RDA Vape – All You Need to Know

RDA Vapes - All You Need to Know

Once you become an experienced vaper, new possibilities start to open up. You’ll begin to notice that some vaping components are becoming extremely critical to your vaping experience. However, finding the right equipment to boost your experience is a different ballgame altogether. For instance, you’ll need to figure out whether you need to use a vape tank or an RDA. So if you’re planning to use an RDA vape, then this article is for you.

What Is an RDA?

An RDA (rebuildable dripping atomizer), just as the name implies, is a rebuildable atomizer head that drips vape juice directly on its wicks and coils. Typically, an RDA vape comes with a build deck located at the atomizer’s bottom, where the coil is placed. While you’ll find wick holes and tank sections in RTAs and RDTAs, RDAs are fitted with a juice well for holding your e-juice and is located at the build deck’s bottom. In addition to that, the wick tail is also placed into the liquid well. You should, however, keep in mind that juice wells have smaller capacities compared to vape tanks. So, you’ll be required to refill from time to time to prevent those dreaded dry hits.

Also, an RDA doesn’t come with a chimney section like an RTA or a sub ohm tank. Instead, an RDA features a top cap placed at the build deck’s top to help channel the produced vapor to the drip tip. But one thing that I like about RDAs is that you can easily adjust the airflow to fit your vaping style.

Types of RDAs

High wattage mods can indeed come in handy if you want to improve your vaping experience. Anything in the range of 200W or above can help you get perfect cloud experience.

Moreover, since most of these mods have a significant battery life, you can use your vaping stick consistently which is an advantage. The mods can help you use your vaping stick throughout the day without needing another charge. That is why they can indeed improve your vaping experience significantly.

What Is the Wattage You Should Go for?

RDA Vapes - All You Need to Know

Typically, RDAs vary in both styles and sizes. The size can range from 14mm in diameter to 40mm or even more. However, the most common diameters you’ll get are 22mm and 24mm. Also, the build deck might accommodate up to 8 coils, although most of them are single or dual-coil designed.

Moreover, many RDAs work well with both vertical and horizontal coil builds. The airflow might be suitable for both direct to lung (DTL) and mouth to lung (MTL) vaping styles. As for the build decks, we have seen plenty of innovations, with post-less and drop-down build decks becoming even more popular. You can get RDAs with different metal constructions and colors.

It doesn’t stop there, though, with most RDAs coming with optional hollow positive pins for compatibility with bottom feeding mods, also known as squonkers. A squonk mod is fitted with a plastic e-juice bottle that you’ll squeeze to channel the juice to the BF (bottom-fed) atomizer. In fact, squonks have risen in popularity recently, with most vapers preferring squonk mods.

Advantages of RDAs

Great flavor and vapor – Generally, an RDA vape boasts of thick clouds with an excellent taste. In this case, vapor travels for a short distance with no obstructions whatsoever apart from the drip tip, hence the maximized flavor.

Flexibility – RDAs will allow you to try different juices quickly because you can try out a few drops and decide whether you want to keep your bottle or not. You won’t have to worry about dry wicks anymore because you can always drip on your cotton and try out new juices.

Easy to wick – RDAs don’t come with wick channels, so they don’t require careful wick tail balancing between dry hits and flooding. Furthermore, RDAs only need a quick rinse off to be ready for re-wicking since they don’t come with those tiny and delicate parts like rebuildables. You should, however, ensure that your wick fits perfectly inside the coil with a bit of space for the best experience.

RDAs, RTAs, and RDTAs Difference

The first thing you should know is that all of these atomizers are classified as RBAs (ReBuildable Atomizers). The RBA usually comes with a connection pin, body, base, drip tip, and top cap. They also have a deck containing one or more coil head and of course, a wicking material.

But as I have been saying here, all these atomizers have different features that distinguish them from the other. Let’s take a clear look at each one of them to find out what are the differences:


RDA Vapes - All You Need to Know

An RDA atomizer comes with a connector pin, body, base, drip tip, and top cap. You can also call it a dripper since it doesn’t store e-liquid. But as we’ve mentioned earlier, you’ll get a juice well for holding some juice, but it will get dripped and saturated after only a few hits.

As for refilling your RDA vape, you’ll need to saturate the wicks by dripping them through the drip tip and into the little juice well. Alternatively, you can remove the top cap and then paint the coils and wicks to saturate accordingly. Wet the wicks with your juice and then proceed to enjoy the great clouds and flavor produced. And yes, quality flavor and vapor production is the main reason why most serious vapers have a soft spot for RDAs.


Unlike RDAs which don’t have tanks, RTAs usually come with an e-liquid tank made of glass/Perspex and has a specific juice capacity. The build deck is also placed inside the tank with the coil head being surrounded by e-liquid. Furthermore, the RTA’s design is mainly determined by the coil head, which connects to the chimney. In short, RTAs will give you more juice capacity for more extended vaping experience, but with smaller build decks. RTAs can be found in starter kits which are great for beginners.


RDTAs are rebuildable dripper tank atomizers, which boast of features found in both RDAs and RTAs. I personally advocate for RDAs because of the high-quality flavor and vapor production. However, RDTAs should be your next choice. In most cases, you can confuse an RDTA with a dripper. But RDTAs usually are extended at the base and comes with a tank. Here, you won’t only get a large build deck but also a tank for holding your e-juice and saturating the wicks from below. It goes without saying that RDTA vapes are very flexible, much to the liking of most on-the-go vapers.

Combo Atomizers

A combo atomizer, just as the name suggest, it is an atomizer hybrid that allows vapers to change from one rebuildable to the other. In most cases, you’ll find an RDA/RDTA combo that will enable you to remove the tank section and convert the RDA into an RDTA without the tank. This feature undoubtedly makes them the most flexible atomizers you can get.

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