Uwell Crown 4 Sub-Ohm Tank Review -The Vape Tank with Latest Vaping Technology

uwell crown 4 iv sub-ohm tank black and silver
uwell crown 4 iv sub-ohm tank black and silver

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Size: 28×54.8 mm

E-juice Capacity: 6ml

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If you’ve got to go sub-ohm, then you should do so from a powerful tank. Why settle for old designs when you can demand the latest in vaping technology? You should go after the bigger capacity tanks with revolutionary heating elements, better wicking, adjustable airflow, and convenient filling mechanisms. And lucky for you, the Uwell brand too doesn’t want you to settle. Their latest addition, the Uwell Crown 4 Sub-Ohm Tank is here to change the game.

The Uwell Crown 4 presents a 6ml capacity sub-ohm platform that introduces new features and vaping technology. It invites you to taste royalty with revolutionary Crown 4 heating elements, a flavor optimization suite, and self-cleaning technology all housed in a durable tank body constructed from glass, stainless steel and silicon with glossy finishing and mature accenting.



Uwell Crown 4 Sub-Ohm Tank

E-juice Capacity:
6 ml (5 ml with straight glass)
Coil Resistance:
Refill Mechanism:
Direct top fill
Self-cleaning technology, no leakage.
Black, Silver, Blue, Green, Iridescent, Purple

Package Contents

Included in the Uwell Crown 4 Tank you will find:

1* Uwell Crown 4 Tank

1* 0.4ohm coil (already pre-installed)

1* Extra Spare Glass Tube

1* Extra 0.2ohm Coil

1* Extra O-rings

1* User Manual

1* Drip Tip Cover

uwell crown 4 iv sub-ohm tank package contents

Main Features of the Uwell Crown 4 Sub-Ohm Tank

Uwell has clearly though ahead with the Crown 4, gone are the days of the 24 mm diameter tanks in favor of the fan-favorite 28mm width little monster tank. The Crown 4 series of tanks bring royalty level of sophistication to the sub-ohm kingdom with the following features:

1. Increased E-juice Capacity with Bubble Glass Tube

While the packaging indicates the Crown 4 to be a 28mm diameter tank, its base is not that wide. It will only hit the 28mm mark when you install the bubble glass. So, you can rest assured that you’re going to have something that balances well on your mod.

The bubble glass comes in handy to bump up the tanks e-juice capacity to a whopping 6ml so you’ll always have a day’s worth of e-juice around. As I said, this is a little monster tank and quite a significant jump into the sub-ohm scene by Uwell. With the Crown 4 6ml e-juice capacity, 0.2-0.4 ohm coils and bottom adjustable airflow slots, your sub-ohm capabilities just got bumped up to a whole new level.

uwell crown 4 iv sub-ohm tank black

2. Self-Cleaning Technology

Uwell Crown 4’s proprietary self-cleaning technology is the most brilliant function to this group of tanks. Every Crown 4 coil has been equipped with a condensation holder where any un-vaporized e-juice, during regular tank usage, accumulates and gets fed back into the coil.

The Crown 4’s self-cleaning system not only reduces the need to regularly clean the tank’s internals but also helps stop e-juice wastage.

3. Heating Element and Flavor Optimization Suite

The tank sports dual helix heating elements. The double helix elements take after luxurious watches and boast of high-grade stainless-steel construction, vertical arrangement, and pure organic fibre wicking materials. Coil options include:

  1. 2ohm Dual SS904 80-70W coil
  2. 4ohm Dual SS904 60-70W coil
  3. 25ohm Dual SS304 55-65W UN1 coil
  4. 23ohm FeCrAI 60-70W UN2 Coil
  5. Double Helix Mesh Coil

UWELL Crown 4 tank, therefore, boasts of improved taste, big cloud vapors, and descent coil life. The coil replacement is simple press-to-fit, which makes operations a piece of cake!

On top of this advanced series of coils, Crown 4 includes the Pro-Flavor Optimization Core System (Pro-FOCS). This system is a flavor optimization suite that works by recycling the airflow through the atomizer core several times till it gets saturated with flavor. That way, you can be sure to expect full-on flavor ranges draw after draw.


The tank material is of the polished stainless steel and Pyrex glass reinforcement. The structure looks durable enough like it could handle falls on rough surfaces without any damage. The edges are rounded and smooth enough with a comfortable hand-feel.

Visually, Crown 4 is stunning. The unimaginative designs of Uwell Crowns in the past have left behind. The Crown 4 series of tanks spot more adornment, well-machined structures and is available in 6 glossy color options.

uwell crown 4 sub-ohm tank parts

What to Expect from the Crown 4 Sub-Ohm Tank?

With this latest flagship sub-ohm tank, it looks like Uwell doesn’t want you to settle for standard vapes and those old designs. The Crown 4 series packs the sweetest thing any sub-ohm enthusiast is going to rave about.

And it doesn’t even need those marketing gimmicks of selling the Crown 4 tank, from the start it’s a looker. Then when you get to its self-cleaning technology and the flavor-enhancing suite, you’re going to realize that it truly is a game-changer! Here’s what you should expect from this series of tanks.


  • Portability and Satisfactory E-juice Levels:Sized of 54.9mm X 28mm, this little monster tank is still portable and ensures you always have satisfactory levels of e-juice around.
  • Reduced E-juice Wastage and Cleaning Needs:by accumulating un-vaporized e-liquids and recycling them to the coil, wastages are cut off, and the internals are kept clean.
  • Excellent Flavor and Better Wicking:The dual helix mesh coil heats e-liquids evenly to bring out full-on flavor ranges aided by the Pro-FOCS suite. To top that, the coils utilize triple vertical wicking slots and pure organic cotton wicking material for better wicking and flavor preservation.
  • User-Friendly Operations:filling is directly from the top, which features a smooth threaded 90-degrees quarter-turn mechanism that twists to expose the fill ports. To restrict or free up the draw to the popular lung hits, easy to adjust the airflow from the three large bottom air slots.

uwell crown 4 sub-ohm tank

Pros and Cons


  • Revolutionary heating elements design
  • Self-cleaning technology
  • Conserves e-juices
  • Large wicking slots
  • Easy-to-fill design
  • Descent flavor from the mesh coil
  • Well-turned threads


  • The flavor from the non-mesh coil is not that good


In retrospect, with the fan-favorite 28mm diameter, 6ml e-liquid capacity, the self-cleaning technology, and the Pro-FOCS flavor optimization suite, the Crown 4 series of tanks undoubtedly stands tall among the competition. There are no much misses about its design; get yourself a high-power mode and taste the royalty. The included SS904L coils work wonders in TC settings; expect some strong dense flavor and up to 10 days coil life!

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