Vape Wild E-Liquid Review: Top-Rated E-Juice

Vape Wild
Vape Wild Murica

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Bottle Size: 30,60 ml

Nicotine Strength: 0, 1.5, 3, 6, 9, 12 mg

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Vape Wild aims to offer customers crazy deals and special offers on a vast range of vaping devices accessories and e-liquids. They have been highly rated by their esteemed customers, and their services are put under the tag “excellent.”


Vape Wild's Best Offered Services and Products

Without any single doubt, it is definitely your single-window shop where you will get all your vaping needs satisfied. It’s a get-it-all avenue that guarantees 100% satisfaction regardless of what you purchase or when you purchase it.

Running across a wide scope of e-juice flavors, vaping kits, other vaping devices, and accessories, you are sure to get your taste and choice waiting for you. Their customer care support crew is highly skilled and always eager to cater for your needs regarding vaping.

Their products depict the exquisite prolific features that you won’t find in any other place. They are durable and reliable. They serve you until you are fully satisfied.

You will find vaping has never been easier!

This store is known to exhibit a wide range of different brands of hardware that includes SMOK, Aspire, Geekvape, VooPoo, and Suorin. If it happens that you are a brand-loyal, they’ve got your back. When you decide to shop with them, you will get the best products from the brand of your choice.

Also, different shapes and sizes of any vaping device and accessory are available. This covers for a wide group of prospects as people defer in choice of products as per different aspects.

The store also offer a variety of e-juice flavors right from the approved and popular brands. They complement the brands together with their specific electric array of concoctions. They take care of all the flavor notes that including beverages, breakfast, menthol, dessert fruits, tobacco, and candy recipes.

For those who are tired of having the regular e-liquid flavors, their juice bar offers a DIY section. This offers you a chance to buy different types of flavor concentrations, bases, nicotine shots, and relevant mixing tolls.

This is quite a worthy shot for the adventurer’s group of people. There is no limit or restrictions when it comes to Vape Wild products. You are the master of whatever you buy from them, expect an easy vaping life with all their products and services.

With that said, let’s explore their top-rated e-juice flavor, shall we?


Topping our list of best e-juice flavors, murica is truly a must-taste flavor. Vape Wild determined this after a thought flavor hunt and using many other flavors as subjects. Reaching this conclusion took time and testing.

This juice was specially designed to have a taste like the classic white, red, and blue Bomb Pop ice-lollies. Kids all across America usually enjoyed these lollies.

Just like the Bomb Pop ice-lollies, Murica contains three clear-cut flavor notes of lemon-lime, cherry, and raspberry. This gives it a pleasant smell and an attractive complexion. After a single taste, it cheers you up just like the old days when you were a little fellow.

Murica juice flavor tastes give a win-win situation for both the store and the customers. It leaves a sweet taste in your mouth, and as it slips down your throat, it establishes a special flavorful experience.

Vape Wild Murica


Ranking at the second position, RY41ife flavor is also a special taste for an e-juice. Being one of the finest tobacco flavors you want to have your grasp on. It is a blend of caramel and vanilla with a hint of toasted tobacco. This gives any vaper a sweet and flavorful taste all day long.

Being the best equilibrium for sweetness and piquancy, RY41ife is the best shot to go for. As you get your perfect taste, the throat feels every moment of it, but the feeling is totally pleasant. It does not give you any uncomfortable tenderness.

For tobacco lovers, this will be the best option. You are sure to enjoy the feeling you experience whenever you take a puff to the fullest and addition of sweetness that will keep you going.

A systematic feel of tobacco flavor hitting first, then the vanilla followed closely by caramel comes along with every single taste of this juice.

Vapewild RY4Life

The Splurge

This being my most favorite one, I realize that Vape Wild has put a formidable emphasis that is worth it. One taste of the Splurge will give you limitless fun all day long. It is featured with a creamy characteristic with a custardy bread pudding flavor accompanied by a hint of cinnamon spice and brandy.

This is crazy as it sounds but really nice as you have a taste. More so, it gives you a crazy imagination, seeing yourself in a self-obsessed ritual having a bowl of vitalized bread pudding and a shot of brandy.

Vape Wild The Splurge

Surf Cake

Surf cake is, without doubt, one of the best and popular vape juice flavor you have ever tasted. Despite being made from an old-fashioned blueberry cheesecake recipe, this is a bronze-medal-winning cake that is worth your every penny. It gives a sweet taste at your mouth precisely at 3mg.

It also gives you a unique mouth-watering taste. The sweet cream cheese does its job perfectly to sooth your sweet tooth. This classic e-juice flavor is a taste that leaves you to want some more.

Vape Wild Surf Cake

Vape Wild Promises-You Should Expect This from Them

Among other advantages and good things that Vape Wild has to offer, there are four major things that you should expect from them. They do they best that these four are subsistent maintained for they customers’ benefits.

The Product Line-up is Vast

This store gives its customers the freedom to choose from a variety of products and brands to ensure total satisfaction. This is a thing you won’t find with many marketers, but the store can do it. They cut across different categories of products like candy, menthol, tobacco, desserts, and fruits.

The good thing is, they don’t just stuff in products from anywhere, but select the best and popular one that will indulge your taste perfectly.


It tends to have any vaping related product whenever they want and whatever they want it. Also, thanks to their DIY platform, you can buy different ingredients at the amount of your choice to cook up your mysterious pot.

Nicotine being a very addictive substance, the store has a solution for this. They have various nicotine grades for the e-liquids. The levels calibrating downwards from 12mg/ml will help your body go down the radar on the amount of nicotine you consume.

For the PG/VG ratios hunt, the journey is over. Vape Wild gives you an ability to select between ratios at different interval of 20/80, 35/65, and 50/50.

Affordable Prices

Extremely high prices scare away customers and even prospects. Its prices are low and reasonable. They maintain the quality and still sells at a fair price, something many companies won’t manage. For instance, a bottle of MeauxHox containing 30ml of substance goes for only $6.99 at Vape Wild.

Great Customer Care Services

Vape Wild keep their customers’ needs first. They also know that urgency is key. They offer timely attendance to customer’s thanks to the customer support crew. They ensure that you, as customers, feel proud of being part of their community by attaching a thank you and friendly note to your package.


It is a company that is worth your time and resources. They fill an important gap left in the Vape industry. They offer the best quality products at fair prices compared to related companies. The products they offer are meant to save your pocket and at the same time, fulfill your vaping desire.

They cover a wide variety of flavors for you to choose from. If by any chance you have tried Mt. Baker Vaper, the flavors are almost similar to those at Vape Wild but with their unique taste.

Start with its sampler pack if you’re wondering where to begin, and then get the flavor you want in large quantity afterward. Chose it and you have nothing to regret.

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