Smok TFV8 Review

Smok TFV8
Smok TFV8

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Dimensions: 24.5 × 69 mm

Maximum Juice Capacity: 6ml

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The Smok TFV8 Cloud Beast Tank is an 800-pound gorilla of a vape tank made by SMOK, the innovative Chinese manufacturer known for its nearly exhaustive and extensive line of “Taste Furious” RTAs and sub-ohm tanks. I have reviewed the Taste Furious (TF) series of tanks from SMOK including the SMOK TFV12 which you can check out here.

It features an Octuple coil head at 0.15Ω that provides an incredible 50-260W (the ideal power is between 120W and 180W). Besides, it also features two other heads: the Turbo RBA head that features preinstalled dual Clapton coils with 50W-140W and resistance of 0.28Ω, and the Quadruple coil at 0.15Ω and voltage between 50W and 180W. Both of these coils come ready to be wicked so that you can start vaping immediately. You get everything, including the cotton. Extras include a 0.2Ω sextuple coil head with a voltage rating of between 50W and 240W. SMOK has gone all in making an extreme performance kit that will please expert vapers.

The tank comes in a refined and thoughtful design with the robust and precise build quality. A good example of this is the custom swivel cap top fill which the company has patented. It is one of the best-engineered top fill techniques that has increased the capacity of the e-liquid slot. SMOK has made a winner with the TFV8. Besides, it is definitely the best-designed tank in the company’s RTA and sub-ohm clearomizer tank series.



Smok TFV8

Coil Type :
V8-T8 Octuple Coil, V8-Q4 Quadruple Coil and V8 Exclusive Turbo RBA Replacement Coil
Stainless, Black, Gunmetal, Gold, Blue, Red, Green, and Rainbow, Purple
510 Thread

The Tank

My biggest gripe with the original TFV4 sub ohm clearomizer tank was that it tended to gorge itself on e-liquid as if it would never have a drink ever again. Of course, the saturated, dense and intense flavor of the vapor is really impressed. But you had to get a refill so many times that it degraded the experience.

The tank significantly takes the vaping experience to a new level but sinks even lower when it comes to consumption of e-liquid. It is more of an RDA dripper but a recharge of e-liquid every 5 minutes just will not do. Unlike an RDA dripper which needs about 15 drops of liquid, the TFV8 needs 5ml every thirty minutes. Sure, I am exaggerating though the Smok TFV8 is definitely one e-liquid thirsty tank.

It features huge factory heads, and the amount of e-liquid consumed will depend on the number of coils, which could be from as low as 4 to as high as 8.

Smok TFV8 Tank

The Coils

The TFV8 features prebuilt V8-T8 and the V8-Q4 Hyper Engine coils that are a little larger than what can be found on the SMOK tanks in the sub-ohm coil series. It can be confusing remembering or differentiating between the coils though it will get better once I analysis their features.

The V8-Q4 features four premade parallel coils which explain the Q4 at the end of its name. It is similar in appearance to the conventional sub ohm prebuilt coil though it is two times larger. Besides coming with quadruple coils, it has quite the large inner diameter, which means you get a lot of airflow.

Conversely, the V8-T8 comes with eight coils designed to be four separate dual coils. This means that you get incredible cloud production in addition to better airflow.

Since the Q4 and the T8 feature multiple coils, they have some of the largest surface area in their range. Combined with the capacity to take insane wattage due to low combined resistance, you can create voluminous clouds, which at some point were only possible if you were using RDAs.

However, while they are high powered cloud factories, this tank is not without their negatives. If you are using the device as a daily kit, you should expect to spend a lot of money as these are some of the hungriest e-liquid guzzlers. Another negative of high-powered coils as compared to conventional sub ohm coils is that they consume a lot of power. As such, your battery charge will not last long.

If you buy the Smok TFV8 Cloud Beast, I would recommend getting a larger mod or any mod that uses at the very least 18650 batteries. Dual 18650 devices such as the SMOK Alien and the Wismec Predator will drain your batteries after just one or two tanks of juice if you are using the Cloud Beast.


The TFV8 gives dense vapor clouds that could fill a room but is the flavor any good?

I have found the flavor to be excellent against my expectations. Unlike some fog machines that provide bland flavors, it delivers saturated, deep, rich, and dense flavors. However, you will not get full flavors from any of the multi-coil factory heads unless you increase the wattage to at least 70 watts. For the really good stuff, you need to get to at least 80 watts.

To be fair, the flavor I get from the sub ohm clearomizer tanks is not all that different in quality from that produced by the TFV8. In fact, I have found that the flavor of the Uwell Crown tank very similar to what I get with the it. If this were a horse race, it would provide a good photo finish with the TFV8 winning by a nose. Compared to a good flavor RDA or the latest versions of RTAs, the tank would come up short. The depth of flavor, clarity, and purity of RDAs and RTAs is simply unbeatable.

The Smok TFV8 is designed for a crazy vaping experience, and I have to say it delivers on the promise.

Smok TFV8 Cloud Beast Tank

Pros and Cons


  • Excellent cloud production
  • 6 ml e-liquid capacity
  • Provides excellent airflow
  • Easy swivel top fill
  • Feels comfortably warm even in high wattage settings
  • Long lasting coils


  • The lack of hard stops on the AFC ring is inconvenient
  • The coil heads consume a lot of e-liquid
  • The threads in the RBA base and coil heads are rough
  • The V8-Q4 produces a whistling sound with a halfway closed airflow
  • The top fill port does not allow for any air in the tank to escape since it is so small


The SMOK TFV8 is more of a specialist’s tank, and hence, I do not think a recommendation is needed. The tank is best for experienced vapers that love extreme experiences and know that the TFV8 is the best in class among all the sub ohm clearomizer tanks. However, the device may appeal to a larger group than vapers looking for high wattage clouds since it works just as well at voltages below 100 watts. So instead of providing a recommendation, I would congratulate SMOK for making one of the best sub ohm devices. It may not be to everyone’s taste, but it is quite the vaping device.

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