Do You Need Pax Era Pods? Here Are Purchase Guide


Whether you are a beginner or a pro at vaping, researching about a product is crucial before using it. Every manufacturer will claim their products work, making it challenging to identify a good brand. If you have come across Pax Era Pods and wondering whether or not they are worth spending money on, you are reading the right article.

Pax Era provides users with button-free pods suitable for medical and recreational use. They are lightweight, sturdy, and usable with an app that lets you control temperature and play games as well. Pax works with several manufacturers to ensure you use cartridges with superior quality concentrates. The list includes Bloom Farms, Island, Jetty, Select Oil, and Nativ. These cartridges packaging marks the name Pax Era at the top of the box and the manufacturer at the bottom. Below is a review of cartridges to use with Pax Era pods.

Bloom Farms

Bloom Farm offers you oil concentrates with thrilling flavor and vaping experiences. The company provides over 15 different strains of oil blends in Pax pods to meet different user needs.


  • Additives-free
  • Made using clean CO2
  • Available in California
  • 50-80% THC
  • Provides hybrid, indica, and sativa concentrate types
  • Offers 17 strains of oil blends to choose from
Pax Era Pods

Island Cartridges

Island collaborates with Pax Era to provide you with cartridges containing all-natural concentrates. The company sources the ingredients from organic farmers to ensure you get high-quality vaping distillates for flavorful puffs. Island gives you several strain types to consider using, including Cannatonic, Blackberry OG, Lemon Wreck, and Tangie.


  • Offers four strains in regular and high intensities
  • Has 73% THC
  • Solvent-free
  • Available in California and Nevada
  • Provides CBD, Sativa, and indica types
Pax Era Pods

Jetty Gold

If you are looking for a vape cartridge brand offering high intensity concentrates, try Jetty Gold. The manufacturer uses a 3-step refinement procedure that treats vapers to clean, high strength oil in several strains. Jetty concentrate strains have different effects, so you can choose one that best fits your needs or buy all the six strains and enjoy.


  • Provides triple the clouds that standard cartridges offer
  • Available in California
  • Contains 70-90% THC
  • Offers a hybrid, indica, and sativa types
  • Strains: Do-Si-Do, Lemon Haze, Reckless Rainbow, Cookies, Sour Tangie, Northern Lights 5
Pax Era Pods

Select Oil

When you need cartridges with non-psychoactive concentrate, Select Oil provides CBD distillates that do not make you feel ‘high.’ However, the establishment also offers pods with THC content to spice up your vaping experiences. Its concentrates have a full-body effect where they decrease pain, make you relax, and enable you to calm down, for example, intense circumstances.


  • Available in all US states
  • Has 27% THC
  • Offers sativa and non-psychoactive cartridge types
  • Provides spearmint CBD, Pacific berry CBD, Mango CBD, a Harlequin 1:1 strains
Pax Era Pods


If you want a cartridge brand that offers many strains like Bloom Farms, Heylo is a worthwhile choice. It provides over 20 strains for you to utilize. Heylo is a Washington-based company that offers Pax Era pods filled with rich CO2 oil for user satisfaction. It delivers pods with high intensity and super THC percentage as high as 76.7%. Besides, it provides strains with interesting names and some and hilarious.


  • Available in Washington dispensaries
  • Uses 3.58-76-7% THC
  • Provides hybrid, indica, sativa, and CBD oil types
  • Offers Love Potion 420, Where’s My Bike, and Gorilla Glue strains among others
Pax Era Pods


When you settle for the Nativ cartridge, you will be using pure cannabis oils that give you great flavor. The brand helps with relieving pain, reducing stress, and allowing you to relax.


  • Available in California
  • Contains 17-61% THC
  • Offers CBD, hybrid, and indica concentrates
  • Provides OG, CBD 3:1 ACDC, and C-Land strains

Note that the above cartridges are available in physical stores in the mentioned states due to stipulated THC laws and restrictions. However, if you live in the state of California, you can place orders online from the following websites Cannvis, Eaze, Kushfly, and Goddess Delivers.

Pax Era Pods

Types of PAX Era Pods by Function

As mentioned earlier, Pax Era cartridges contain concentrates that cause diverse effects in your body, such as bringing relaxation, boosting creativity, relieving pain, or having you in a party mood. The distillates differ in terms of flavor, strengths, and strains. Form the review above, you already know that Pax Era pods are usable with Sativa or Indica oil, CBD, and hybrid concentrate types.

If you need to elevate your mood, try Re: Vive from Legion of Bloom with 40% THC. It energizes you, making you loosen up and have fun. The other option would be Bio Diesel from Bloom Farms with 62% THC, which helps with boredom and laziness. It gets you on your feet instead of being a couch potato, for instance.

Vaping helps reduce pain. Legion of Bloom Re: Lieve with 40% CBD and 40% THC reduces inflammation and injury pain, migraines, and menstrual cramps.

On the other hand, if you need a boost in your creative senses, you can use Bloom Farm Cherry Pie, which has euphoric effects that uplift your senses, fosters focus, and relieve stress. It contains 70% THC. Legion of Bloom’s Re: Zen gives you mental clarity and contains 40% THC.

Life can be stressful sometimes due to busy schedules and personal issues. You need to relax, and Pax Era Pods may be of great assistance. Temple BlueBerry has significant relaxing effects. After a tough day, a few puffs leave you uplifted with euphoria, and the next thing you know, you are sound asleep. This pod does not contain any THC.

If not Temple Blueberry, then use Bloom Farm’s WhiteKush. It has a pleasant herbal scent and leaves you excited, giggling, and lets you sleep peacefully without stressing about what went wrong or what you did not accomplish. It contains 62% THC.

Bloom Farm Blue Cheese can also help you relax. It relieves sore muscles and physical tension, allowing you to calm down and sleep, thus giving your body the rest it needs to face another day.

Pax Era Pods

Final Thought

You now stand a better chance of buying the right cartridge for your Pax Era pod. All the brands we have discussed are useful purchases. Depending on the strain and the concentrate type you are looking for, you can select a worthwhile cartridge to excite your vaping experiences with flavorful puffs.

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