Unveiling Vape Juice Without Nicotine

vape juice without nicotine

So far, the world has only found a few alternatives to smoking. Vaping is the best amongst them. The health risk of vaping is not certain, but it surely is better than conventional tobacco cigarettes.

People who practice vaping are found to be in much better health state than people who use tobacco cigarettes.

Although both have many health risks, it is still better to opt e-cigarettes. With a variety of non-nicotine benefits, vape juice without nicotine is the best substitute for smoking.

Understanding What Vaping Is

Vaping simply refers to inhaling and exhaling vapors from an e-cigarette or electronic cigarette. The liquid inside an electronic cigarette is called e-liquid and is usually made of Propylene Glycol (PG) / Vegetable Glycerin (VG), flavorings and nicotine.

Many e-liquids do not contain nicotine. The e-cigarette, when turned on, heat the liquid inside which thus forms vapors or aerosols. The process of inhaling those aerosol particles is commonly known as vaping.

The vaporizer machine consists of a battery, mouthpiece, and a heating component. The heating component heats the e-liquid with the help of the batteries, and the mouthpiece lets you inhale the vapors.

The health effects of vaping are unknown, but it most certainly is less dangerous than tobacco smoking. Thousands across the world use e-cigarettes to quit smoking.

Vaping is good for smokers to choose a different path, but if used by non-smokers, they can become addicted to nicotine.

Vape Juice Without Nicotine - Just What Does It Mean?

At first, it may sound pointless or lame to use a vape without any nicotine.

But it is not. Hundreds of people prefer non-nicotine vapes over nicotine ones. The reason is simple. They want to get away from nicotine addiction. Many people use vapes without nicotine for the flavor as well.

When there is nicotine in the vape juice, the other components get overshadowed by it. But when you use non-nicotine vape juice, the flavors get intensified. E-liquid carries a higher concentration of VG.

The vapor you see people make is because of VG. When you use a non-nicotine vape, the VG concentration is high, and you can make big smoke circles.

If you find it hard to switch from nicotine cigarettes to non-nicotine e-cigarettes, you can take it slow in the beginning.

The level of nicotine in the vape juice is already low and is way less harmful to the body than the traditional cigarettes.

So even if you take nicotine vapes, in the beginning, it won’t harm you that much. Also, non-nicotine juices have so many options in flavors you can choose from. You can customize your e-liquid according to your taste.

Who Will Benefit From Noctine-Free Vape Juice ?

The smokers wishing to quit smoking are the ones who vape the most. People know what smoking does to our body. Yet they smoke because it is just too hard to get rid of it.

So finding an alternative is the only way out. Through vaping, the smokers get to smoke and they are not damaging their body so much at the same time.

Smokers who choose nicotine e-cigarettes are still at lower risk than the ones who smoke traditional cigarettes.

The other kind of people who vapes are the ones who like to socialize. Vaping is a good way to socialize; the smoke it produces is not as harmful as the one traditional cigarettes create.

And you can vape around people who can’t tolerate the smell of tobacco smoke. Also, there are booths and sitting areas outside the vape shops and parlors making them a good place to sit and meet with friends.

The third kind of people who vapes are also the least in number. They are those who like to try every new thing and trend.

These curious souls try everything that is in the market, and so they try vape and because it is not so harmful to their health, they might stick to it especially the non-nicotine version of it.

Is Non-Nicotine Vaping Safe?

If you are a chain smoker and you wish to quit smoking, and the first thing you try is a vape without nicotine then it can be very dangerous for you.

Dangerous in a way that the non-nicotine vape will never make you satisfied and you will go back to using traditional tobacco cigarettes in no time, which obviously bad for you.

And you might end smoking 20-30 cigarettes a day to fulfill the dissatisfaction caused by non-nicotine vape.

Other than that using vape juice without nicotine is completely safe. Your throat might get a hit, for that all you need to do is lower the concentration of VG in you vape and increase the level of Propylene Glycol.

Will Vape Juice Without Nicotine Affect Flavor?

If talking about flavors of vape juice, then the lower the nicotine level, the less the flavors will get affected. If you increase the concentration of nicotine, the flavors will change. Nicotine mostly is tasteless but has a slight peppery taste in it.

When added to vape consisting of mint or menthol flavors, it gives a very strong throat hit and decreases the pleasures of vaping. If you vape because of the flavors and not for the high or throat hit, then you would not notice if your vape does not include nicotine. In fact, the lesser the nicotine, the better for you.

4 Advantages of Vaping Nicotine

Unveiling Non-Nicotine Benefits

– You will not get addicted to nicotine

The best thing about less nicotine vape juice is you can enjoy the vape flavors and the smoke circles, and you will not have to worry about getting addicted to nicotine.

– Enjoying the vape juice flavors

Many people vape without nicotine to enjoy the flavors. The lesser the nicotine, the more is the taste. So having no nicotine in your vape juice will let you enjoy the many flavors of your e-cigarette satisfyingly.

– It helps you quit smoking

This is perhaps the greatest benefit of vaping. Smokers can use vapes to get rid of traditional smoking habits.

– It helps socialize without getting addicted

In offices and parties, many people find it difficult to stay away from cigarettes if they are trying to quit. With vaping, you can smoke among your friends and will not get addicted to traditional cigarettes as well.

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