SMOK GX350 TC Box Mod Kit Review

SMOK GX350 TC Box Mod Kit
SMOK GX350 TC Box Mod Kit

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Dimensions: 84.5mm by 58mm by 40.4mm

Battery:  Four 18650

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SMOK has perfected the art of storming the market with the best and most powerful mods. Their new release, however, surpasses what vapers would have imagined was possible. It is SMOK GX350.

However, this name isn’t the reason for its uniqueness. The mod is different because it has a wattage range that reaches as high as 350 watts.

For an experienced vaper, this surely will be one of the greatest devices they’ve come in contact with. An average vaper, on the other hand, might have a different view. We will see about that shortly.



SMOK GX350 TC Box Mod Kit

Maximum Output:
Maximum Juice Capacity:
Minimum Atomizer Resistance:
Temperature Range:
Zinc Alloy Construction
Coil Type :
0.12ohm V8-T10 Deca/Decuple Coil, 0.15ohm V8-T8 Octuple Coil, 0.2ohm V8-T6 Sextuple Coil and 0.15ohm V8-T8 Octuple Coil
Black Red, Silver, Gold, Rainbow
510 thread

What’s Inside the Box

For someone who has never seen a SMOK mod before, the packaging of it will be thrilling. But if you are a regular user of SMOK products, big surprises here. The mod sits firmly in the top section of the pack, and you will find the tank in the section just below.

For its big size, the mod is surprisingly light, and it carries no battery. This simple combination gives a unique gold tank that is both brilliant and breathtaking.

The Tank

The TFV8 is a cloud beast! And this is just putting it mildly. This tank literally kick-started the high wattage era and has not looked back ever since. For the GX350, the TFV8 tank has the dimension that we are familiar with, and it extends to a 25mm at the center. It weighs 74g and has the capacity of 6mls.

The TFV8 gold tank has a unique swing-out cap design. On the flip side, by using the TFV8 tank, you’d get unrestricted access to the family of coils. If you want an RBA, you can purchase it separately.

Unfortunately, you will have to deal with the proprietary drip tip that SMOK uses. To be fair, the company tries to make up for this by giving the tank and the mod matching colors. So if you love colors, that’s your compensation.

SMOK GX350 TC Box Mod Kit Tank

The Mod

For a mod that is powered by four distinct batteries, the GX350 is not nearly as huge as you would have expected it to be. It, however, feels much more comfortable than the other four battery-powered mods that are currently in the market.

The GX350 would not carry the aura of SMOK if it didn’t feature a unique and classy design. An example of this stylish design is the 510 on the mod. It exudes the company’s brilliance and does an amazing job too.

It is a stainless-steel threading that uses a pin with a gold impression. The thread’s smoothness is silk, and your atomizers will sit perfectly on it. The SMOK GX350 has a complementary design, and that is why you’d find an impressive OLED screen below the 510.

This screen’s display is nice and sharp and is visible in all kinds of light intensities. What does the OLED screen display? Basically, it displays the vaper’s temperature/wattage, battery life, preheat, ohms, and voltage. You’d quickly notice that the battery level is displayed in two distinct ways. This is another new feature that makes it even more appealing.

Just below the screen, you’d find a clicky but responsive +/- button. Flip to the other side of the screen, and you will find a USB port. It is well aligned and carries a world-class finish that every serious competitor should try to emulate.

If you are planning on using the USB port for charging purposes, it won’t work. The port is meant strictly for updates and nothing else. This is more of a safety precaution on the part of the company than anything else. Charging a mod like this one internally could be a recipe for disaster in the long run. There is really nothing to complain about here if you ask me.

The mod’s firing bar is nicely fitted on the tank. If you love clicky buttons, then you’d definitely fancy this one. It feels even the ones fitted on previous mods produced by SMOK. Carbon fiber sticker is placed on either of the ignition bars. This sticker ensures the mod doesn’t look like a huge piece of metal when you hold it up in your hand.

SMOK didn’t do a good job when it comes to the battery cover design. It proves too hard to open even when it’s not housing batteries. It shuts in tight and closes in well when you put in its batteries. Sometimes, I have push very hard to get it to open or close when batteries are in it.

SMOK GX350 TC Box Mod

Mod Design and Aesthetics

With all of its positives, the Smok GX350, to a certain extent, can be described as big. But this is not new as there are mods out there with similar sizes. In the same light, when you consider that the GX350 is built to carry four batteries, it’s easy to forgive the mod’s big size. It is comfortable to handle despite the fact that it is heavy.

The paint, however, is a little problematic. This is not a surprise as SMOK have always had a difficult time finding the right paint job for their mods. The GX350 seems not to be an exception. I have been really careful not to drop the mod. So, its bottom part where you’d expect the sign of first appearing to wear out still looks ok.

It would have been great if SMOK made the mod a little bigger to accommodate a wide variety of tanks with no traces an overhang. What’s the use of a four battery-powered mod if it does not permit you to experiment on bigger tanks? The GX350 mod is available in different color combinations, like black red, purple black, silver black, gold black.


The Smok GX350 carries the famous Alien chipboard. When its power mode is activated, it vapes incredibly well. Things are not so great when it comes to TC. It gets hot, and sometimes I have to cut the wattage down on tanks that work well other mods.

SMOK really needs to fix this and include it in the next update. After all, the company has a knack for coming up with updates on a regular basis.

It will be wrong to say that the TC is a complete disaster, but it certainly needs to be improved upon. In power mode, everything works incredibly well, and the vaping is also great, especially in Ni TC.

The problem with this is that most vapers now prefer to use SS. This is not too cool, and SMOK needs to address this problem. Until then, the TC department gets a pass mark.

SMOK GX350 TC Box Mod Kit Board

How the Smok GX350 Vapes

Before getting down to business, you need to get yourself four working 18650 batteries and fix them into the mod. If you successfully fit the batteries in, then you deserve a big pat on the back.

The battery hinge is super hard to close, and that really sucks. Well, after fixing the batteries, then comes the easy part. Tossing on this cloud beast is very simple since both the tank and the mod have 510 connections.

Turning on the mod is also super easy, with a simple click the device turns on. The OLED screen comes alive and displays all the information that you need. This includes the wattage level at the top left corner of the screen, then the big “N” that appears at the top right corner to indicate that the vaping strength is at the normal level.

Battery levels pop up too, voltage and resistance levels are equally displayed. A vape timer shows up last. Everything you need to run the mod is fitted in there. It’s not specular, but at least it gets the job done.

Pros and Cons


  • It is pretty comfortable to hold even though the mod is a bit heavy
  • It carries four batteries which can last four several days
  • The design is quite impressive
  • It is very simple to use


  • The paint job is not so great
  • The hinge attached to the battery cover is way too tight
  • TC needs some work
  • It needs a spare glass

Final Verdict

If you are an experienced vaper and you love to go into beast mode often, this mod made for you. It’s fortified tank is specifically for clouding and has 350watt of power to work with. You can successfully run bigger tanks aside from the TFV8 on this mod to get more cloud if you want.

There are probably no better four battery mods out there currently. However, a mod that controls a massive amount of power, like the Smok GX350, is meant for veteran vapers.

Beginners will find this kit incredibly tricky to use. But if you feel you are up for it, then the GX350 will make sure clouds follow you everywhere you go. Being an experienced vaper doesn’t get better than this. The extra power this mod gives will always be an advantage regardless of what anyone thinks.

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