Smok Infinix Pod Kit Review: Portable & Sleek

Smok Infinix Pod Kit
Smok Infinix Pod Kit

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Size: 110 x 12.5 x 11 mm

Battery: Built-in 250mAh

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Pod-style devices have won great popularity in the recent past. Infinix is an attempt by Smok to cater to the growing demand for Juul-like devices. The Smok Infinix matches Juul in terms of many of its features. Like Juul, the Infinix also features an air-activated firing design and has a button-less body. What’s more, it also features a refillable pod system, and thus, vapers can vape any e-liquid of their choice with this device. However, the Infinix isn’t a copy of Juul — it is different from it in many regards. In this review of Smok Infinix, we will cover every aspect of this latest offering by Smok.



Smok Infinix Pod Kit

Wattage Output Range:
Voltage Input Range:
Filling Slot:
Side Filling
Cartridge Capacity:

Package Contents

Included in the Smok Infinix Pod Kit Device you will find:

  • 1 INFINIX System
  • 2 INFINIX Pod
  • 1 E-Liquid Injection Bottle
  • 1 MicroUSB Cable
  • Instructional Manual

Smok Infinix Pod Kit

Build Quality

The Smok Infinix has an exquisite design. A zinc alloy housing in matte finish sits nicely over the device’s diamond-shaped body. The mouthpiece is made from plastic and comes equipped with a side-port covered by a silicone grommet. At just 22 grams, the device is quite light in weight and feels very comfortable in the hands. The center of the body comes equipped with a small LED light that goes on while vaping. The light also stays on while the device is charging. At the bottom is the USB port, and vapers can charge the device even while using the device.

The SMOK Infinix comes equipped with refillable pods, which means you can use your e-juice, a convenient feature for vapers. The kit includes a needle-nosed dropper bottle, which makes filling the pod quite easy. Overall, the Smok Infinix has a sleek and impressive design.

Smok Infinix Pod Kit

Battery Life

Smok Infinix has a better battery than Juul. The Smok Infinix features a 250 mAh battery, whereas the Juul features a 200 mAh battery. The best thing about this battery is that it charges very quickly. Plug the USB, and the battery will take less than half an hour to get fully charged. Yet another advantage that Infinix offers over other pod devices is that vapers can vape even while the battery is getting charged. The battery will easily last a day if you are not a compulsive vaper. However, people who vape frequently will feel the need to charge their battery every day, maybe even twice a day.

Pod Cartridge

The pod is the area where Smok Infinix varies significantly from the Juul. Juul uses pre-filled disposable pods. The Smok Infinix, on the other hand, uses refillable cartridges made from polycarbonate, which considerably increases the life of the two cartridges. The pods match the design of the device and taper towards the mouthpiece. Since the cartridges are refillable, vapers can vape any e-liquid of their liking.

The pods also feature windows on the back and front, which can be used to keep a check on the juice level. When you see the liquid getting finished, use the needle-nosed dripper to fill the pod back. For a small vaping device, the Smok Infinix has powerful coils that supply ample flavor and produce a decent amount of vapor too. Moreover, most pre-build coils leave a metallic aftertaste, which is not the case with this device.

Smok Infinix Pod Kit


The first thing you will notice about Smok Infinix is how easy it is to use. There are no buttons or screens on the mod. The pod uses the air-activated mechanism to fire itself, which means that the mod will start working as soon as you take a draw. For its small size, the Smok Infinix delivers powerful performance. The pod uses coils that provide a resistance of 1.4 ohms. Thus, the flavor produced is better than that offered by most other vaping devices in this range. Vapers aren’t even required to draw very hard to get the flavor. Moreover, the flavor hits the throat without any delay.

It is quite easy to fill the pods, and even after refilling several times, vapers will not feel any hot pops or sizzling sounds. The pods use standard cotton wicks, which usually work efficiently. However, at times, vapers might feel the juice in their mouths. Filling the cartridges is easy. However, one must be cautious while doing so, as any leakage can lead to battery issues.

Pros and Cons


  • Sleek and impressive design
  • Durable as well as convenient to use and carry
  • Easy refilling mechanism
  • Quick charging
  • Easy to refill
  • Vapers can smoke while the device is charging (pass-thru charging)
  • The intense flavor which immediately hits the throat
  • 8-second cut off


  • Non-adjustable airflow
  • It is not uncommon for Smok Infinix to leak at times

Final Words

The Smok Infinix may have been modeled after Juul, but the device certainly has many features that set it apart from the Juul. The Infinix is an excellent choice for those vapers who want more freedom with e-liquids. The device works well with all kinds of juices. However, it does not support oil-concentrate vaping. The Smok Infinix makes up for the areas where it lacks through its modern design and build. It is portable, durable, and refillable. The performance does not deteriorate even after several refills.

Moreover, the needle-nosed bottle that comes with the kit makes it quite easy to fill the pod as and when needed. For its small size, the mod delivers a satisfactory vaping experience, and the draw-activated mechanism makes this pod device quite easy to use. All in all, the Smok Infinix is an excellent pod device with some minor drawbacks that can be easily ignored.

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