Smok Alien 220W Kit Review

Smok Alien 220W Kit

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Dimensions: 85mm x 30mm x 44mm

Battery: Dual 18650

E-liquid Capacity: 3 ml

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Health experts have recommended vaping as opposed to smoking for any staunch puffer. What more can vapers ask for than the Smok Alien 220W ultra-modern vaping kit? You are missing out a lot if you haven’t tried it yet. But what is it that makes this kit so special?

Well, clearly, the name Alien itself is reminiscence of how much thought the makers of this renowned mod put across, and the effort to distinguish it from its predecessors.

True to the hype and acclaim among vapers, the Smok Alien considerably does away with the jumble associated with other mods. Almost one year after its launch, this kit has not only elicited positive reviews but has also stayed at the top of the global rankings for vaping kits despite inception of rivalry mods.



Smok Alien 220W Kit

Maximum Output:
Resistance Range:
0.6 – 3 ohms for TC mode and 0.1 – 3.0 ohms for VW mode
Voltage Range:
Temperature Range:
Coil Type :
Smok V8 Baby Q2 0.4 ohm dual coil (installed) and V8 baby T8 0.15 ohm octuple coil
Silver, Orange, Gold, Red, Gun Metal, Blue, White Red
510 Connection
Stainless Steel

Smoke Alien 220W Specs

– Size and Dimensions: 44mm by 30mm by 85mm (extremely portable).

– Voltage: 0.35-8 volts.

– Smok Alien battery monitor (notifies user in case of an overheating or a dysfunctional battery).

– Resistance variations: 0.1-0.3 ohms and 0.06-3.0 ohms in VW and TC ranges respectively.

– Wattage range: 6-220 watts.

– Temperature range: 100-315 degrees Celsius.

– A unique memory mode that allows up-to 22 different stored settings.

Why Is It so Unique?

No other vaping kit combines flexibility with customizability that allows you to gauge how much you vape. Its special calibration is utterly top-notch. It has standardized its firing bar (lateral) and incorporated a user interface that’s distinguishably friendly. The user experience was clearly prioritized when coming up with this alien mod and the real-time display of stats gives it an edge over other kits. Let’s delve into its exclusive features, shall we?

Smok Alien 220W Kit Why Is It so Unique

The Smok Alien 220W Tank

Also known as the TFV8 Tank, it has precision-based airflow control for both flavor and cloud chasers.

Featuring the 5mL juice reservoir, it quashes the risks of ever running onto dry hits when vaping which can be achieved even when raising the wattage beyond the recommended level printed on its inside. The tank may get hot from chain hits but this can be comfortably handled by the Delrin drip tip which effectively cools the tank lips every now and then.

The Smok Alien 220W Mod

The body of the Smok Alien 220W Mod feels sturdy whenever you hold it, like it was meant to be. It carries two compact 18650 batteries, although it genuinely feels much more portable and smaller too. Adding another battery has given it a worthy and appreciable battery life, much to the users’ joy.

The solid construction of the stripped body has emerged as an intelligent bait to capture the awe of the user from the onset. The maroon and black combination gives it a guise of pure power and fineness. And Oh, did I mention that the firing bar is easy to be accustomed to and tends to work as a charm? Of course, it does!

However, on the downside, the 220 max power output plays into the mod’s detriment. It pretty much eats up the e-liquid far too quickly.

Smok Alien 220W Kit Mod

The User Interface

The makers of Smok Alien knew that a relatively large LCD display would cap off the mod’s impressive features. The screen is bright, and bright means unperturbed view of selection toggles. One can easily know the time differences between each puff coupled with the display of voltage, watts, ohms and modes.

The selection screen pops up with three quick-fire click of its firing bar, which additionally, gives you flexibility to view the internal PCB board in real-time. The screen is effectively distributed over a number of panes in menu methodology which can be accessed by swiping. Here are the contents of the pop-up menus:

– Mode

It allows you to have access to three different modes in Temperature, Wattage and Memory. Sounds convenient, right? You can do so by concurrently pressing the left control bar and the fire bar. There you have it! Your three mode choices can then be toggled through further.

– Temperature

It allows you to control the number of watts that is comfortable for you. All you need to do is choose the type of coil material that suits you. They vary from Titanium, Nickel to Stainless. This can be option when you don’t want to use the Preheat menu (will be discussed in a bit).

