Vandy Vape Mesh 24mm RDA Review-Unique Postless Deck Design

vandy vape mesh 24mm rda
vandy vape mesh 24mm rda rebuildable tank

Review Score

Size: 32.4 x 24 mm

Capacity: 1.0ml

G.W(included package): 100g

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The astounding Vandy Vape Mesh 24mm RDA happens to be one of the most recent additions to the products manufactured by this reputed manufacturer styled Vandy Vape. In spite of being a relatively new brand, the company has finally established itself as one of the best mod producers across the globe.

In this post, we have provided a comprehensive review of the breathtaking Vandy Vape Mesh 24mm RDA, which has the potential to elevate your vaping experience to an entirely new level. At least, lots of seasoned vapers across the globe say so!

So let us not waste time and delve deeper into this comprehensive review in the following paragraphs.



Vandy Vape Mesh 24mm RDA

32.4mm x 24mm
Dual adjustable airflow with each slot in 8mm
Filling method:
Sliding action top-fill
SS, Black, Gold, Rainbow, Blue

Package Contents

Included in the Vandy Vape Mesh 24mm RDA you will find:

  • 1* Mesh 24mm RDA
  • 1* 17.55 Ultem Drip Tip
  • 1* 18.5mm Delrin Doc tip
  • 3* KA1 Mesh wire
  • 3* Ni80 Mesh wire
  • 1* Accessory Bag (O rings, screws, a screwdriver as well as 510 adaptor)

Vandy vape 24mm mech rda package

The Features

1. Build Quality and Design

In general, this device is quite good looking that will entice any vaper out there. The regular Mesh RTA configuration has been manufactured using top-quality stainless steel which makes the device all the more resilient and durable.

Moreover, you will come across as many as three types of drip-tips including Ultem, Doc, as well as the Resin along with a couple of different varieties of Pyrex tank which provides a personalized appearance of the device.

The design, as well as quality, is of high standards that one can expect only from Vandy Vapes products. Apart from this, the device is also going to disassemble into five components.

vandy vape mesh 24mm rda

2. The Deck

The build deck happens to be in the form of a couple of long and vertical clamp posts. As many as four compact-sized Philips head screws are responsible for operating these clamps.

It is quite simple to build on this deck, particularly by making use of the precut mesh that comes along with it. You need to insert one end of the screw and then make it tight, and that is all. Verify for any hot spot as well, and you are all set to wick.

Wicking is quite impressive while using this mod. Although you can go for cotton bacon, organic pads will perhaps work best for the mesh atomizers that come along with this device. As a matter of fact, the mesh will make you feel that you are using much more as compared to a full pad.

3. The Base

The base of this device comes with a knurled layout, which will allow you to remove it from the assembly with no problem. At the same time intakes of the vape juice in the form of compact-sized slots will also be available with this remarkable vaping device mentioned here.

At the bottom of this fantastic mod, you will come across a connection pin which happens to be gold plated together with the regular details as well as branding.

Apart from this, there is likewise the adjustment ring which can be removed easily from the chimney, and it also comes with knurling to enable you to switch on the airflow. It is fantastic to note that the airflow, coil cover, fill port, as well as chimney all, are available within only one comprehensive device.

There is likewise a double layer within the coil cover. It is beveled so that any splash of liquid or condensation does fall back to the cotton.

The chimney happens to be quite short, which helps to bring the coil close to your mouth. Apart from this, a couple of slots constituted the airflow. Each one of the slots is positioned at the side of the assembly.

It will be possible to hold on to the 810 drip tip with the help of one innovative O ring which is available inside the slide cap of the liquid. On the other hand, the fill port is going to conceal beneath a slide cover which is indicated with the help of a push sign at the chimney assembly’s top.

vandy vape mesh rda coil system

4. The Tank

The Vandy Vape Mesh 24mm RDA comes with one 1 ml straight tank. This tank is available as standard along with inbuilt resin tip while you will come across a couple of more drip-tips within the box as well, namely, Ultem as well as Doc Tip. Apart from this, there is also an adaptor for the 510 drip-tip.

Last but not least we like to mention that this product is available in as many as five colors, namely rainbow, silver, black, blue, as well as gold. As a result, you will never be running short of choice while you are purchasing this incredible product from Vandy Vape.

vandy vape mesh RDA tank atomizer

Pros and Cons


  • Impressive appearance
  • Robust build quality
  • As many as five color choices
  • Simple to install coils
  • Comes with precut mesh which is intended to last for at least two months for most individuals


  • Needs to be wicked properly
  • It is difficult to adjust the AFC given that it is a bit hard
  • Installing the coil can be a bit tedious
  • Not appropriate for bigger liquid containers
  • The manual is not detailed


Although this vape is quite good looking and also comes with an attractive tank, it is somewhat less flexible as compared to the other similar products on the market. However, when it comes to vaping experience, it will not disappoint you whatsoever. This device is going to be perfect for any beginner vaper who does not have much experience in vaping. Nonetheless, the number of color choices is quite astounding, and the price is not much high, either.

In a nutshell, it can be rightly asserted that this Vandy Vape Mesh 24mm RDA is definitely worth the cost. However, there are likewise other similar products out there and consider all of those as well.

Therefore, walking around with it will not be much luggage for your hands. The three pods in the pack each offering 270 puffs should serve you for a while before you need to buy another one. If you want to quit smoking, this Stig Pod can help with that despite the few cons. In general, it is a product worth purchasing, keeping in mind its strengths.

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