Noisy Cricket II-25 Vape Mod by Wismec Review


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Dimensions: 25 x 48 x 87mm

Battery: Dual 18650

Adjustable Voltage: 2V-6V

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Remember the original Noisy Cricket version by Wismec and designed by JayBo? Yeah, this mechanical box mod was pretty straightforward to use and was powered by two 18650 cells in series mode. This means that you had to understand the Ohm’s law or you forget about mechanical box mods altogether.

However, its latest version, the Cricket II-25 comes with protection circuits to make your vaping safer, but you’ll still need to grasp some Ohm’s law. So, it will be better if you read this review first before jumping into the market to search for this unit.


Design and Feel

What I like about this mech mod the most is the simplistic look. It boasts of a nice satin finish, a JayBo logo on its switch, and a Wismec log on its black plate. Another thing, the Noisy Cricket II-25 fits seamlessly in hand thanks to its solid, rounded finish. One big letdown is that there’s no screen display which should add to the overall beauty of the mod.

So you’re on your own when it comes to checking the remaining battery power, resistance, or wattage. Also, keep in mind that there is no temperature control (TC) here.

Moving forward, the Cricket II comes with a small but firm fire button, which is to be operated using your index figure. If you press this button five times in quick succession, the mod will turn off or on. Each time you press it, the mod will indicate your remaining battery power using LED flashes.

It will stay lit when the percentage is between 60% and 100%, flash slowly when it’s 30-59%, flash moderately when 10-29%, and finally, frequently flush when it’s at 0-9%. I definitely don’t have any complaints about this feature, but I would have preferred a screen display, nonetheless.

In addition to that, you’ll get a small black dial on one side of the mod, which is for adjusting the voltage. However, I find it a bit hard to turn because it’s quite tight. However, if you use your thumbnail or pointer finger against the wheel, the voltage control wheel can turn relatively first. All in all, this box mod features a top-notch design that enables it to sit flush in your pocket and won’t protrude out unnecessarily.

Noisy Cricket II-25 Vape Mod Design and Feel

The 18650 Batteries

First and foremost, the noisy cricket uses dual 18650 batteries, which should make it a fan-favorite among cloud chasers. Also, installing the batteries is very simple, thanks to the battery lid that slides across. After opening, you can then proceed to install your battery, but make sure that the positive end goes in first.

Finally, you can charge the batteries by taking them out of the mod and then use your external charger. I find the exclusion of Micro USB charging port to be a big disappointment from Wismec since you can’t use a USB cable to charge the mod or upgrade the firmware. But at the end of the day, experts claim that this is the safest way to charge your 18650 batteries.

The 510 Connector

You’ll get a 510 pin at the device’s top that looks like brass and is spring-loaded. I didn’t find any problems using it as my atomizers sat straight and flush. In fact, it will take up your 25mm coil head like a champ. All in all, you won’t find any issues with the 510 connector.

Parallel vs. Series Mode

This noisy cricket vape mod can be used in either parallel or series mode. Either way, you’ll start by inserting your 18650 cells with the “+” end first as we’ve mentioned earlier. The negative end will then make contact with the battery lid.

To switch between the parallel and series mode, you’ll have to flip around the battery plate located inside the battery lid. If you see two Ps, it means you’re operating in parallel mode and vice- versa if you see two Ss. However, I like the series connection where the two batteries’ polarities face opposite direction because it offers a complete power cycle.


There isn’t much to say when it comes to the performance of this mech mod except that it holds its own. It delivers what is expected and keeps the operations relatively simple. I used the Pharaoh Dripper tank, which sat flash with this mod despite being 25mm. In short, the performance is up there with some of the best mech mods out there in the market.

With the parallel mode, you can run this device in low ohm builds, which should help you improve your battery life. On the other hand, you can play around with several coil builds with higher ohms. In this case, you’d better be ready to blow away some thick clouds! This mod will let you change according to your preference.

Noisy Cricket II-25 Vape Mod Performance

Pros and Cons


  • Solid construction and feel good factor in hand
  • Perfect firing switch that is easy to unscrew
  • No battery rattle
  • Unbelievable price tag for an authentic mod
  • Versatile mod
  • Enough power for huge clouds production


  • No screen display for displaying vaping information
  • No temperature control
  • Lousy finish
  • No USB charging/upgrading port
  • Some e-juice build-up around the hybrid connector


Overall, this mech mod performs as expected, and its build makes me feel that this mod is the pickup truck of the vaping world. The few cons about this mod were expected, though, but if you consider its price tag of around $30, I find it to be a good value for the money.

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