Uwell Crown 3 Tank Review-A Great Sub-Ohm Vape Tank from Uwell

uwell crown 3 iii sub ohm tank 6 colors
uwell crown 3 iii sub-ohm tank black

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Diameter: 24.5 mm

E-juice Capacity: 5ml

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In an era where the vape market is flooded with products from different manufacturers, consumers have many options. However, finding the right product can be hard if you have no idea what kind of vapes you are looking. Among the many brand choices available, there is one named Uwell Crown Company. It offers several vaping products with the latest version being the Uwell Crown 3 Tank.

If you are a beginner looking for a simple vape tank with no complicated functions, this model can be an excellent place to start. It comes in multiple shades and stylish designs while still offering top-notch performance. The tank’s coils are not threaded, which makes installing them a lot easier. It is a matter of plugging to set up or pulling to remove them. Below is a review of Uwell Crown 3 Tank to help you understand the product better.



Uwell Crown 3 Tank

Tank Capacity:
Adjustable airflow slots
0.25 ohms and 0.5 ohms resistance
Stainless Steel, Black, Matte Black, Sapphire Blue, Iridescent, Purple

Package Contents

Included in the Uwell Crown 3 Tank you will find:

1* Uwell Crown 3 Tank

1* pre-installed 0.25ohm coil

1* spare 0.5ohm coil

1* Accessories bag(0-rings and replacement tools)

1* replacement glass tube

1* drip tip cover

1* user’s manual

uwell crown 3 iii sub-ohm tank package contents


Uwell Crown 3 Tank is a simple, stylish device made of a stainless steel body and a quartz glass section. Quartz glass is more resistant to heat than pyrex glass, thus giving Crown 3 a competitive advantage. To protect the frame, the manufacturer adds a quality paint finish that can stand wear and tear over time.

If you need a minimalist tank with an easy to use structure, this brand suits you considering as it offers maximum wattage of 90W. Sophisticated tanks operate with up to 200W or higher even. However, even with the somewhat low watts, this product is powerful and performs highly in its category.

With the improved overall design, including the chimney, the device lowers leakage by reducing the amount of e-liquid condensate. Talking of structural improvements, Crown 3 has a removable coil base that collects condensation instead of it accumulating in the tank.

There are three adjustable air slots at the base to ensure sufficient cooling and prevent overheating. The openings have stoppers that provide steady adjustments instead of them spinning all the way; when you move one slot, the other two move as well for convenience.

Uwell Crown 3 comes with a lock key that keeps intact every part of the tank. If you need to disassemble the device for cleaning, remove the lock nut using the provided unlocking tool. You can also improvise and find another way to detach the nut. Even without the lock key, this tank still works. Removing it does not tamper with the vapor production.

uwell crown 3 sub-ohm tank bottom pin


On the other hand, the 5ml capacity allows you to vape several times before having to refill. Other products offer less volume. Crown 2 existed earlier before Crown 3, and it provides a capacity of 4ml, which is a slight difference.

The top-filling functionality makes it easy to replenish the reservoir. Unscrew the threaded top cap to see the two refill ports. However, the fill slots are small. Use a dropper bottle or a syringe to fill the tank.

Besides, the tank comes with a key to assist with changing the coils and disassembling for cleaning. Its wide-sized drip tip is available in several bright colors, including blue, black, purple, and matte black.

According to Uwell Crown website, you can select a tank color, but the company chooses which drip tip shade to go with it.

uwell crown 3 iii sub-ohm tank iridescent rainbow


The 24.5-mm diameter sub-ohm tank has an updated coil system that balances flavor and vapor production. You can use either the pre-installed 0.25-ohm coil, or the 0.5-ohm wire, or both to take a parallel arrangement. The later offers a wattage range of 70-80W while the former provides 80-90w output.

Both coils boast of stainless steel material. Mounting and replacing the coil is as easy as plugging and pulling respectively. The coils lack threads so that all you need to do is pull them out and change them. Using the stainless steel 510 threading, Uwell Crown 3 is usable with most mods. The gold plated pin enhances efficiency.

uwell crown 3 iii sub-ohm tank drip tip and body

Pros and Cons


  • Features a robust, stylish design with a smooth exterior
  • Offers great flavor and satisfactory vapor amounts
  • Utilizes a simplistic design with no sophistication
  • Has an adjustable airflow system
  • The three air slots opening have stoppers for precise adjusting
  • Provides colorful wide-bore drip tips
  • Easy to dismantle, put together, and clean
  • Has an anti-leak structure and quality stainless steel coils
  • Uses a simple plug and pull mechanism for coil installation and removal
  • Provides two coil options for a change
  • Offers a fantastic aroma
  • No dry or burnt hits
  • The locking key keeps different parts together.
  • Has a tough construction


  • The fill ports are quite small.
  • Cloud production is not as enormous as that of cloud-chasing tanks.
  • It is not customizable.
  • The tank suits beginners and not suits vapers who are looking for big clouds.


As an uncomplicated product, Uwell Crown 3 Tank provides you with up to 90W of output. Its adjustable airflow system is precise since the air openings have stoppers to help you regulate circulation. The stainless steel body and a paint coating allow the tank to stand wear and tear.

Unlike other mods that use pyrex glass, this model utilizes quartz glass, which is of a higher quality and more heat resistant. It has a top-fill design that makes refilling easier.

Despite all the positive aspects Cross 3 offers, it has shortcomings too like many other products. For example, if you are a cloud chaser, the 90W maximum wattage may not give you the volume you are looking for.

However, as a beginner, the wattage is suitable for you. Nevertheless, the downsides of the product should not discourage you from using it. It might be the tank you need for stress-free vaping.

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