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Suorin iShare Starter Kit
suorin ishare single unit

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Size:76 x 17 x 9mm

Pod Battery: Built-in 130mAH

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The exact definition of a hassle-free experience, all-in-one kits are known and loved for their portability and versatility. Whether you’re taking a long trip, going out for a quick walk or even staying at home, they aim to be the device to go within every occasion.

The Suorin iShare starter kit is a portable pod-based system, consisting of a substantial battery housing and two Suorin iShare vaporizers. It is extremely compact devices that take inspiration from e-cigarettes regarding size and convenience. Find out what makes it so suitable for everyday use.



Suorin iShare Starter Kit

Atomizer resistance:
2.0 ohms
Pod System:
Maximum wattage output:
iShare Battery Bank:
Built-in 1400mAH

Package Contents

Included in the Suorin iShare Starter Kit Device you will find:

• 1 iShare Battery Power Bank
• 2 iShare Vaporizer Units
• 1 MicroUSB charging cable
• 1 instruction manual

suorin ishare ultra portable full starter kit packaging content

Build & Design

One iShare vape unit is roughly the size of two cigarettes – you won’t even notice it in your pocket. It can be easily held between your index and middle finger. The unit is characterized by a minimalist look – the plastic body with a matte black/white finish is complemented by a green Suorin logo at the bottom. In the middle is an LED indicator, with the mouthpiece and cartridge located at the top.

The mouthpiece is just wide enough to provide a good hit without becoming too airy. The venting system is located at the bottom near the battery. The unit is comfortable to hold, even for longer sessions without getting too warm. A simplistic build makes this a perfect device even for complete beginners.

The power bank has two top cutouts and magnetic connectors for an easy and convenient charge. Two side cutouts are there to help you quickly acquire either one of the units. The MicroUSB charging port is located at the lower right side of the power bank.

suorin ishare ultra portable full starter kit pods

Refilling Process

Refilling the pods is an effortless task. The device has a beautiful and snug build. The cartridge is simple to separate from the rest of the equipment. If you don’t want to spend too much time doing this, you’ll be satisfied to know that the main unit consists of only three parts. All combined, it takes only a couple of seconds to refill.

To start, remove the top cartridge. Then, detach the black plastic mouthpiece and the silicone stopper. This will give you access to a two-sided chimney. Avoid filling the pod to the top, as it’s been known to cause leaks. Instead, aim for about 3/4 of its full capacity. Once you have it filled, it’s recommended to wait 10-15 minutes and get a few dry puffs for the cotton to soak it all in.

Each pod can be refilled up to five times. The cartridge is transparent, and it’s easily noticeable if the pod is worn out. New replacement pods can be purchased separately, usually in a pack of three. The device has support for many different e-liquids, including Nic-Salt, Freebase and Nicotine free liquids. Suorin recommends 60/40 or 70/30 e-liquid ratio for this kit.

Performance & Flavor

Contrary to its small size, the Suorin iShare starter kit can pack quite a punch. Since the battery pack holds two different units, you can use both of them at the same time with different flavors. The draw is very smooth due to the well-constructed mouthpiece. Even though it has fairly decent vapor for its size, don’t expect to create huge clouds.

Even though the 130mAH battery seems relatively underwhelming, the 7W wattage can provide a surprising amount of puffs, up to 100. However, you can easily plug it in to charge and use the other unit for no interruptions. When it’s drawn, the LED emits blue light. In contrast, the LED indicator flashes red when the battery is empty.

The cotton inside the pod is 100% organic, providing strong and clean flavors. Since the device runs on reasonably low temperatures, the possibility of burnt taste occurring is close to none. Furthermore, low heat is ideal for use with Nicotine salts.

suorin ishare ultra portable full starter kit

Pros and Cons


  • The kit is extremely portable, even with the battery bank
  • Two separate units allow for an interrupted vaping experience
  • The simple build and easy refilling make it suitable for beginners
  • Recharges in approximately two hours
  • Supports almost all types of liquids – Nic salt, Freebase, Nic free
  • With 1400mAH in the power bank, you won’t run out of battery anytime soon
  • Strong, quality flavors
  • Has a decent vapor for its size
  • 0.9ml liquid storage is relatively large


  • Has only two color options – black and white
  • The plastic build is not the most durable one
  • Can’t be used while being charged
  • It must be filled very delicately – it’s going to leak otherwise
  • The pods must be replaced often
  • iShare vape units can’t be charged outside of the power bank

Final Verdict

With two different units in one package and a hefty battery pack, the Suorin iShare starter kit is highly versatile and perfect for an average user. It’s relatively affordable at $37 and $11 for each 3-pack pod replacement. Cloud chasers and advanced vapers are probably going to be disappointed by the 7W output power, which is why I think this is more of a kit aimed at beginners.

However, the convenience factor can’t be denied. With a battery pack that can hold two different flavors and fit in your pocket, there’s not much more you can ask for. If you want to share your story about this product, feel free to do it in the comments below.

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