Vape Tricks: How to Do These Top 10 Vaping Tricks

Vape Tricks: How to Do These Top 10 Vaping Tricks

The popularity of vaping has tremendously grown. Apart from the common facts known about the vape, it has proved to contain less harmful effects compared to traditional marijuana and cigarettes.

There are those individuals who do vape for entertainment purposes. There are different and amazing tricks which may include Ghost Inhale, Waterfall, Tornado, Blowing Os, French Inhale, Vapor Bubble, and so forth.

Fortunately, most of these vape tricks can easily be mastered by the novices. As you advance, however, you will be able to improve until you reach the best vaping level. Therefore, here are the top best vaping tricks of all-time.

Top 10 Best Vape Tricks of All-Time

1. Ghost Inhale

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This amazing method is also known as the “Mushroom Cloud” or “Snap Inhale.” It mostly involves blowing out of the cloud vapor before it is quickly sucked. It has proved to be one of the easiest tricks for vaping. Therefore, if you are a beginner, this is the way to go. Here is how to go about it.

-Have a drag from the best device you use for vaporizing and allow it some significant time to linger on the mouth.

-Push all vapor from the vapor into a ball. Repeat this several times to help you secure the hang on how to engage short exhalation and at the same time ensure it gets out in a short and round burst.

-In quick succession, try to inhale all vapor into your mouth. You should be able to see some “ghost vapor” as it’s being sucked back.

This is just a very simple “three-step trick,” which does not warrant lots of regular practice.

2. The Dragon

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This is another very easy trick that will assure great hang off. Before you get to understand it, you’ll appear just like a monstrous dragon whenever you engage vaping. This tip will make sure the vapor can erupt in 4 varied streams. Therefore, have a pen on your side and start the practice since this one is likely to take some of your good time.

– Have a long drag from a vape pen at the same time ensuring the vapor is not inhaled.

-Try to force it out via the nose as you try to exhale through both parts of the mouth. Don’t forget to utilize the tongue or the center part of the lip to build a block at the center of the mouth.

Although the lips shape is likely to feel uncomfortable, you should know that this trick is not complicated at all. Now that it is easy, you will be able to master it. You can as well choose to make use of this trick in all your vaping sessions.

3. The Tornado

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Tornado has captured the internet for being a highly popular trick. It involves the whipping of the flat pool of the vapor while on a flat surface. It then spins up to take the shape of a tornado. This appears amazing, and it’s a very simple skill one can acquire.

-Look for a flat surface and ensure there is nothing upon it. For the starters, you can as well take an empty roll of the trowel to allow them to breathe more compactly. The advanced users are allowed to breathe smoke slowly form the table to ensure the vapor doesn’t disappear.

-Try to take in as much vapor as you can

-Try breathing the vapor out of the table. You can refer to the first trick.

-There are two main ways of how to complete this step. They include:

  1. Try separating the ring and the pinky fingers from the rest of the fingers and have them placed on the table.
  2. Place all your fingers together and try to put your hand inside the smoke (you can go for an option which you’re comfortable with).

-More rapidly try removing your hand vertically to form rise and spin tornado vapor.

4. Waterfall

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This is another amazing vape trick that changes the vapor into a fun and heavy water-like substance which flows out of the bottle. It is an attractive, vape trick that is very easy to master. The waterfall is achievable through including bottle which contains frozen water at the bottom. While engaging the drug, try to blow it inside the bottle and try to pour it out.

5. Vapor Bubble

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Vapor bubble is another vape trick which incorporates a big bubble. A bubble can be made through trapping the exhaled vapor in a bubble. It’s easy and highly impressive. You’re only required to create a cut at the bottom part of the plastic and make use of a mixture of water and soap. Ensure the bottle used is small. Try lowering down the bottle end inside the liquid, and slowly try to remove the vapor.

6. Liquid Mist

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This is another amazing trick which is highly impressive among the people you could be hanging around within a club or party. Form a mist at the top of the drink and try to make it appear more of a potion. You can have a glass of cold drink, especially with a wide diameter. Try enjoying your cocktail. Once the glass is half full, you can give your compliment. Have a good rip form on the vape device, and then touch the rim of your glass with your lip while drinking and try to exhale the vapor. This way, it is likely to remain at the top of the liquid.

