Sigelei Fuchai 213 Plus Box Mod Review

Fuchai 213
Sigelei Fuchai 213 Plus Box Mod

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Size: 88×44×29mm

Battery: Dual 18650

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Remember the original Fuchai 213 from Sigelei? Well, I personally enjoyed the Fuchai 213 despite the several concerns raised by most vapers. There were temperature control glitches, problems with the display screen, and misfiring issues. For this reason, Sigelei had to go back to the drawing board and immediately came back with the Fuchai 213 Plus. So does it come with some improvements? Let’s find out!



Sigelei Fuchai 213 Plus Box Mod

Wattage Ouput Range:
Voltage Output Range:
Output Max Current:
Main Material:
Zinc Alloy
POWER  SS  Ti  Ni200  TCR  TFR
Resistance range:
Coil supporting:
510 thread

Package Contents

The Fuchai 213 Plus is packed in a fairly basic box that features the mod itself, a USB charging cable, a silicon sleeve cover, a warranty card, and a fold-out manual. The name of the mod is clearly written on the box’s front with some basic specs written at the back. So if you have your e-juice and atomizer ready, you should be in a position to start vaping right away.


In terms of looks, the Fuchai 213 Plus is pretty much similar to the 213. The design is as beautiful as heaven! That aside, the 213 Plus comes in four distinct colors, which are: Blue, Orange, Gun Metal, and Black. Also, the battery door hinge is sturdily constructed compared to the previous models.

Additionally, the 510 threading is smooth and fits well with everything. It’s gold plated and spring-loaded. Therefore, you won’t get any connectivity issues. Overall, the design is relatively straightforward, but the most important thing is that it gets the job done. A pretty cool device!

The Buttons

You’ll get two adjustment buttons on this box mod, and they are located right above the OLED screen. They are positioned in such a way that you’re comfortable to push them down. As for the fire button, it’s rectangular and pushes down quickly. These buttons are rattle-free and provide a satisfying click to give you some feedback when pushed down. All in all, I don’t find any creeks or issues with the button quality of this Fuchai 213 box mod.

The TC Mode

You’ll get Temperature Control vaping with titanium, nickel, and stainless steel coils. The temperatures range between 200 and 570°F/100 and 300°C. In addition to that, you’ll get an adjustable TCR mode to enable you to set your preferred TC operation.

Moreover, you can save up to 5 custom TCRs with the TCR mode and get another 5 memory spots for storing vital information about different temperature performance when using the TFR mode. Overall, I find nothing to complain about with the TC mode since it efficiently handles everything it needs to do.

The Color OLED Screen

The colorful OLED screen is undeniably the nicest and most improved feature of the 213 Plus. This screen displays your settings and any other vital information about your dual 18650 batteries and coil. If you’ve used their previous versions, you’ll definitely realize the big difference in this case. Furthermore, this multi-colored screen measures 0.91”, which puts it ahead of most screen displays found in several high-end vape mods in the market.

At the top-left of the screen, you’ll find your main setting with the firing voltage, coil resistance, and the current draw indicated in the middle column. You can check the voltage of your two batteries at the right column. The battery level display is shown on the right-hand side while you’ll get a puff counter display at the bottom left. All said and done, the menu of this color screen is easy to navigate and read.

Sigelei Fuchai 213 Plus Box Mod Color OLED Screen

Battery Compartment

The battery compartment is located at the bottom of the unit. It’s easy to open as you just have to pull the cover directly outwards. On the inside, you’ll get gold plated contacts that are clearly labeled with the “+” and “-” signs. After fitting in your two 18650 batteries, you can close the battery door by simply swinging it back and then proceed to push it horizontally inwards. All said and done, the door is sturdy enough and will stay firmly in place once locked.


When it comes to performance, this 213W vape mode has got it all (almost). It’s responsive and hard-hitting thanks to the two 18650 batteries that deliver enough power to your coil. Also, it performs admirably across the wattage range. But of course, the flavor and vapor production will hugely depend on your atomizers.

So the Fuchai 213 Plus is also a portable box mod, which is a major plus for most on the go vapers. It’s compact and can be carried around in the pocket pretty easily. In short, this mod is excellent for vaping away from home thanks to its sweet blend of compact size and extended battery life.

Pros and Cons


  • Excellent performance – It works well, especially with the TC and VW modes, which should excite most seasoned vapers.
  • Bright Display – The colored OLED screen is certainly a joy to look at and displays all the vaping information you need.
  • Excellent ergonomics – Feels very comfortable in hand even though it’s a dual 18650 box mod.
  • Nice battery lock cover


  • Misfires – I experienced occasional misfires, but it doesn’t happen that often.
  • The 510 pin leaks e-juice – Although it might seem like a minor issue, this might cause havoc in the future.

Final Thoughts

The Sigelei Fuchai 213 Plus works as expected. It’s evident that the manufacturer learned from their mistakes with the Fuchai 213. The TC is very responsive while the color OLED display is another significant improvement from the original 213. And yes, the overall design is excellent with lots of nice features. Just don’t forget to use the right atomizer and settings for your chosen TC coil. All in all, I would highly recommend this box mod to anyone looking for a sleek styled box mod with a ton of power.

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