Nature’s Script CBD Vape Juice Review

Nature's Script CBD Vape Juice
Nature's Script CBD Vape Juice

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Bottle Size: 15.5 mL and 60 mL

CBD Strength: 75 mg, 300 mg and 1000 mg

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Even though it’s one of the lesser-known companies, Nature’s Script shares the same goal with many of its larger competitors. As you probably guessed by its name, the main focus is placed on using only 100% natural ingredients.

The hemp they extract the CBD from is allegedly grown on strictly regulated eco-friendly farms without any genetic modification. They control the whole manufacturing process in-house from their headquarters in Florida.

Lab results have become a prerequisite before using any company’s CBD products. They are easily accessible through the “Lab Tests” button on the website’s homepage. All of the products, including raw CBD, are tested for cannabinoid, pesticide, heavy metal and residual content.

The packaging includes a scannable QR code as well as the batch number so you can quickly check the results by yourself. They sell 10+ different CBD products, from e-liquids and gummies to the more unusual ones – relaxation shots, capsules and pain rubs.



Nature's Script CBD Vape Juice

1.25 × 1.25 × 5 in
3.2 oz
Vape Flavor:
Blueberry Jam, Fresh Mango, Juicy Watermelon
VG/PG Ratio:
Vape Concentration:
75mg (16.5 ml), 300mg (60 ml), 1000mg (60 ml)

Nature's Script CBD Vape Juice's Characteristics

It seems like Nature’s Script CBD Vape Juice focuses more on the quality than quantity of this product lineup – there are only three flavors available. All of them are based on a different yet specific type of fruit without any ambitious combinations or innovative aromas.

However, this isn’t necessarily a bad thing. It means they had time to put in the effort in perfecting each type of fruit to make you feel as if you’re eating it. The flavors are Fresh Mango, Blueberry Jam and Juicy Watermelon.

The bottles have a fairly minimalist design – you would never guess that they contain vape juice. They have an elongated shape with a needlepoint tip for easy refills. There’s no decoration whatsoever on the bottle, except for a sticker that wraps around the whole width and contains some basic information to help differentiate between the tastes.

Each flavor has 3 strength options – 75mg, 300mg and 1000mg. That’s quite a big gap between the CBD content – it seems like they wanted to accommodate both first-time users and the more advanced ones. The prices are $14.99, $49.99 and $99.99 respectively.

It’s a very affordable product, especially when you consider in the fact that the 300mg and 1000mg options come in 60ml bottles – double the size of the industry’s standard 30ml. The only exception is the 75mg option that has the capacity of 16.5ml.

Fresh Mango: Tropical Joy

As soon as you take a draw from your device, it’s going to be apparent how much effort went into perfecting this flavor. The Fresh Mango hits you immediately, filling your mouth and lungs with well-known tropical goodness that’s going to make your mouth water.

Yes, there are a lot of mango-based flavors from different companies, but I’d argue that none get even half as close to capturing its true essence as Nature’s Script did.

Even as you hold it in and exhale, the vapor remains true to its first impression with absolutely no chemical aftertaste or even a hint that it’s a CBD product. It truly feels like a cold glass of freshly squeezed mango juice.

The sweetness often gets quite overwhelming, especially with fruit-based flavors, in an attempt to conceal the bitter taste of cannabidiol. This is not the case here, as they even managed to balance that out with success. It’s clear that the manufacturers paid attention to everything, which makes this a must-try.

Nature's Script CBD Vape Juice Fresh Mango

Blueberry Jam: True Berry Essence

Rich in antioxidants and irreplaceable addition to cakes and pies – the blueberry of Nature’s Script CBD Vape Juice has a particular taste. At first glance, the Blueberry Jam might seem like a flavor that’s more suitable for the dessert lovers. Surprisingly though, it still keeps the pure fruit taste that doesn’t get too candy-like.

It produces an excellent vape that represents the combination of the mildly acidic flavor diluted by the trademark sweetness of the blueberry fruit. Using it with an RDA atomizer is going to be optimal, especially for these flavorful juices.

The flavor name is a bit misleading though since the blueberry jam is much sweeter and has a noticeably refined taste. This liquid captures the true essence of blueberry, which I think is miles better than what they seemingly aimed for with that name.

The company went above and beyond to replicate all the characteristics perfectly. Nevertheless, it’s a satisfying experience that can even be mixed with some raspberry/strawberry e-liquid to amplify the overall taste.

Nature's Script CBD Vape Juice Blueberry Jam

Juicy Watermelon: Summertime Bliss

If you wish to enjoy a sweet, fresh watermelon regardless of the season, the Juicy Watermelon flavor allows you to do just that. As with the two former liquids, this one also has just enough sugar to express the full ripeness of the watermelon completely.

The vape is crisp and emphasizes strong taste, being very fruit-forward on the inhale. As you hold it in, it increases in creaminess and settles down when you exhale. It resembles the overall experience of a watermelon taffy, with slightly less focus on the candy taste.

Nothing can replace the refreshing relief that a ripe watermelon provides, especially in the summer. Still, this is as close as you can get while reaping a multitude of health benefits that CBD offers. You’ll find it easy to vape this flavor all day long if you so wish since it just keeps on giving the longer you use it.

Nature's Script CBD Vape Juice Juicy Watermelon


The company also gives eligibility for a 15% lifetime discount to senior citizens, veterans and first responders. There are also regular promotions and discount codes posted on Nature’s Script social media accounts.

The lab results are an excellent transparency addition and the 99%+ CBD, 0% THC amount makes them seem like a promising, trustworthy company.

Even though there are only a few flavor options, they are so well done that it’s almost impossible to point out a flaw. It’s become a common occurrence where companies focus on dishing out as many mediocre tastes as possible in an attempt to grab as much money in a short amount of time.

Nature’s Script chose the right path and realized that the quantity only attracts customers, whereas quality makes them stay with the company. As long as they continue pushing forward with this mindset, there’s no doubt in my mind that they’ll establish a spot as one of the top manufacturers in the CBD industry.

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