Vandy Vape Apollo AP Kit Review

Vandy Vape Apollo AP Kit
Vandy Vape Apollo AP Kit

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Dimensions: 74mm by 27.9mm

E-liquid Capacity: 2 ml

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The building design and quality of the kit is the standout characteristic, especially that of the mod. It comes with a nice design to the tank. Though it is what you would expect for a mod since it is designed with the coils, you would find on the BSKR MTL tank.



Vandy Vape Apollo AP

Maximum Wattage Output:
20 W
Minimum Atomizer Resistance:
0.6 ohm
Construction Type:
TPE Material Chassis Construction
Voltage Output Range:
Battery Capacity:
Coil Type :
1.5ohm MTL Coil 7-13w / 1.8ohm MTL Coil 7-13W
Frosted Red, Frosted Cyan, Frosted Green, Frosted Amber, Frosted Black
510 thread

The Mod

Despite its simplicity, it is a stylish device that is designed to last, given that it is shock, dust, and water resistant. Nonetheless, this does not mean that you can go at it with a hammer.

But the kit can take most of your usual bloopers including being dropped or even tossed around without a tank and remaining relatively undamaged.

The majority rubber finish gives it a rugged and tactical look and also makes for a great grip. The battery is housed in a lustrous, hard plastic that is overlaid with rubber, giving the Vandy Vape Apollo a unique design.

The AP is a pocket-friendly mod weighing only 54 grams and 76 mm by 28 mm in dimensions. It also comes with responsive and clicky square buttons, which are well placed and shaped to make them easy to use.

Lastly, the micro USB port on the bottom of the mod is sealed and covered with a tiny rubber flap to protect it from damage.

You can turn on the mod with a quick five click, which is no different from any other mod out there. Once it is on, you simply have to choose your voltage using the clicky buttons that indicate up or down.

You can get information about battery life and voltage setting from the two vertical rows of white LEDs. The bottom row gives information on voltage while the top is information on battery life.

The Tank

Similar to the BSKR MTL tank, the Apollo by Vandy Vape is a true MTL tank. In fact, it makes use of the same horizontal 1.5 ohm and 1.8 ohm nichrome coils used by its counterpart.

You can configure the tank and reduce the airflow down to almost zero, making it excellent for nic salts.

Apollo’s adjustable air holes come in 0.6 mm, 0.8 mm, 1.0 mm, 2.0 mm, and 2.5 mm air flow rings that are designed with significant resistance to ensure that they will not spin freely.

You can get tighter settings than those on the BSKT MTL by configuring the AP to the lowest 0.6 mm air hole setting, which is more of a pinhole than anything.

The tool is easy to disassemble as it comes with disassembly tools and an extra glass. If you lose the disassembly kit, you can take the tank apart using pliers or something similar that can be inserted into the dual slot fill docks and twisted.

Unfortunately, you cannot switch to 510 tips given that the AP is designed with a custom-made drip tip. But the tip on the AP is appropriately narrow, giving you an excellent draw.

Vandy Vape Apollo AP Kit Tank


The Apollo provides solid performance and is easy to use while providing several gradations of tightness.

I am yet to have any issues with the tank or mod as the mod works as expected and the battery provides at least a full day of charge even with continuous usage.

The mod takes about 88 minutes to get a full charge. While Vandy Vape claims that the AP can last for two days, this is obviously misleading in that it would depend on your vaping habits.

If I were to vape for only a few days a week, I am certain one charge could be enough for a month of use.

I have found the best setting to be the 0.6 mm hole or the 0.8 mm hole, which provide the best flavors from the super tight and narrow constriction.

I taste it with the open configurations, and the flavor is excellent even with the larger holes.

An In-depth Look at the Coils

No one knows why the AP kit is designed with horizontal coils though they are not a problem. They have not popped or spit when I used them on PG/VG ratios of 70/30 to 50/50 and 30/70.

You get the coolest vape on the 1.8 ohm setting and the warmest on the 1.5 ohm configuration when you are vaping on the 4.0 V setting.

Nonetheless, you can still get a decent sized throat hit or draught on either coil even when you have a 3.2 V setting.

The coils wick fast, given their wide wick holes. I broke in the coils in less than a full tank. And the coils do last for more than five refills with the tank still in pretty good condition with no hints of any leakage.

I have found the AP to be very efficient. As long as I have had the tank filled when it goes below the lowest liquid mark, I have not had to deal with dry hits.

But the little damper is that you have to empty it out the tank if you intend to top-up with more liquid.

It is not a very serious issue unless you love to vape the tank bone dry, which is not recommended.

Pros and Cons


  • Dust/shock and water resistant
  • Lightweight
  • Custom drip tip
  • Quick-wicking coils
  • Nice buttons
  • Good throat hit
  • The decent flavor on the MTL tank
  • Long lasting battery
  • Easy voltage selections and readouts


  • Rugged feel
  • Minimum liquid mark is on the higher side


If you are looking for a good MTL kit, then the Apollo from Vandy Vape is definitely one of the best out there. I would suggest you go for the AP if you want a durable kit for MTL vaping. But the kit could do with more coil options though this is more of a personal preference given that I love Kanthal coils.

The standout feature for me is the mod though I would still buy the kit even if the mod were just about average. If you were thinking of getting a BSKR MTL, I would recommend that you skip that and get the AP kit.

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