Puffco Peak Dab Rig Review-First Smart E-Dab Rig

Puffco Peak
Puffco Peak

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Size:83.5 x 34 x 40 mm

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The vape industry offers a wide range of products to spice up your experiences. If you have used vape pens, pods, and mods, you can also utilize dab rigs for a change. They provide enormous clouds and release the full potency of cannabis concentrates. There is a variety of rig brands to consider purchasing. For that reason, it is crucial that you carefully choose the product you need. Have you come across the Puffco Peak dab rig and uncertain if it is worth using? You are reading the right article. It is an innovative, modern item that offers excellent flavor and puffs. Continue reading to find out more about it.



Puffco Peak Dab Rig

Heat-Up Time:
20 seconds
2 hours
aro 30 dabs per single battery charge

Package Contents

Included in the Puffco Peak Dab Rig Device you will find:

  • Puffco Peak rig
  • Loading tool
  • An additional ceramic bowl
  • A tether
  • Cleaning swabs
  • Carb cap
  • A supercharger and USB cable
  • A carry case

Puffco Peak-Package

Construction of Puffco Peak

Puffco Peak is a stylish dab rig available in several colors, including black and blue shades. It takes a cone shape and consists of a removable ceramic bowl for more natural and hand-blown glass. The manufacturer provides an extra ceramic bowl for replacement in case of damage. Its silicon base fosters stability for safety and durability reasons. The bottom is also rugged for extra longevity. Besides, the borosilicate glass is heat resistant and does not crack easily, thus preventing accidents. Peak’s ceramic wax and water bubbler are integrated to boost convenience.

The vaporizer uses a water filtration mechanism featuring a water pipe to ensure you get the rich flavor and massive clouds. Its haptic feedback feature adds to the efficiency of the device to give you smooth, enjoyable vaping experiences. Besides, its average heat-up period is 20-seconds, which is a short while. You do not have to wait for minutes to start vaping.

Puffco Peak has a front button, which you click twice to start the heating process.

Puffco Peak-Constructions

Flavor And Cloud Production

Apart from the temperature settings, other features of the Puffco Peak contribute to the flavor and clouds it provides. For instance, the rig utilizes a high-quality water filtration system to offer you enormous clouds. Besides, the ceramic bowl also fosters high vapor production while the ceramic cap ensures the even heating of your concentrates to bar them from combusting. The item preserves vapor strength to ensure you get the best puffs when vaping.

Smart Temperature Modes

Puffco Peak has an intelligent temperature adjustment functionality that changes heat times in case the ceramic bowl is still hot. That way, you get to enjoy more consistent vaping. The device also has a sesh mode, which increases the rate of hating for a 15-second vaping period. If you need to use this setting, double click the front button during a low vapor production session and enjoy it.

Regarding the temperature settings, you have four options. The low mode works at 450F, heats up in 20 seconds, but provides a small load. If you need a better load, go for the medium temperature setting. It operates at 500F and heats up in 20 seconds. The higher heating mode still works with 500F but takes 25seconds to warm up. The highest setting to use heats up at 600F in 25 seconds to provide massive clouds and exquisite flavors.

You can shift from one temperature setting to another by pressing the front button once. With such temperature adjustability, this product suits beginners and pros as well. If you are new to the device, start with the low-temperature mode before advancing to the higher settings.

Puffco Peak-Temperature Mode


Puffco Peak utilizes a battery that lasts, even though it takes 2 hours to charge fully. A single charge allows you to take 30 dabs before recharging. The product comes with a supercharger and a USB cable for charging. It also has an LED band that lights as a heat cycle and battery indicator. However, the haptic feedback allows precise timing for great hits.

The manufacturer provides you with the necessary set up tools for easier and faster installation. You also get a free carry case for safely storing and moving around with the rig. You can carry it in your backpack or handbag without worrying about damage while on the go.

How to Use Puffco Peak

Below are the steps on how to use the Puffco Peak dab rig.

  • First, remove the glass bubbler and fill it with water to reach right above the air slots.
  • Second, install the bubbler to the bottom of the rig and press down the power button for three seconds to power the device.
  • Next, click the front power button to select a suitable temperature mode.
  • After that, lightly apply your wax concentrate at the bottom of the ceramic cup and cover it using the provided carb cap.
  • To start the heating process, double press the front button.
  • You can now begin vaping by inhaling from the water bubbler.

Puffco Peak-how to use

Pros and Cons


  • Has a simple, stylish design
  • One button performs multiple functions.
  • Has smart temperature mode
  • Compact and easy to grip
  • Durable, sturdy, high-quality
  • Efficient, convenient, potent
  • Allows single hand usage
  • Requires little maintenance
  • Provides clean, smooth, and intense vapor


  • The 2-hour charging time is quite long.
  • Offers few color options

Final Words

Puffco Peak Dab Rig is a product worth using. It offers users beautiful experiences filled with flavorful puffs and massive clouds. It is great for both novices and pros, considering the adjustable temperature settings. Besides, its self-adjusting temperature adds to the efficiency of the vaporizer. Use it for vaping cannabis concentrates. It has an excellent grip, a stable base, and a heat-resistant glass, which fosters durability. Spend the money for a rig that will serve you for a while before having to buy another one.

It comes with an LED indicator to keep you updated on the battery life and heat cycle. With a single battery charge, you get 30-dabs. Besides, on average, this device takes 20-seconds to heat up, which is a fast rate compared to other vape gadgets. Enjoy the haptic feedback system that ensures accurate timing for great throat hits. You only need one button to operate the rig where you initiate heating and change temperature settings. There are no multiple buttons to confuse you. Despite the cell charge time being a bit long, Puffco Peak is a dab rig to consider purchasing.

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