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Cookies E-Juice Trcipes

With vaping being the “it” thing now, it’s time to learn some DIY recipes to craft superb e-juice medleys that are going to leave you with find memories. And here’s a look at some top e-juice recipes that make use of some easy-to-find flavorings.

1. Element Pink Lemonade Clone E-Liquid Recipe

A mix of Zesty lemonade layered with red fruits that are going to leave a slight tang on your tongue and smooth citrus exhale. You can increase the VG and reduce the nicotine for the purest, thickest clouds possible. Key ingredients are:

Lemonade –This tangy flavor from Flavorah is the main ingredient.

Key Lime – Complete the Lemonade profile with some Key Lime from TPA.

Lime Tahity (Cold Pressed) – Add in a touch of sophistication using unsweetened fresh FlavourArt lime flavor.

Marshmallow – Texturize the mix with FlavorArt Marshmallow – a delicate sweetener that blends the ingredients.

Super Sweet – Add in some Super Sweet from Capella Flavors to sweeten the mix a bit. Just 0.5 -1 Percent is enough. You don’t want to lose that tangy lemonade flavor.

Sweet Strawberry – Just the right amount of these flavors is enough to leave you relishing that pucker up. Use Capella’s Sweet Strawberry flavor – only 2 percent is enough to give you those summer vibes.

Sweet Tangerine – Add Capella’s candy-like tangerine flavor.

Vanilla Swirl – The Perfumers Apprentice Vanilla Swirl Cream flavor is the best for this fruity mix. Smooth up the mix with 1 percent Vanilla Swirl to remove harsh throat hits.

2. Simple Sugar Cookie Recipe

DIY E-Juice Recipes

This is an award-winning recipe from ID10-T that combines 4 percent of vanilla and 8 percent of cookies into a sweet, simple dessert medley that’s going to leave you wanting more. And though it could use additional ingredients such as honeysuckle infusions to make it complicated, it’s still perfect for a beginner’s DIY experiences.

Sugar Cookie – These could be soft biscuits or cookies to add texture to the mix. Use it in low percentages to avoid making the flavor too sweet – make it 8% of the mixture.

Vanilla Custard – Enrich the dessert flavor with eggy and versatile vanilla. The vanilla should be about 4 percent of the mix, to make it creamy so it can work as a shake-and-vape mix. If you don’t fancy custard notes, you can opt for other vanilla flavorings such as the egg-free Vanilla Bean Ice Cream or the Shisha Vanilla.

3. Apple Buttah E-Liquid Recipe

This apple butter profile enhanced with Caramel plus hints of cinnamon and luxurious mouthfeel vanilla texture is undoubtedly going to get you in high spirits.

Mix 2 % of Buttercream with 0.5 percent of Caramel and 0.5% of Cinnamon Danish Swirl then sweeten it up with 4% Fuji Apple. Add in 0.5% of Liquid Amber to boost it up and 1 % of Vanilla Custard and 1 %Vanilla Bean Ice Cream.

Butter Cream – This diketone-free ingredient is used to make the mix creamy and add depth. It’s sweet but not too heavy on the butter, just thick enough to give some dense, luxurious mouthfeel vapor.

Caramel – Used to blend the other ingredients and enhance their flavor.

Cinnamon Danish Swirl – Enhance the taste with this sweet, spicy flavor that mellows the tartness of the Fuji Apple.

Fuji Apple – This mild yet sweet flavor with hints of citrus and honey is going to do wonders to your mix.

Liquid Amber – Jam it up with the baking effects of Liquid Amber. Only 0.2-0.5% is enough to bake the apple into a sauce.

Vanilla Ice Cream – Texturize and make the mixture creamier using 1% Vanilla Bean Ice Cream and 1% Vanilla Custard.

4. Goofy’s Juice E-Liquid Recipes

A simple but delicate and chewy snack recipe for crafting all-day-vape mixes, but it’s perfect, especially in the morning. Make use of The Perfumers Apprentice easy-to-work-with ingredients and leave it for a while to get steeped. Your cereal breakfast just got a whole lot better with this combination of Peanut butter, hazelnut, and Acetyl Pyrazine infused with sweet Tobacco. It’s going to leave you craving for the next puff.

Acetyl Pyrazine – Makes 5 percent of the mixture and adds depth to the tobacco and nut flavor. It also blends well with creamy and dessert recipes, but here it’s been used to bring out the roasted nut flavor.

Graham Cracker (Clear) – Boost the pie and nuts with the Graham Cracker flavor from The Perfumers Apprentice too. It’s a diketone free ingredient that gives the mix a grainy background. It also blends perfectly with those dessert medleys.

Hazelnut – Add an incredible amount of depth to the rich mix using hazelnut flavoring from Flavor West. It’s a simple Shake-to-Vape flavor with a distinctive nutty flavor that’s going to give your nose a nosegasm. The only caveat is that there’s no diketone-free version of this ingredient for diketone-free enthusiasts.

Peanut Butter – Make the mix creamy and smooth using peanut butter flavoring from TPA. Specially crafted in diketone and diketone-free versions, this one is undoubtedly going to deliver the tastes and aromas that are going to leave you yelling for goofy!

RY4 Double – RY4 is sweet Tobacco infused with Caramel and vanilla. This flavoring from TPA can be vaped solo or combined with other ingredients to bring out full-on flavor ranges. Expect unrivaled caramel and vanilla notes when used in the goofy juice recipe.

5. Red Astaire Clone

This clever mix of red fruits with fresh notes is going to leave you relishing that sweet summer pucker up.

