Smok Procolor Starter Kit Review- Is It Operating Like a Smartphone?


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Size: 85mm x 46mm x 29.5mm

Battery: Dual 18650 Batteries(not included)

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Once in a while, some vaping brand puts out new vaping devices that feel like what they already have launched. It makes vaping enthusiasts wonder if there’s any difference at all except for the apparent face-lift. Such is the case with the Smok ProColor 225W and the Smok Aline 220W.

The ProColor is a 6-225W vaping kit whose shape and size heavily borrows from that of the Alien, except for a few improvements. Noticeable design differences include a new user interface, the extra 5W, LED lights, and RGB lights that make it one of the famous user-friendly vaping kits in the vaping shops.



Smok Procolor Kit

Dual 18650 batteries(not included)
Wattage Output Range:
Temperature Range:
0.4ohm V8 Baby-Q2 Dual Coil & 0.15ohm V8 Baby-T8 Octuple Coil

Package Contents

Included in the Smok Procolor Kit you will find:

1 ProColor 225W Box Mod

1 x TFV8 Big Baby Tank

1 x 0.4ohm V8 Baby-Q2 Dual Core

1 x 0.15ohm V8 Baby-T8 Octuple Core

1 x Replacement Glass Tube

1 x MicroUSB Cable

Spare Parts

SMOK PROCOLOR 225W TC STARTER KIT package contents

What to Expect from the Smok ProColor Kit?

While the ProColor’s design closely resembles that of the Alien, it spots a few improvements that you’re going to notice once you take it out of the box.

What then should you expect from the ProColor 225W kit?

  • Robust, ergonomic and with a sports car-like finish

Weighing 151 g and at of 85 x 46 x 29.5mm dimension, the ProColor is sturdy. But the palm-fitting form factor is comfortable to hold when vaping as compared to other modes such as G-Priv or the T-Priv.

It presents a symmetric shield-style form factor with premium Zinc alloy material that makes it robust enough to operate without noises. Unlike the Aline that was prone to scratches, the ProColor features Smok’s latest updated paint job, so expect a pretty-looking mode even after rough usage. The finishing is going to remind you of a sports car. And to top it all, it’s available in 18 different glossy color options.

  • Sidebar firing button

The ProColor mode presents a sidebar firing button that’s the right balance between clicky and responsiveness. One caveat, though, is that it has got a gap underneath where dirt material tends to buildup leading to challenging cleaning activities.

  • A User Interface that Works like a Smartphone

Where the ProColor excels is a new user interface with a large OLED screen. The design leaves behind the difficult-to-read LED displays and inconvenient tiny menu buttons of Smok’s past. In place, you get a new 4-menu graphic user-interface that makes use of a 1.3-inch OLED screen surrounded by RGB colors. From personalizing the vape to changing the RGB color frequency, it all feels like operating a smartphone.

To access the menu, click the fire button in three quick successions then with each subsequent click, you can jump from screen to screen which offer the following lists:

Mode – the first menu after the first three clicks is the Mode settings. Here you can dial in the watts and preheat settings for VW and TC vaping, respectively.

Puff Setting – The subsequent click after the first three takes you to puff settings. You can change the max puff, see the number of puffs taken or reset.

Screen Settings – Get to embellish the menu by customizing the displayed text to 6 different color options. Also, set how long the screen should stay awake or automatically lock itself.

LED Setting – 12 glossy color options you can use to personalize the colors of the LED lights. You can also turn the colors off if you don’t like flashy things.

Exit Menu – Screen where you can use the up and down arrows to switch off or continue vaping.

Main Screen – Access technical information on puff count, atomizer resistance, battery life, and real-time voltage

SMOK PROCOLOR 225W TC STARTER box mod and tank


  • Memory and Intelligent Atomiser Recognition

The ProColor features facilities to recognize the atomizer inserted. The intuitive feature will require checking Yes or No if it’s a new coil. Once you’ve installed your tank, you can adjust the watts and preheat settings. You can choose to vape hard/healthy or go with personal settings.

  • Compatible with a wide range of premade coils and RDAs

Inside the ProColor kit, is an included Big Baby atomizer that is available in 5ml or 2ml according to TPD standards specifications. You can expect a wide-bore mouthpiece, easy slide-to-open top-fill. The only caveat is the tiny fill port.

In terms of design, the Big Baby atomizer boasts of stainless steel with Pyrex glass reinforcement that looks strong enough to handle rough usage. The 5ml version holds plenty of e-liquid to eliminate the nuisance of constant refills. A spare glass tube has been included in case the tank gets smashed.

The TFV8 Big Baby is compatible with a wide range of coils from dual to Octuple cores. But they all come at a hefty price and are a bit unpredictable even if you prime them properly. Therefore, if you feel that the included Smok coils are a bust, you can opt for personal rebuildable and have the Smok coils as spares.



The ProColor is not of ultraportable design, but it sacrifices that for more power: two 18650 batteries for a maximum of 225W. This battery is enough to power even for advanced vapers out there.

While the TFV8 Big Baby is not the X-Baby that we were hoping for, it holds its turf. Expect tons of flavor and vapor, especially from the 0.4ohm dual coil when on the full range of power. For some severe clouds and full-on flavor ranges, switch from the double to the octuple coils; the sweet spot is at about 60W with 450F of temperature.

The mode menu is simple-to-use; it feels like a smartphone. After installing the tank, you can move to the Main Menu directly by clicking the fire button in five quick successions. From here, you can set the wattage, voltage, and temperature settings then lock them in by pressing the fire button again. For a nice MTL hit, adjust the airflow using the valves on the bottom of the tank.


Pros and Cons


  • User-friendly menu
  • Customizable display
  • Firmware upgradable
  • Powerful 18650 batteries
  • Available in 18 different glossy color options
  • Can balance monster atomizers too
  • Temperature control with TCR customization
  • Memory feature and intuitive atomizer recognition


  • The TFV8 Big Baby colors don’t match that color of the mod.
  • The button leaves space for dirt buildup underneath it.

Final Words

In retrospect, while not built as a successor to the Alien, and even skeptics will say it’s just an Alien with a face-lift upon spotting it, the ProColor brings more power, quality aesthetic design and user-friendly menu on the table. Vape from it and things will never be the same again. The TFV8 Big Baby Tank, with its multiple coil compatibility, is a great addition!

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