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Suorin Edge Kit

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Size: 49 x 12 x 73mm

Battery Capacity: 230 mAh

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Suorin Edge is an outstanding vape that’s designed to be compact and easy to use, and it’s unique as well. It’s gotten a removable battery, and you get two when buying the kit. It also gets a safety lock feature. It comes in a wide variety of colors to choose from. This kit is not expensive either; you can find it for less than 25 dollars in some places. It’s worth every cent.



Suorin Edge Kit

Juice Capacity:
1.5 ml
Coil Resistance:
Working Voltage:
Charging Current:
Charging Time:
30 minutes

Package Contents

When you buy a Suorin Edge Kit, you’ll get the Suorin Edge, two batteries, charging cable and a user manual. However, the cartridges are sold separately, so don’t forget those when buying the kit.

Build Quality

The Suorin Edge has a nice build like any other vape from Suorin. It’s gotten a sleek design, and it’s easy to hold in your hands. It has a metal chassis which will protect it well if you by mistake drop it. It’s a delight to hold Edge in your hand, and it makes vaping both simple and nice looking. Suorin Edge Kit is sold with the device in multiple colors, for example, there are baby blue, red, black, gold, pink and silver to choose from.


The capacity of the cartridges in Suorin Edge’s 1.5 ml and you can refill them up to 2 or 3 times after your first use. It’s, however, a bit tricky to fill it, but you’ll get a hold of it fast. A replacement pod isn’t expensive either; it costs less than 5 dollars so you won’t be digging holes in your pocket while buying them.

Just fill them with your favorite e-juice or nicotine salt vape juice and start vaping. Depending on how much you vape the pods can last from a few days up to a few weeks. The pods have a resistance of 1.4 ohm, and you can only buy them in packs of one. The pods are created with a leak-proof design, for you to avoid spilling.

Suorin Edge Pod


When it comes to the battery in the Suorin Edge Kit, it has a 230 mAh, which isn’t a lot but it’s enough since you get two of them. You can remove and change the battery whenever you want, and since two of them is included, you’ll be able to vape all day. To charge the battery doesn’t take more than 30 minutes either, so you’ll not be out of battery for a long time.

The Suorin Edge has a battery indicator with LED lights. If the light is green your battery’s capacity is over 70 %, if it’s blue, the capacity is 30-70 %, and if it’s red, that means that less than 30 % of the battery remains. The battery is charged with a USB-C port, and the charger is included when you purchase the Suorin Edge Kit.

Suorin Edge Pod System Battery


The Suorin Edge is created to be simple to use, and it’s gotten no buttons as it’s draw-activated. The mouthpiece is flat-tipped, which gives an ergonomic grip. It’s both convenient and effective to use. You can choose to use either e-juice or nic-salts, which provides you with the opportunity to choose from many different flavors. If you like Suorins other vape pens, then you’ll definitely love the Edge because it’s a great vape pen. With its use of organic cotton and coil resistance of 1.4 ohm, you can expect a great vaping experience when using this device.

You never have to worry about running out of battery unknowingly thanks to the LED indicator with three different levels. That makes it easy for you to know when it’s time to change the battery. If you make sure always to keep the extra battery charged, then you’ll never miss out on vaping. With the design with no buttons, it’s also very easy and comfortable to use. It’s a product that offers a great time of vaping with its high-quality performance.

Suorin Edge Pod System Performance

Pros and Cons


  • Easy to use
  • Slim design
  • Two batteries
  • Removable battery
  • Battery charges fast


  • No pods included


Well now we’ve reached the verdict of the Suorin Edge Kit, and we have to say that it’s been a joyful experience to try it out. The starter kit is pretty cheap; you can get it for around 25 dollars. We like the look of the vape pod, with its metal chassis made out of aluminum. It’s great that it comes in a wide variety of colors so that you can choose one which fits your style.

When you choose to buy the Suorin Edge Kit, there’s one negative thing. There aren’t any pods included. However, they cost less than 5 dollars to purchase but just don’t forget. We like the fact that you can use both e-juice and nic-salts in the cartridges and that they’re refillable. The double batteries will make you able always to have a charged battery so that you can vape wherever you are. Suorin Edge offers a comfortable and simple vaping experience, and we recommend it to everyone who wants an elegant vape pod with excellent performance.

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