SMOK MORPH 219W TC Starter Kit Review

SMOK MORPH 219W TC Starter Kit

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Dimensions: 84.5mm by 44.8mm by 30.2mm

Battery: Dual 18650

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The SMOK MORPH 219W TC Starter kit brings the user the latest vaping technology. It is primed for a hands-on vaping approach with the replaceable coil system and the touch screen display that allows for navigation through the menus to customize the vaping experience.

It has been designed as an improvement to the SMOK Alien 220W vape kit. It includes a two-punch combo of a 219 Wattage MORPH Box Mod and a 6ml TF sub-ohm tank to deliver a stylish and powerful vaping experience to vaping enthusiasts across the globe.



SMOK MORPH 219W TC Starter Kit

Wattage Output Range:
Voltage Output Range:
Min Atomizer Resistance:
Temperature Range:
Maximum Juice Capacity:
6 ml
Coil Type :
2 0.25ohm TF BF-Mesh Coils
Black Red, Blue, Gold, Silver Chrome, Rainbow
510 thread

Fast-Firing Chip

The SMOK MORPH 219W Box Mod makes use of the advanced fast-firing IQ-S chip for fast heating and vaping on-the-fly. The IQ-S is a masterpiece chipset with a 0.001s firing speed making this kit popular among members of the vaping community. The Mod fires up to 219 Watts to bring unique flavors to the forefront and facilitate sub-ohm on-the-go.

The chip enables the switching between various vaping modes such as VW, TC-NI, TC-SS, TC-TI, MyMode, and TCR. The chipset firmware can be upgraded as soon as the SMOK releases a new version to give you the best vaping experience for your money.

Touchscreen Operations and Input Keyboard Design

The mod is operated by clicking its intuitive 1.9-inch HD touchscreen. From this touchscreen, you can navigate through the menus and customize the vaping experience and the mod to fit your mood. The menus allow for: changing the wallpapers, changing the color themes and witching between favorite vaping modes without any hassles.

The input keyboard design that allows you to set vaping parameters for TC vaping under the TCR function. The MyMode working mode setting allows you to save your favorite vaping configuration for later use.

SMOK MORPH 219W TC Starter Kit Dense Cloud

Powerful Battery for Longer Vaping Sessions

The MORPH Box Mod is powered by dual 18650 battery cells. Battery replacement is easy too since the kit comes with an extra battery that can be popped in the mod by opening the hinge located in the bottom of the mod. Other power features include safety features that keep the battery from firing in case of short-circuiting, battery-reversal, over-heating, or over-discharge.

The TF2019 Tank

The MORPH Box Mod pairs with the 6ml TF2019 Sub-ohm tank that allows for thick and dense cloud vaping for cloud chasing enthusiasts who delight in dazzling vapor patterns.

The 6ml capacity e-juice lasts through several vaping sessions, thereby eliminating the nuisance of constant refills. The tank weighs 75 g in size, with 510 threading so you can fit it to your favorite mods. It is ultra-portable at 30mm x 56 mm frame dimension so you can carry it in your bag and enjoy those flavored vapors wherever you are.

The sub-ohm tank features protective silicone glass to protect it from damage due to hard falls and other rough activities.

Unrivaled Sensations with the Flavor Preserving Coils

The mod makes use of the flavor preserving TF2019 ceramic or BF-Mesh coil that runs on 40-80 watts. Two extra replacement BF-mesh coils are included in the kit in case the pre-installed coil gets worn out. The coil head supports heating coils engineered from Ni2000 Nickel, Stainless Steel or Titanium. The mesh-like structure provides for a greater heating surface area and longer lifespan.

The coil resistance range is 0.1-2.5ohm for variable wattage vaping and 0.05-2.0ohm for temperature control vaping.

SMOK MORPH 219W TC Starter Kit Coil


Versatility has been ensured with the wide-ranging coil resistance that allows for both Mouth-To-Lung and Direct-To-Lung vaping so you can toke on those nicotine salts or regular vape juices.

Switching between tanks is also possible with the 510 universal thread that makes the tank compatible with several mods. You can fit the tank to your favorite MORPHO Box Mod and be the most stylish vaper in the room.

Versatility ensures that you can switch between your favorite vape juices without any hassles.

Dense and Thick Vapor Clouds

With dual bottom, adjustable airflow slots that allow one to adjust the airflow and vapor production, the TF tank delivers a sub-ohm experience to cloud-chasing enthusiasts.

The drip tips are ultra-wide for free-flowing airflow and are coated with food-grade 810 resin for healthy and long-term vaping.

How to Use the Kit

The SMOK MORPH 219W kit has been designed to be an excellent starter kit for newbie vapers or a wonderful addition kit for advanced vapers.


The tank makes use of a top refilling system that makes it easy to squeeze the e-juice in. There’s a lock button mechanism that you use to lock the tank after refilling. You don’t have to worry about leakages because the tank features a leak-proof coating that keeps thing nice and clean.

Once your tank is filled, screw it to the box mod which features 510 connections too.

Unlocking & Firing

Firing up the system is accomplished by the stealthy firing bar mechanism accessed from the responsive touchscreen mechanism with its friendly user interface. Unlock the device by pressing the small secondary key on the screen then fire it up by pressing the big lateral fire key on the left side of the screen.

Battery Replacement & Charging

To replace the battery, push the battery door and pop in the extra cells you want to get in. To charge your MORPH Box Mod, connect it to the adaptor or power bank via the micro USB charging port.

Enabling Security and Safety Features

Security and power safety features include the passcode setting feature that is used to keep off intruders and children in the house. Other power safety features include the pin disabling mechanism that prevents the battery from firing in case the battery is reversed.


In retrospect, the SMOK MORPH 219W TC vaping kit offers an overall great experience than most starter kits out there. Its strength lies in its firmware-upgradable IQ-S chipset with lightning firing speed and its touchscreen technology that allows for customization of the vape settings without any hassles.

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