Top 10 Juul Compatible Pods

Best Juul Compatible Pod

Juul compatible pods are becoming more and more popular with each passing day. They provide the same nicotine buzz that cigarettes offer, but they have been deemed far healthier to use. Best of all, Juul e-cigarettes provide a wide array of flavor pods that fit into your Juul. This allows you to experience a new and different flavor each time.

Because of the versatility that these pods offer, Juul e-cigarettes are replacing traditional cigarettes at a rapid pace. But knowing which pods are the best fit for your Juul is an important thing to know. After all, finding the best flavors and pods that provide the right levels of nicotine are equally as important in the enjoyment of your Juul.

But which pods are the best and most compatible fit for your Juul? Here are the top 10 Juul compatible pods on the market.

Top 10 Best Juul Compatible Pods

1. Zalt Pods

Best Juul Compatible Pod

The immediate downside is that there are no savory or tobacco flavors available. However, there is still a wide array of flavors to choose from like mango, green apple, berry lemonade, and blue raz. These are also a little lighter on the nicotine levels than others and come in packs of four to keep you stocked for a good, long time.

Even better, vapers can purchase multi-packs of pods to try a few different flavors before deciding on the ones that they like the best. This is a great, versatile choice that will keep you preoccupied with testing out new flavors.

2. Ziip Pods

Best Juul Compatible Pod

In contrast to the Eon pods, the Ziip Pods have a smaller variety of fruit flavors without the addition of ice. There are, however, some incredibly interesting flavors such as strawberry milk, salty popcorn, and cappuccino that will get your taste buds going.

Additionally, Ziip pods offer a line of dessert juices like a lemon macaron, pina colada, cinnamon roll, froopy fruit loop, sweet cream, and cheese cake as well as classic drinks like grape soda, lemon lime, raspberry sweet tea, and strawberry lemonade. Ziip Pods has such a wide array of flavors that you will never get bored.

3. OVNS JC01 Pods

Best Juul Compatible Pod

Vapers will be responsible for filling the small vape cartridges on their own. However, there are more than enough good things about these pods to keep vapers coming back for more. Compatible with any e-liquid, these pods are constructed to avoid that burnt taste that so many vapers can’t stand.

These pods were also made specifically for Juul and come with a see-through outside so that you can keep an eye on your juice levels. While not all of the same flavors are provided, convenience and ease of use make these pods a must-have.

4. 4X Pods

Best Juul Compatible Pod

Though the flavor options are limited to six choices, there is one that drives vapers wild: the sour gummy flavor. There are also white grape and sour berry for those looking for a bit of a twist. With mango peach and blue blackberry, as well as raspberry mint lemonade, these flavors may not be abundant in the number of choices. But you will be more than satisfied with the selection.

These pods come with a 6.5% level of nicotine, perfect for vapers who like a bit of a buzz from their vaping session. These pods also provide a cool minty option for those vapers who enjoy that kick.

5. Eon Pods

Best Juul Compatible Pod

For those vapers looking for pods that are Juul compatible, Eon pods are one of the best options on the market. These pods are great for those who love sweet and fruity flavors. And all of their flavors are highly-rated by customers.

Single fruit flavors include orange citrus, blueberry, pineapple crush, grape, watermelon, strawberry, and mango. There are also twist flavors offered as well such as Lush Ice, which is a raspberry and watermelon combo. Some of the other twist flavors include Pink Lemonade and Cucumber as well as a cool mint for vapers with a more traditional set of tastes. Each of these pods contains a 6% nicotine level and a higher level of juice than most other Juul brand pods. With the option to purchase these pods in bulk, you can puff away for a long time without having to worry about a refill.

6. Fuma

Best Juul Compatible Pod

Fuma provides a nice array of Juul compatible pods for the wide array of taste buds that are out there. Their blue raspberry flavored e-liquid provides a sweet flavor with a tartness that is extremely delicious. With a 1ml juice capacity, you get a little more bang for your buck than the standard 0.7ml amount.

Fuma also offers a nice contrast in their Cubano Dream, which is more geared towards those who enjoy the taste of tobacco. It doesn’t matter if you have more traditional tastes or enjoy the trend of fruity flavors, Fuma has options for all. And with a 5.5% nicotine salt strength, you will get hints of the nicotine buzz that some enjoy without experiencing the full force.

7. Viv

Best Juul Compatible Pod

There are few Juul compatible pods out there that provide the wonderful fruity flavor that Viv brings to the table with their pre-filled pods. Lemon Lime is one of their most popular flavors, capturing that perfect lemon-lime taste that has become popular not only with Juul users but other avenues as well. Additionally, they offer a blueberry lemonade that is completely unique. Sharp but subtle, both flavors come out loud and clear, providing a delicious flavor as you enjoy your Juul.

There are few companies that manage to capture your taste buds in quite the same way that Viv does. One area where Viv differs from its competitors is that it offers a wide array of nicotine strengths. From as low as 1.8% to as high as 5%, vapers can decide which nicotine strength best suits them and adjust accordingly. This gives a much more comprehensive choice than some of the other Juul compatible pods.

8. Sea100 Pods

Best Juul Compatible Pod

Sea Pods are one of the most cost-efficient Juul compatible pods on the list. They provide juicy flavors like mango, blueberry, cotton candy, pineapple lemonade, pink lemonade, raspberry, and even offer menthol versions of some of these delicious and juicy flavors.

Not only that, customers have attested that they provide a better hit than some of the competitors. Being able to buy more pods for your money is an important aspect of finding Juul compatible pods. And it might even be more important than the taste itself. Still, Sea Pods provides a ton of flavors to keep you trying new flavors for a long time.

These pods are widely available and have received mostly positive reviews. With a 5% nicotine strength, you can enjoy the nicotine but not get the buzz that may come with some other Juul compatible pods.

9. Sylo

Best Juul Compatible Pod

Sylo provides a reliable pod that rarely leaks. This is an issue for many Juul users who try different and compatible pods. Like Sea Pods, these are some of the most affordable Juul compatible pods on the market. Also, What worthes noting is that these pods are refillable. As opposed to some of the other choices on the market that come pre-filled, you can add whatever flavor you want to these pods and use them over and over again.

There are a variety of flavors to choose from, and the juice capacity — 0.7ml — is about the standard capacity for a typical Juul as well. With an affordability that is tough to match and a wide range of flavors, Sylo is one of the favorites on this list for those looking to get more bang for their buck.

10. Escape Pods

Best Juul Compatible Pod

These pods are a bit more expensive than the rest on this list, but for a good reason: ESCAPE Pods are enriched with CBD. What is CBD? CBD is a miracle drug that has been proven to help alleviate several health maladies and is generally good for you. With CBD in these pods, you can not only enjoy the experience of vaping, but you get the benefits of using CBD as well.

It is important to note that since there is CBD used in these Juul compatible pods that there is no nicotine whatsoever. The CBD strength of 280mg is perfect for those who still enjoy the vaping experience. Besides, the reviews for the product have been outstanding.

These Juul Compatible Pods Will Make Your Vape Experience Better

There are plenty of other Juul compatible pods that are more than worth checking out. There are so many flavors across so many brands that you could spend a long, long time trying to find the most suitable one. These pods will enhance your Juul experience by providing the right nicotine buzz and the perfect flavors to make each puff as good as the last.

It is important that you do your homework before deciding which pods to go with. Make sure that they are compatible. Check to see how much juice capacity it has, what level of nicotine is provided (some might not like the buzz of higher levels of nicotine), and what flavors are available. Cost is important, but it should not be the only factor as flavor and refill size are just as important.

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