Snowwolf 200W TC Box Mod Review

snow wolf 200W box mod
Snowwolf 200W TC Box Mod

Review Score

Input Voltage: 6.2 – 8.4V

Output Voltage: 0.5V – 7V

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The Snowwolf 200W Box Mod made by Sigelei and Asmodus is the latest 200W box mod that boasts of a whopping 200W maximum power output as well as an inbuilt temperature control system. This device is delivered in an elegant design thanks to its shiny glass and stainless steel body.

So if you’re thinking of purchasing this beautifully crafted powerhouse, I suggest you continue reading this Snowwolf 200 watt Box Mod review article.



Snowwolf 200W TC Box Mod

Output Wattage:
5W – 200W
Temperature Range:
100 – 350 Centigrade / 212 -662 Fahrenheit
Atomizer Resistance:
0.05 – 2.5ohm
Quiescent Current:
Less than 200uA
Maximum Current:
Heating coil material:
Common coil and pure nickel coil
Black, White, Golden, Gun Metal

Stylish Design

As expected, the Snowwolf boasts of remarkable looks that deliver a sense of elegance, calm and class throughout the stainless steel body. However, what stands out the most about the Snowwolf 200W is its stylish appearance made of tinted glass panels on its front and back.

You might even confuse the classy-looking glass panels with an iPhone screen. The only downside is that the sleek stainless steel construction makes this device feel a little bit heavy. Furthermore, the glasses might crack if you accidentally drop the unit.

Snowwolf 200W TC Box Mod Stylish Design

Built-In Protection

The Snowwolf 200W features a responsive built-in safety standard. For instance, the Low Voltage Protection will indicate “checking battery” when the current output is below 6V. On the other hand, the High Voltage Protection will indicate “high voltage” if the battery current is above 9V.

It doesn’t stop there, though, because you’ll also get a High Temperature Protection mode which shows “temperature too high” when you’re operating on high temperatures.

Additionally, the Short Circuit Protection mode is available to alert you of any atomizer short circuit by showing “short circuit” alert. Finally, the Over Vape Time protection mode will automatically turn off the device when the vape time has passed the recommended 10 seconds. You must agree with me that this is simply impressive, right?

Sturdy 510 Connection

Stationed at the top left side of the device’s body, the recessed 510 connection with a brass center pin is firm enough. However, the fact that the 510 connection has no air channeling or raised surrounding is something the manufacturers need to look at.

This’s because you might end up scratching the device’s body while connecting your atomizer head. The good thing is that all the atomizers we tried connected seamlessly on the mod.

Snowwolf 200W TC Box Mod Sturdy 510 Connection

OLED Screen

Nothing makes a vape mod more complete than a bright screen display for indicating all the vital information you might need as you blow those clouds away. That said, the Snowwolf comes with a blue OLED screen found at the device’s top.

Here you’ll get information about the battery life (bar mode), atomizer’s ohm, temperature setting, wattage setting, and of course, the output voltage.

Another thing, the OLED screen will dim 20 seconds after use and turn off 30 seconds later. However, your mod should still be ready to fire since it will be on the sleep mode. You just have to press any button to awaken the unit.

Temperature Control

This vape mod boasts of one of the most straightforward TC modes you can find in the vaping space. For example, you can screw in a nickel-compatible atomizer, and then the device will immediately ask you to verify the new atomizer by giving you a YES or NO option.

You can select your preferred answer by using the “+” or “-” buttons. After this, your device should automatically detect your installed nickel build and activate the temperature mode. All in all, there’re no menus or settings to work through since the device will automatically do all that for you.

Battery Door

The battery door is very secure thanks to the presence of 3 strong magnetic pieces. This construction design makes it easy to open the battery cover without sacrificing sturdiness when closed.

However, you’ll notice some slight sideways movement at the back panel, but this shouldn’t affect the overall build quality. In addition to that, you won’t experience any problems fitting or removing your 2 x18650 batteries because of the included battery ribbon which makes things very convenient.

Snowwolf 200W TC Box Mod Battery Door

What Is the Wattage You Should Go for?

If you’re just after the wattage, there are even mods with 400W of power. The problem is that there is no need to opt mods with such a ridiculously high power rating. Anything over 200W is an excellent option for vaping. The mod having dual 18650 batteries can get you that power.

Within this configuration and power range, the higher the battery which you can get, the better it will be. However, bigger batteries are also bulky, and therefore it is a trade-off which you have to make. A lot also depends on your personal preference and the form factor of the mods. As long as you’re choosing a mod with 200W of power which is entirely safe, you will be good to go.

So, when you want to improve your vaping experience, rather than using just about any mod which you can find, it is a good idea to go through our top 10 best high wattage mods above. It will help you improve your entire experience and create the cloud which you always want.

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