Suorin Vagon Vape Pod Starter Kit Review-Is It Good

Suorin Vagon-
Suorin Vagon

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Size: 105 x 20 x 15  mm

Battery: Built-in 430mAh

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The Suorin Vagon is a 1.3-1.4ohm vape pod system that presents a 2ml e-juice capacity pod with a rechargeable 430mah battery and an in-built heating element that heats up quickly to deliver tons of vapor with a restrictive cigarette-like draw and great throat hit.

The Vagon is draw activated and features no firing buttons. It is of ergonomic, stylish, and unique design that resembles a marker. The in-built belt clip is a beautiful addition; it makes it easy to carry your Vagon around.



Suorin Vagon Vape Pod Starter Kit

Wattage Output Range:
Cartridge Capacity:
Pod System:
Battery Capacity:
Charging Port:
Micro USB

Package Contents

Included in the Suorin Vagon Vape Pod Starter Kit Device you will find:

  • 1 x Suorin Vagon Pod Mod Device
  • 1 x Suorin Vagon Pod
  • 1 x Micro USB Charger

Suorin Vagon-Package

Build Quality

Some say it resembles a marker; some say it looks like an amphibian creature moving through the water; either way, you get the point? The Vagon is a uniquely shaped device of modest 105mm x 20mm x 15mm size. It’s pocket-friendly and feels good to hold because of its tactile chassis. But you also don’t have to worry if you’ve got no pocket, the included holster makes it possible to clip it on your belt or neck collar
The Vagon features a removable pod with a plastic mouthpiece and in-built heating element. The pod is of polycarbonate material, while the battery boasts of a zinc alloy body.

• Battery life

With a 12-watt max output and a 1.3-1.4ohm atomizer resistance, the Vagon and the included pod forms a matchy-matchy pair! Expect some decent battery life from the 430mAh rechargeable battery since the low-powered coils are power efficient. Additionally, the battery connection is gold-tipped, extending the battery life to 7-8 hours.

Suorin Vagon-Build Quality

The Suorin Vagon Pod

The included pod is a refillable 2ml e-juice pod with an in-built heating element that heats up quickly to deliver an instant jolt of vapor and flavor. Expect pleasant smooth drags as the Vagon features gold-tipped connection, a leak-proof cartridge with ceramic rims leading to a tight seal between the pod and battery.

There’s a silicone membrane at the bottom of the pod just over the automatic switch. It’s raised a bit so that air can get to the heating element and produce vapor when you start drawing. But as soon as you stop drawing, it seals the pod, so no e-juice leaks out.
To Refill the Pod – The pod is filled from the bottom, pull out the silicon plug to expose the fill port, and squeeze your e-juice in then put everything back.

Performance of the Suorin Vagon

How Long Does the Battery Last? – The low-powered atomizer and the 430mAh make for a matchy-matchy pair. The battery life is a decent 7-8hours. The Vagon charges up faster (under just an hour) and heats up quickly to deliver some pleasant sensations. Blinking lights will inform you remaining charge.

What is Draw Type? – Expect a cigarette-like draw since the mouthpiece is a bit curved, shaped like the classic tobacco pipe with a small air orifice leading to a somewhat restrictive draw – a nice nicotine fix. The only caveat is that it’s tinted and slightly glossy such that it’s difficult to gauge the e-liquid amount left.

How long do the Vagon Pods Last? – While the Vagon pod is reusable, that’s only up to the point where the in-built coils burn out, and a new pod is needed. Usually, after 5-6 refills! But going for an average $5 for two pods, it’s impressively comfortable on the pocket.

Is it Possible to Rewick the Vagon Pod? – While built to be irreplaceable, just like the coil system, there’s a hack that allows the user to replace the wicking material. Using your thumbnail dig into the pod’s pointed edges and using a pair of tweezers, gently pull out the old cotton. Then using a pin, push into the wires a roll of new cotton cutting out the excess. Finally, using a pair of tweezers, push the cotton into the reservoir and put everything back.

How to Increase the Airflow- If you find the airflow restricted, unclip the pod and use a screwdriver to widen the square cutout in the center.
In terms of user-friendliness, the Vagon is built to be a starter kit. After filling the pod, prime the wicks for about 15 minutes then draw on the mouthpiece, and the battery will switch on, heat the coil inside the cartridge to produce vapor

Suorin Vagon-Performance

Pros and Cons


  • Ergonomic design
  • Good flavor
  • Belt Clip
  • Descent 7-8 hours battery life
  • Refillable Pod
  • Gold-platted leak-proof connection with ceramic rims facilitates easier draws.


  • The kit doesn’t include an extra pod.
  • Some people aren’t into restricted draws.
  • The tinted mouthpiece makes it hard to gauge the remaining e-juice amount.

Final Words

In retrospect, as far as functional as vape pod systems go, the Suorin Vagon starter kit is a suitable device. Expect no misfires or leakages. The battery life is impressively long, hell it even tops the Suorin drop, which dies after 6 hours. Just stick to recommended VG: PG ratio of 70/30 or 60/40 for optimum vaping experiences.

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