– Wattage

This mode underlines the uniqueness of this particular kit. Users can toggle through either Soft, Normal or Hard preheat settings options. To do so, simultaneously press the right control button and the fire bar to reach the menu of preheat.

Delving further, Soft preheat option enables you to conserve the much-needed power by breaking into the fresh coil head while the Hard option quips the lower-Ohm with some much needed turbo-boost. Additionally, the Normal option is convenient for standard wattage requirements and outage.

– Puffs

The interesting bit about this display screen is that you can view the number of puffs you’ve taken. It also harbors the ability to limit the number of puffs one can take within a particular timeframe, although it doesn’t like much fun!

– Setting

This is the prefect control board for users who want to achieve maximum performance with the least of worries. Stealth mode enables you adjust how long you’d want the screen to stay on.

On the other hand, the contrast option enables you to manually change the Initial Ohms as indicted by the atomizer. Lastly, the Auto-Lock keeps your device in lock-mode when not in use. This enables it substantially save on power.

– Power

The last menu speaks for itself. When you want to shut down this mod, always select Off and press the fire bar. In hindsight, this last display pane also enables you to go back to Main Screens by hard-pressing it’s fire button in a period of (two seconds at most).

Updating Your Smok Alien

No one wants to have content that is no longer useful. You’ve got to ensure that your Smok Alien doesn’t run obsolete. A bunch of YouTube videos have been known to offer step-by-step solutions whenever an update is needed but such tutorials are sometimes ambiguous, lengthy and tedious.

However, it is important to note that whenever you are updating your kit, hard press your fire button throughout the whole process. Here’s a quick gate away to save you that click and time:

– Ensure you know the kind of version that your mod belongs to (either version A or version B). You’ll know this whenever you are turning your mod off or even on. If it displays V1.x.x which then it certainly belongs to version A while if it shows VB.x.x, an update that’s for the version B is required.

– Download appropriate versions for your firmware in compressed format on your computer. Extract the executables in a folder. Double clicking your mouse enables you to choose the location for your decompressed files, favorably extract them on your desktop.

– An executable file called NuMicro ISP Programming Tool should then be run.

– Remove your Alien batteries and connect your mod to the computer using a transfer-enabled USB cable of the same cable that was purchased alongside the mod).

– Once you’ve connected your mod, click the connect button in the software which should show connected with a green background.

– The box labelled Config 1:0x should show 00013000. If it fails to display the figure, re-download the software and try once more.

– On the bottom of your screen, that is above or on the status bar, select the Erase All option found under the drop-down Program menu. Then Click the start and wait for the software to erase the firmware that previously run the mod. Once successfully completed, the word PASS will show in green on bottom or below the window.

– After removing your previous firmware, click the APROM buttons that is under Load files while making sure each of the folders where you extracted your files at is still selected. Then carefully click on the bin file contained in the BIN files in lower right side of your screen and chose the “hex” file from the drop-down menu of Intel Hex Files. Once you’ve clicked on the “hex” file, select open.

– Just then above status bar, click on the Program Menu and then select APROM. Hit the stationed start button to enable your new firmware to be installed on your mod.

– At the end of the process, it should show PASS in green which indicates success and you can now comfortably toggle through your up-to-date Alien.

Smok Alien 220W Kit Update Smok Alien

Does Smok Alien Fit the Best Starter Pack Tag?

Well, we’ve dug through this impressive kit and it is no less than an impressive state-of-the art Smok Alien mod that leaves its market rivals on their laurels. The fact that we are still reviewing a product which was launched months ago lays testimony to how it perfectly suits the customers, particularly in the ergonomics sense.

Clearly, the name Alien itself is reminiscence of how much thought the makers of this renowned mod put across, and the effort to distinguish it from its predecessors.

Its 18650 dual battery with its consistent and excellent performance beats other kits hands-down. Even those with three, four and five battery mods cannot simply compare with Smok Alien. In a short, any vaping fan wouldn’t do without the Smok Alien kit. Sleek and customizable as it is, it enviably draws attention to newbies in vaping. It simply cannot do any wrong.

If you are careless, Smok Alien 220W starter kit has got you covered with two rubber bands to protect the tank even after a fall. The handy and comprehensive manual that accompanies the kit helps the user to take good care of the device, and especially recommends on how to achieve proper and safe battery usage.

Deciding on which color of preference to pick may be the only difficult decision you may need to make as far as the super Smok Alien 220W is concerned!

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