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Dimensions: 94mm x 30mm x 18.8mm

Voltage Settings: 3ml

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The SMOK brand launched a new hybrid vape kit called the SMOK Nord Kit as an improvement to the Novo design.

It includes a button-operated Nord device that runs on a 1100mmAh battery and a 3ml refillable capacity pod that can be filled from the side with e-liquids suitable for the three coils: the heating optimized ceramic coil, the 0.6-ohm coil for big cloud vaping or the 1.4-ohm coil for standard mouth to lung (MTL) vaping.

The SMOK Nord Kit is primed for a hands-on vaping approach with the replaceable coil system, and the button triggered power system that allows the user to control the device. Additionally, it has a LED battery indicator that can be used to determine battery usage so far.

In comparison with the Novo, the Nord has a more aesthetic look featuring cobra or resin finish and a viewing window to view tank capacity. By balancing between looks and performance, the Nord is, therefore, a versatile vaping kit. Here’s a more in-depth look into the device.




Maximum Wattage Output:
Minimum Atomizer Resistance:
0.6 ohm
Voltage Input Range:
Recommended VG/PG Ratio:
70/30 VG/PG
Battery Capacity:
Coil Type :
0.6ohm Nord Mesh Coils / 1.4ohm Nord Regular Coils / 1.0ohm Nord Ceramic Coils
Full Black, Prism Rainbow, Prism Gold, Bottle Gold, Red, White Black
Weight :

Features and Specifications

The SMOK Nord contains the Nord device, a charging cable, a user manual, and two coils: the 0.6-ohm mesh coil and the 1.4-ohm regular coil. The Nord device is a light small portable vape device that fits easily into one’s pocket. The specifications are:

-In terms of dimensions, it measures 94mm x 30mm x 18.8mm and has a rectangular shape.

-It holds up to 3ml of e-liquid.

-Weight: 80g.

-A 1100mmAh battery capacity.

-A 10W-15W wattage output.

-It’s suitable for 70/30 VG/PG ratio.

-It’s available in 13 different colours, each with an aesthetic cobra or resin pattern finishing.



1. Coil Design

The SMOK Nord device is designed for use with disposable coils – low resistance, high resistance or flavour optimized ceramic coil. This design makes the Nord device suitable for both direct (DL) to lung or mouth to lung (MTL) vaping.

The low resistance 0.6-ohm coil makes sub ohm vaping possible. It produces a big cloud with great taste. It’s suitable for standard e-liquids.

The 1.4-ohms coil is for mouth to lung vaping and suitable for nicotine salt vape juices. For those hung up on the cigarette-like experience, this is the coil to use because the air flow is restricted to produce less vapor but with great taste and throat-hit.

The ceramic coil is optimizing for even heating of the concentrates. The ceramic material is suitable for both low and high-temperature heating. It does not distort the flavour but eliminates the taste of burnt-metals in the vapor, unlike other metallic coils. It’s suitable for an MTL vaping experience.

2. Battery and LED

The Nord device uses a 1100mAh battery that can be charged via a USB port. The battery capacity is large enough for sub-ohm vaping and can last through a few vaping sessions. Other power system features include:

-LED indicator: The firing button has an indicator that shows battery life information when the button is clicked twice. It uses a green flash for 70 % and above battery level, yellow for 30 % to 70% and red for below 30%.

Battery usage information is necessary because the Nord power system is based on raw voltage output, so the battery capacity is a measure of performance.

-Power safety features: in the case of short-circuiting, the power pin is disabled. There’s a warning when the battery voltage gets low, and additionally, no firing happens in case the battery has been reversed.

3. Pod System

The tank is refillable though it doesn’t come already filled. It can hold up to 3ml of e-liquid that can last through a few vaping sessions depending on the user, thereby eliminating constant refills. It is compatible with both nicotine salt concentrates and standard e-liquids depending on which coil you popped into the device.

The Nord port system is convenient in the following ways:

-Easy refilling via the sides of the port. There’s a rubber plug on the side that is pulled off then the pod is filled then the rubber plug pressed back on the hole to seal it.

-The sizeable curved mouthpiece that facilitates large smooth draws.

-The pod is made of polycarbonate, a food-grade material.

SMOK Nord Pod Kit

Ease of Use and Performance

The SMOK Nord pod is user-friendly as it can be filled with both high VG concentration e-liquids, nicotine salt-based concentrates and standard vape juices from the side hole then sealed using a rubber plug.

It’s an improvement to the Novo design because it features an oval-shaped window on the pod that can be used to monitor the e-liquid level.

A coil replacement is also quickly done via the bottom of the pod. The pod has to be detached from the device first then turned upside down, and the old coil is pulled out then the new popped back in the same place.

1. How to Operate

The Nord device is button triggered. Turning it on and off is via a fire button. Clicking the button in 5 quick succession flips on the device. A similar process is used to turn it off.

To vape, the button has to be pressed and held then inhalation is done from the drip tip. The button is highly responsive therefore has a power cut out for about 8 seconds when firing to protect in case of unintended activation.

To check the battery life, the button has to be clicked twice so that the LED flashes to give out the information.

2. Performance

The Nord device features have made it possible to customize the vaping experience. The mesh coil, for example, is suitable for faster heating and massive cloud production. The 1.4-ohms resistance coil, on the other hand, has airflow restrictions that can be used to get a cigarette-like experience and great throat hit.

The ceramic coil, on the other hand, is suitable for both high and low temperature vaping and preserves flavour.

All in all, the Nord device is a high-performance device that rolls features of sub ohm tanks and standard vape tanks into one vape pod device capable of great hits and big clouds.

SMOK Nord Pod

The Cons

The power button is responsive for quick firing, but this makes it capable of accidental activations. It will fire in the pocket if accidentally touched. The solution is to always turn the device off before pocketing it.

The window for monitoring liquid level is too small that sometimes the pod has to be unmounted for the liquid level to be visible.

For the MTL coil, the airflow has not been restricted enough to get the best throat hit. It has more airflow that makes it challenging to get the best cigarette-like experience.

However, apart from these few mishaps, the SMOK Nord offers an overall great experience than most standard tanks out there. Its strength lies in the replaceable coil design that makes it suitable for various types of concentrates and vaping styles.

Also, the design in terms of material and style is aesthetic. Above all, it’s a user-friendly vape kit that goes for about $ 21.99.

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