Smok Marshal G320 TC Starter Kit Review

Smok Marshal G320 TC Starter Kit
Smok Marshal G320 TC Starter Kit

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Dimensions: 89.5mm by 61.5mm by 31mm (Without the Tank)

Battery: Dual 18650

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SMOK has a reputation for releasing reasonably priced and high-quality mods as well as vape gear. What we are going to review here is possibly the most powerful mod, the SMOK Marshal G320. From its name, Marshal can output power of up to 320 watts. The kit has lots of capabilities, together with its highly advanced and extended functionality. But, do all these features translate to excellent performance? Let’s find out…



Smok Marshal G320 TC Starter Kit

Maximum Wattage Output:
E-Juice Capacity:
Temperature Range:
Min Atomizer Resistance:

Package Contents

  • A SMOK Marshal mod
  • A warranty card
  • One instruction manual
  • One USB cable
  • Two rubber vape bands
  • One big baby beast tank with two coils, and an extra glass section
  • A battery safety card
  • A packet of extra O rings

Smok Marshal G320 TC Starter Kit Package Content


The Marshal can output 320 Watts of power. SMOK claims that this new kit offers better power management, accuracy, and enhanced features as compared to its previous models.

It features temperature control, which supports Ti Coils, SS, and Ni200 and also features a temperature range of 200-600F. You can change the wattage in TC mode using manual TCR too.

The fact that you can use the SMOK G320 Kit using two or three 18650s is impressive. When using it in dual-battery mode, the power is restricted to 220W. Another aspect with this gadget that is very common among some of SMOK’s latest Mods is the Bluetooth Capabilities.

This feature allows you to update the device through OTA (Over-the-air) technology. You can be able to link the device to your smartphone, if it runs Android or iOS, and access the smart app of the device. The SMOK G320 is a phenomenal gadget, and it comes in three colors gold, black, and silver.

Smok Marshal G320 TC Starter Kit Functionality


The gadget has a huge 0.96″ OLED screen, which is situated on the upper part. It displays details such as voltage output, battery levels for every battery, resistance, temperature and amps, puff counter, and the mode you are currently in.

The only disadvantage to having all this info on display is that it is exhibited in a small font. This can be difficult to read, especially if you have below perfect eyesight. That said, the mod’s menu system is well-arranged, and it is straightforward to use.


Considering the power output is 320 Watts, people who vape a lot, for instance, 60 to 80 watts, will get enough battery to last them for several days after fully charging once. In case you vape up to 100 watts, you should have a whole day’s use without needing to recharge.

The battery door is somewhat challenging to open and close, mostly when you are using three batteries. Another feature of this gadget is being able to run at 220W while utilizing two 18650 batteries. This is quite impressive.

The battery section door is positioned at the bottom of the device, and it utilizes a latch-catch system to enclose the batteries. The battery door is not well designed since the batteries do not quite feel as if they fit perfectly once you close the battery door. It is a design flaw that people have an issue with.

The batteries can be charged using the USB cable, although it is advised to utilize an external charger. But if you require charging it using a USB cable, the device has a balanced charging aspect, which will help all batteries charge evenly.

Smok Marshal G320 TC Starter Kit Battery

SMOK Big Baby Tank

This uses similar coil heads as the Baby Beast, and they have the V8 baby T6 coil, and V8 Baby X4 options. The power output is 40 to 130W and 30 to 70W, respectively. This tank has a 5ml capacity. It features an adjustable airflow and top-filling system.
Smok Marshal G320 TC Starter Kit Tank

Pros and Cons


  • Well-arranged menu: simple to use and it provides you with a lot of details
  • Ergonomic: this device is very ergonomic for a triple 18650 gadget
  • Wattage can be changed in TC mode
  • USB port: you do not require placing the device down and risk seepage when charging
  • Clicky buttons: utilizing this device is comfortable due to the good clicks of the buttons
  • Bluetooth feature: with the option to perform OTA updates and link to a smart app offers extra value to an already high-quality device
  • USB charging: if you require charging your batteries through a USB cable, the balanced charging leaves you at peace


  • Buttons are too close
  • Button rattling
  • Battery door design:problematic to open and close
  • Small fonts on the menu

Bottom Line

The Smok Marshal G320 is, for sure, an efficient and very powerful gadget. Its features and power should make this mod among the best devices to be released by SMOK, although it’s hard to dismiss the issue with the battery door and buttons. Many people will love its edgy design. For its price tag, this gadget does provide plenty of bangs. It may have some problems, but its power and numerous features certainly make up for the flaws.

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