Smok and Innokin Kits Was Recalled

Smok and Innokin Kits Was Recalled

It’s now estimated that at least 2.9 million adults in the UK use e-cigarettes. But if you recently bought your Smok or Innokin vaping device from Agros and live around Hampshire, there is some bad news for you. According to the latest report by the Hampshire Fire and Rescue, a batch of e-cigs has been recalled by Argos for fire and safety measures. It’s also worth noting that these box mods were being sold at a retail price of £79.99 by the time the recall was issued. In fact, this isn’t the first time Argos recalled e-cigarettes. Only last year, Vype e-cigarettes were recalled by Argos also over fears that they could catch fire.

Here are the devices on their recall list, including their model numbers:

  • Smok X Priv Kit Chrome – 8638151
  • Smok X Priv Kit Black and Red – 7395615
  • Smok Mag Kit220 Black Prism – 8143639
  • Innokin Proton Kit Rainbow-6647661
  • Smok Mag Kit Black and Red-8651592
  • Innokin Proton Kit Black–8652175

According to the reason provided by the Electrical Safety First, a consumer group, these devices could overheat during the charging process causing a fire incident or burn injuries. They claim that the external batteries supplied with these units are not compatible with the e-cigs. Therefore, they may overheat if used and result in a fire incident or burn injury.

The statement further adds that if you have an affected product, you should stop using it and return it to the nearest Argos store/shop for a refund.

This should definitely soften the hard blow of losing your favorite e-cigarette. You can return your product to any Argos store and wait for your refund to be processed. Alternatively, if you got your box mod delivered, contact Argos for free collection and refund of your original delivery charge. Better still, you can take it straight back to the store at your own convenient time, and you’ll be refunded immediately. However, keep in mind that the refund may take up to 5 or 7 days due to bank processes. As for PayPal fans, you’ll have to exercise some patience since the refund process can take up to one month.

This report should, however, not shake your trust in these two household names in the vaping space. According to Argos, the batteries in question weren’t supplied by Smok and Innokin.

NOTE: It’s advisable that you stop using the item immediately before seeking a refund. Moreover, Argos will require your proof of purchase to process your refund. You’ll need to produce either your e-receipt, till/kiosk receipt, confirmation email, or your order number as proof of your purchase. And if you can’t find any of them, Argos will use your card/bank statement, or the email address used when purchasing the mod.

Tips to Charging Your Vape Safely

It doesn’t matter whether you’re charging your mod, iPad, laptop, etc. The bottom line is that overcharging your battery won’t leave you with some pleasant memories. You’ll not only be reducing your battery’s lifespan but also exposing yourself to dangers of an exploded battery. With that in mind, here’re some crucial tips on how to charge your e-cigarette safely:

  • Use the correct charger/USB cable – Typically, most vape devices come with a USB charging cable and a charger. Therefore, it’s vital to follow the provided charging instructions by the manufacturer. In most instances, the user manual will indicate the charging voltage and battery capacity to help you know which charger to use.
  • Pay close attention to warnings – Carefully reading the warnings supplied with your vape kit is also very important to your overall safety. For example, some products warn of over-tightening the screwed connection to your rechargeable battery as this may lead to mechanical damage or heating problems.
  • Keep an eye on your device while it’s charging – If there’s one mistake that most vapers are guilty of making, then it’s leaving their batteries charging unattended. However, most high-end mods boast of cut-off point, which should enable them to stop charging when full. Unfortunately, this function fails sometimes. So to avoid overcharging your battery, ensure that you regularly check it during the charging process and never leave it charging while you’re sleeping at night.
  • Always check if your charger has the CE mark, which is an indication that it fully complies with the European Safety standards.
  • Don’t modify your e-cigarette and only use replacement parts approved by the manufacturer.
  • Always protect your e-cigarette from extreme temperatures.
  • Don’t keep loose e-cigarette cells in your pocket – Although this point is not related to charging, it’s still worth considering. That said, you shouldn’t keep your batteries in the pocket, especially next to your coins or keys as they’re likely to cause a fire.

Generally, most vapers use e-cigarettes as a smart alternative to those harmful traditional cigarettes. Some have also admitted that they vape to quit smoking entirely. While these are undoubtedly great benefits, there are some concerns which have been raised regarding the possible dangers of e-cigarettes. Some researchers feel that chemicals contained in vapes such as the addictive nicotine may result in dangerous health problems such as raised blood pressure, eventually leading to a heart attack.

However, the truth of the matter is that vaping is safer than traditional smoking. This has been confirmed by the Public Health England who conducted an independent evidence review in 2015. The result was that the e-cigs are at least 95% safer than smoking. But, health implications aside, vapes come with other dangers as we’ve seen in this post. Apart from faulty vape batteries, there have been incidents where faulty vape chargers have exploded while in use, leading to fires and even injuries. All in all, it’s imperative that you follow the correct charging procedure to avoid any unwanted scenarios.

So if you’ve recently purchased your Smok or Innokin starter kit from Argos, I advise you to return it as soon as you can and get your refund. This will not only ensure that you get your money back but protect the lives and properties of both your family and neighbors as well.

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