.

Vape Wild’s premium membership subscribers receive an additional discount. This includes 5% off of all e-liquids and coils, 5% on sales, as well as an extra 1% discount per year of membership.

Return Policy

For any expendable items such as tablets, pouches and e-liquids, Vape Wild doesn’t accept returns. If you happen to receive the wrong item, you’ll have to get in touch with them within 7 days after receiving the product.

Fortunately, this is quite easy to do through their live chat tab. For exchanging an unopened item, the limit is 90 days from the day of purchase. However, it has to be sent back in perfect condition and in the original package, while the customer has to pay for the delivery fees.

Before returning a product customer service has to be notified. The items must be packaged correctly to prevent transport damages – ideally in bubble wrap – along with all of the original parts and a packing slip. Vape Wild replaces items with their working counterparts of the exact same model and color. If they’re out of stock, the company will issue a full refund in the form of store credits.

VapeWild Store


Vape Wild has a very strict policy for acknowledging warranty returns. If a device doesn’t perform according to the manufacturer’s claims, a customer service agent will try to troubleshoot the problems along with you.

Customers are asked a series of questions in order to try identify the underlying problem. If the agent determines that the most likely cause of the device malfunction is a manufacturing error, a prepaid USPS label is issued in order to send the product back to their facility.

However, this still doesn’t guarantee that you’ll receive a replacement item. Only after the warranty personnel has confirmed the fault will you get a functional item. It’s a lot of hassle for something that you might not even receive.


Even though they might not be the most well-known brand, Vape Wild’s ambitious and innovative nature has helped them reach the reputation they have today. The constant sales, gifts and discounts show that they genuinely care about their customers’ happiness and satisfaction. If they manage to expand their area of delivery to even more states, there’s no doubt that they’ll establish themselves as one of the top companies in the industry.

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