7. Blowing Triangles

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Because O rings are highly popular and not very difficult, you might be compelled to start something more complicated and impressive. And you can do it with triangle. Of course, your good mouth may not be able to create this shape, and therefore, you will be required to use your hand for it to work. After successfully putting it, everyone will love it.

-Therefore, have a long drag of the vape pen

-Try blowing the O ring

-Tap down using your hand on the other side of the ring twice in more quick succession. This should enable you to have the ring bent in a triangular shape.

8. Blowing O's Smoking Ring

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I have been asked about how to blow smking ring many times. Just like the name suggests, the trick utilizes letter O from the vapor. You are only required to deep drag and ensure it is kept inside your throat. On the other hand, ensure the tongue is situated at the bottom of the mouth approaching the back of the throat. Next, you should be able to form an O shape using your lips, which is very simple to do. Once you’re able to secure the O shape, you can now make fast pulsing movements using your throat. Let vape get out in the form of letter O.

9. JellyFish

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Jellyfish is a highly advanced trick. It is one of the best ways on how to improve your vape cred- The trick comes with a wide range of variations. The premise aims at pushing the small O ring inside the center of a big one to enable them to combine in order to create what looks like a jellyfish. It is a bit tricky, but with the following steps, you can practice.

-Try to inhale a good amount of vapor, which is sufficient to blow the rings of smoke.

-Try blowing big O ring, at the same time you can use your hand to push the ring gently.

-Blow small O and try to push it towards the center. Force the two rings to form the shape of a jellyfish while spreading

-Add some little lean in, flair and inhale all that it is left.

10. Double Triple O's Smoking Ring

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Blowing O’s is known as being the oldest trick from smokers. Once you can understand the simple O’s you should brace yourself for a more complicated trick to blow out the audience. Try to exhale three or even more O’s at a go.

You can begin by taking a deep draw on the vape device. Slowly try to open your mouth and put a finger at the middle. Gently try to exhale vapor at the same time tapping the inside of the throat using another hand’s finger. This may appear a bit difficult, but once you get used, you will always be able to create a room that has several small vape rings.

Definition of Allure Associated with Vape Tricks

Vape tricks take place when individuals begin vaping. This is just similar to the smoke rings and some other smoke shapes, which comes alongside cigarettes.

Vaping has made these tricks to appear more fun. One of the reasons is because these smokes which emanate from, let say, vape pen or e-cigarette is denser. It assures you more smoke which you can play around with. Another reason is that it appears better and effective compared to regular smoke. Therefore, you can try out the simple O’s, a jellyfish, a dragon, or a tornado. Once you get to learn on how to move the smoke in your mouth, you can later on an experiment using shapes.

It may appear tad hard at the beginning, but all the same, you should not get discouraged. You will be able to understand it after a few tries. Vaping tricks have proved to be highly amusing and the easiest way to have fun and show off to your good friends.

How to Engage Vape Tricks

The more advanced vapers have come up with the best and new tricks. This is the reason as to why Worldvaping, always update you with a new list of the tutorials about vape trick. This makes your friends trust your ability to make things.

Always ensure you wear the right sub-ohm vape tank and vape mod as it may make it a bit hard to successfully carry out the above-listed vaping tricks by use of a regular vape pm. Therefore, you can as well engage the videos, check their explanation, and share the success. Another thing, you don’t necessarily require the best vape in the market to carry out these particular tricks, just make use of those that have the capacity.


Vaping is one of the greatest ways in which you can hit the cannabis. It appears to be a little bit healthier compared to traditional smoking. As vaping keeps on becoming more popular, nonetheless, you will be compelled to come up with more advanced vape tricks to impress your great buds and at the same time stand out.

Therefore, we hope that this extensive guide will assure you of the best vaping tricks. Note that there are always associated health risks of different forms of vaping. Therefore, approach it with moderation.

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