1 Percent Black Currant – Mouthwatering freshly ripened berry flavor with a sweet-tart taste and an alluring floral scent suitable for an all-day vape.

2 Percent Cherry – Also, a bold, delicious fruity flavor with a unique combination of tartness and sweetness.

0.5 Percent Black Licorice – Sweeten the mix with this timeless treat for a powerful vaping experience.

3.5 Percent Absinthe – A harmless flavor with pleasant effects such as anti-inflammatory and improved digestive health.

0.2 Percent Cool Mint – a refreshing spearmint flavor that’s going to make your taste buds dance.

6. Grack E-Liquid Recipe

DIY E-Juice Recipes

This fruity medley packs the sweetest ingredients capable of delivering that tropical escape you’ve been longing for. It’s a refreshing, quencher fruity mix that has been rated the best vape juice Recipe on Reddit, and what makes it a winner is the explosion of juicy berries, tart cactus, a sweet grape with refreshing menthol Koolada on exhalation.

Cactus – This is a sweet-tart tasty flavor from Inawera that’s very delicious and suitable for an all-day vape. It’s prickly pear perfect in solo or mixes. Use conservatively, just 1-2 drops in 30ml mix. It’s a stellar addition that’s going to do wonders for those tart fruit recipes.

Dragonfruit – Make the strawberry Juicy and tart using the Dragonfruit flavoring from TPA. It’s going to brighten up the other fruity notes and add texture to the mix.

Grape – It is delicate yet sophisticated enough for a solo vape. But here it’s been infused with other fruity flavorings to make it sweet. Vape it at high temperatures for a delicious taste, or if you want a full-depth juicy taste, try vaping at low temperatures.

Koolada – Expect some cooling sensations that feel like menthol but without the peppermint.

Meringue – treat your taste buds to the Meringue dance with this sweet flavor that adds extra “oomph” to the already refreshing fruity mix.

Raspberry – Brighten things up with conservative amounts of Raspberry flavor from Inawera.

Sweet Strawberry – This candy strawberry flavor is going to give you those summer vibes. Though artificial, from TPA, it feels like the real thing and is going to make the mix luscious.

7. Thai Coconut Ice Cream

This recipe from daczole, the brand behind the fan-favorite Divine Shots, makes use of three ingredients to deliver an exciting mix with 6.25 percent of flavoring. It is a dense, luxurious ice-cream infused with sweet Caramel and combined with coconut flavoring to get you envisioning that tropical adventure.

Caramel – Manufactured by FlavorArt, it’s easy to work with and combines well with creams, fruits, and tobaccos to add a touch of Caramel. Only use 1.25 percent of it in this recipe.

Coconut – Get one manufactured by FlavorArt too if you want something fruity, milky, and sweet with hints of melted butter, wood, and green that’s going to give you tropical vibes.

Vanilla Bean Ice Cream – Add texture to the mix using 1.25 % vanilla Bean Ice Cream from The Perfume Apprentice. It’s tricky to use but an essential ingredient because it lacks those custard notes. Use it in low, prescribed percentages for dense vapor with a luxurious mouthfeel. If you use it at higher rates, it’s going to feel “peppery,” but if you like such a flavor profile, try the diketone-free Capella’s Vanilla Bean Ice Cream instead.

8. Leche DE Coco E-Liquid Recipe

This is a coconut milk recipe that combines sweet ingredients such as Bavarian Cream flavored with Graham Crust cheesecake smoothed with coconut and sweetened with Meringue for a mouthwatering vapor.

Bavarian Cream – Dense and creamy to bring out decent vapor clouds.

Cheesecake (Graham Crust) – Use 1% of these to enhance and bring out all the other ingredients.

Sweet Coconut – This milky flavoring is the base ingredient.

Coconut – This easy-to-use flavoring from FlavorArt is used to boost the sweet Coconut flavor.

Cream Fresh – Some fresh cream without custard or vanilla notes; useful for adding the creamy background to the mix.

Meringue – To sweeten things up a bit.

9. Boss Reserve Clone E-Liquid Recipe

A clone of the premium e-juice in the market, sweetened with Super Sweet flavoring from Capella and touched gently with biscuit, milk, honey, and banana cream.

Acetyl Pyrazine – Used here at 1 percent to bring out creamy, buttered, and those banana aromas.

Super Sweet – Add in 0.25 % of Capella’s Super Sweet to sweeten things up.

Milk and Honey – a delicate yet sophisticated mix of creamy fresh milk steeped with sweet Honey to round out any harsh throat hits.

Banana Cream – A diketone-free balanced cream that blends well with the cream to sweeten and add unique aroma.

Biscuit – Add touch using 0.25 percent of Inawera biscuit flavoring.

10. The New Pistachio RY4-U E-Liquid Recipe

This is a tobacco recipe sweetened with Pistachio and Sugar Cookies, then textured with Vanilla Swirl and smoothed with Butterscotch Ripple.

RY4 Double – RY4 is sweet Tobacco infused with Caramel and vanilla. This flavoring from TPA can be vaped solo or combined with other ingredients to bring out its full flavor ranges.

Pistachio – Add a touch of nuts to drown the pungent tobacco smell.

Sugar Cookie – Sweeten things up using Capella’s Sugar Cookie. It completes the flavor profile of the Pistachio.

Butterscotch Ripple – Take away the harsh tones of tobacco using smooth, creamy butterscotch. It works miracles for the Pistachio and Vanilla Creams.

Vanilla Swirl – Texturize the mix using TPA’s Vanilla Swirl, an eggy diketone-free custard for mouthfeel dense vapor.

Sweetener – Finally, use 0.5% TPA’s sweetener to blend the various ingredients.

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