V2 Cigs Is Closed: A Guide on Alternative Products

V2 cigs


When a vape company decides to exit the market, users of their products suffer. Buyers who use refillable and disposable vapor models have to stop using them or look for compatible brands. However, it can be difficult for users to shift to another product when what they have been using was great. If you are wondering where V2 Cigs disappeared to, continue reading to get more insight and to know about the alternatives the market offers.

To Where Did V2 Cigs Vanish?

JUUL Labs bought VMR Product, the company under which V2 Cigs belonged, for $75 million at the end of 2018. Most users did not know about the transaction. They were caught by surprise on realizing that there will be no more V2 Cigs on the market once the stock at that time ran out.

High Praise Enterprises is a subsidiary of a Chinese firm, Huabao International Holdings ltd and had a 51 % share of the VMR Products Company. On the other hand, Huabao is a Hong-Kong-based company that runs China’s largest flavoring establishment while providing other products as well.

Selling VMR Product has broadened Juul’s reach to include the Chinese market. However, VMR offers other vaping products besides e-cigarettes. It provides vape pens and dry herb vaporizers too.

V2 cigs

V2 Cigs Replacement Channel

V2 Cigs are gone, but they are usable with accessories from other companies. Do not throw away your V2 product just yet. Vapor4Life is one of the alternative brands whose products you should consider using for your V2 Cigs tools. The company offers e-liquids for clearos and carts, among other things. Its products are excellent for beginners and are easy to assemble.

If you cannot find Vapor4Life, purchase Vapage. Besides being compatible with V2 cigs, the manufacturer designs V4L to provide other products.

V2 Cigs Alternatives

Just because V2 is no longer in business, does not mean you stop enjoying the vapor. V2 offered items with mouth-to-lung mechanism and were easy to use with a simplistic, attractive design. The MTL draw made V2 Cigs ideal for users shifting from smoking to vaping. That said, let’s look at some of the products to use in place of V2.

If you need prefilled pods for your V2 e-cig, Kilo 1K is a worthwhile purchase. It is a pod offering over 15 flavors that use 4.5 % nicotine salt. It is elegant like V2 e-cigs, small enough to fit in your palms, and has a rubberized exterior for a comfortable grip. Kilo runs on a 350mAh battery that provides you with adequate power to vape for longer. How long the battery life lasts depends on how frequent you vape and for how long. This V2 Cigs alternative operates quietly to prevent distracting people around you and to draw attention to yourself. It does not leak or spit, thus preventing messes when vaping.

When you need higher nicotine strength, Mojo Stick provides a 1.2ml e-juice capacity with 5 % nicotine salt. It is a disposable pod with an integrated battery. The cell can contain a maximum of 250 puffs just for you. You do not need any buttons to start vaping using a Mojo pod. It is draw activated and provides several flavors to enjoy.

You can also settle for EPuffer Magnum Rev-3s. It is easy to handle and uses magnets for cartridge installation instead of screws. Unlike other brands that offer only one pod, Magnum provides two in each pack, and they treat you to 400 puffs.

If you dislike pre-filled pods, there are refillable options to use with a V2 device, for example, Smok Infinix. It is leak-proof with an automatic, tight draw. It charges in less than 30 minutes to save time, especially when you are craving for vape clouds. Besides, you can vape while charging the Smok Infinix thanks to the pass-through feature. It is easy to carry and has a comfy mouthpiece.

Uwel Caliburn boasts of being a refillable pod that utilizes a 520mAh battery. That is a high power battery considering other products use lower battery capacities. The magnetic connection makes it easier to keep the pods in place and remove them. Snap them in place and pull to detach.

The other refillable vape device to use with V2 is the Innokin Endura T20S. One thing that makes it stand out is its battery capacity. The cell has a rating of 1500mAh, which is much higher than what some competitors are offering. Endura T20S features an MTL tank and 0.8-ohm resistance coils, so it is not a pen-like pod.

V2 Cigs

Final Thought

In case you are researching about V2 cigs, know that the company is no longer on the market. It would be prudent to find another brand of vape products to use. However, do not throw away any V2 accessories you have. In the absence of V2 cigs, the market offers a variety of alternatives. The products we have discussed are a few examples of brands to consider purchasing. However, if you come across cigs with more appealing features, you can place orders.

Make sure you buy high quality, easy to use, sturdy, durable pods that give you value for your money. You can go for the pre-filled or refillable cartridges. If you want to evade the refill messes, buy a pre-filled pod, but if you have mastered the skill of refilling pods, then you can purchase refillable pods. Remember, you should never try to refill disposable pods. You risk damaging them, and that warranty will not be a help, because you caused the damage yourself.

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