PAX Era Review-First Pod System for THC Concentrates


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Size:84  x 18.3  x 10.25  mm

Battery: Built-in 240mAh

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Favored for its ultra-portable design, the PAX Era is a liquid concentrate vaporizer which focuses on very discrete use. Don’t be fooled by the simplistic and small appearance – even though it’s only 3 inches in size and light as a feather, this thing can pack quite a punch.

The flavor variations with this device are limitless. PAX Era uses pods that come pre-filled with liquid, and new options are continually being released. If you’re looking for low maintenance, highly efficient vaporizer, it seems like it doesn’t get much better than the PAX Era. Now, let’s go into the details and see if this device can live up to the expectations.




0.5g concentrate e-liquid
300 -500 puffs
Temperature Control:
In-App Temperature Control
Pod System:

Package Contents

Included in the PAX Era Device you will find:

  •  Pax Era Device Battery
  •  Micro-USB Charger

Pax Era Package


Unboxing this kit is a pretty underwhelming experience, but that’s to be expected due to its simplicity. The box itself is nothing to marvel at, and inside is the unit alongside a micro USB charging cable. There are no additional pods or cartridges included. For beginners, this is quite suitable.

PAX Era has a minimalistic, sleek design that shines in its all-black coloring. It’s very subtle as there are no buttons or any additional features to interfere with the clean look (except four LED lights). At one side is a large opening for liquid-filled pods, and the opposite of it is the micro USB port for charging. The shell is made out of sturdy, anodized aluminum, so it’s going to be relatively resistant to scratches and light drops.

Due to its width, which is equal to that of roughly two cigarettes and almost no weight at all, this device can be carried anywhere with ease. At the length of only 3 inches, it’s going to fit any pocket. It’s pretty impressive that they even managed to make it Bluetooth compatible at this size.



Contrary to its size, the PAX Era hits like a truck. It’s very convenient to use since there’s no heat-up time – it can be vaped instantly. The two wicks provide an extremely smooth and dense vapor while bringing out the true potential of each flavor. There is no chemical aftertaste that so many vaporizers struggle. The maximum efficiency is achieved through more extended, slower draws.

Different temperature options accommodate all tastes. Even on the maximum temperature setting, there are absolutely no hints of a burnt taste. The flavor is consistent throughout the whole pod, not getting weaker even when you’re near the end.

Even though there are a lot of flavor variations, it would be nice to be able to fill it with a liquid of your own choice. PAX Flavors works with a lot of different companies (over 20), so the quality might vary a bit. Still. It has one of the largest marketplaces out of all pod systems currently available.


For the average vaper, the battery is going to last approximately an hour and a half. 240mAH capacity is not going to be enough, especially for the more serious users. It is the biggest downside, but it’s justified since a larger battery would make the device a lot heavier and less portable. On the upside, it can be recharged anywhere as long as you have access to an outlet, and it’s going to take around 45 minutes.

The amount of puffs that this battery can provide varies from user to user. Longer draws will eat through the battery more quickly than the smaller ones. It’s going to fluctuate between 150-350 puffs. Furthermore, the temperature settings also play a large part in battery life. Unsurprisingly, the higher the temperature, the quicker it’s going to empty. However, since pods themselves are vaped through reasonably quickly, small battery life usually won’t present such a big issue.

PAX Era Battery

How to Use

Although it has no buttons, the device can be interacted with through simple gestures. Tapping it against your hand will turn it on or off. To check the current temperature or battery level, give it a quick shake. The color of the LED’s represent the temperature as follows:

  • One green petal – low temperature
  • Two yellow petals – between small and medium
  • Three orange petals – between medium and high
  • Four red petals – high temperature

Other than this, there are no other ways to interact with the device itself. Changing the temperature is done through an app that has many useful features.

The app is entirely free and available for both Android and iOS. Connecting it to your PAX Era is as simple as shaking the device and pairing it with the phone. Even if you’re a novice user, the app’s interface is straightforward and self-explanatory. Customization options are very satisfying. There is a custom slider where you can precisely set the temperature exactly how you want it, without having to use the four presets.

If you want to make your device even more discreet, there’s a brightness controller where you can modify how shiny the LED indicators are. With the brightness turned down, no one will be able to tell that what you’re holding is a vaporizer. Also, you can tone down the haptic feedback (vibration) strength, as well as customize the gesture control options.

The device can be locked remotely through the app to prevent someone from using your unit while you’re away.

Pros and Cons


  • Very lightweight and portable
  • Ready to be used instantly
  • A lot of customization with the app
  • Incredible vapor and flavor quality
  • Extremely easy to use
  • Surprisingly low price – $29.99
  • Zero maintenance required


  • Battery size is tiny and short-lasting
  • Pods themselves can get quite expensive
  • Limited to use with official pods – can’t be refilled
  • Various pods are only available in certain states due to THC legality

Final Words

If you’re looking for an attractive, subtle and small yet effective device, I’d say your search ends here. PAX Era has everything a pod system should have – flavor variations, a lot of personalization, and even an app. The lack of any multiple options is a nice change of pace, especially for those just entering the vaping universe. While the short battery life might be a problem to some, it’s an unavoidable trade-off for the insane portability.

PAX Vapors is continually evolving and changing the game, and this device is a statement to that.

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