Myblu E-cig Starter Kit Review-Pod Kit You Don’t Want Miss

Myblu E-cig Starter Kit
Myblu E-cig Starter Kit

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Size:106  x 18  mm

Battery: Built-in 350mAh

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As a vaping novice, you need a simple, easy to operate vaporizer that gives you a smooth time drawing the clouds and having fun. Whether you are vaping for medical or recreational reasons, the market has a wide range of pods to consider using. They come in different sizes, designs, and functionality.

One of the products you might find useful is the MyBlu e-cig starter kit. It is an elegant device with a pod and battery section. Blu has been in business for a while and offers superior quality products. Below is a review of the MyBlu e-cig starter kit to help you determine if it is worth using.



Myblu E-cig Starter Kit

Charging Time:
20 minutes
Cartridge Capacity:
Cartridge Type:
Non Refillable
Voltage Output:

Package Contents

Included in the Myblu E-cig Starter Kit Device you will find:

  • 1 MyBlu gadget
  • 1 Gold Leaf tobacco pod
  • A USB cable
  • A Manual

Myblu E-cig Starter Kit-Package


MyBlu e-cig starter kit is a ready-to-use package consisting of a pod and battery. It is not fully assembled when you open the pack. Nonetheless, putting it together is stress-free. First, charge the cell, connect it to the pod, then start vaping. The device is easy to operate, making it ideal for vape beginners. Connect the pod to the battery section and start enjoying the puffs. Note that the pods are usable with nicotine salts and standard nicotine liquids. For example, the 1.8mg strawberry mint and blueberry flavors use nicotine salts.

The e-cig has an LED that illuminates when you are vaping for a fresh look. When charging, the pod system features a red LED light, which switches off when the battery is full. The LED color changes to portray different battery levels re means the cell is 0.4% charged, orange is 5-19%, while blue is 20-100 %.

Myblu E-cig Starter Kit-Design


You can use EU/UK or US pods, depending on your location. They come in different nicotine strengths to match various needs. Among the tastes to choose from, there are menthol cherry crush, tobacco chill, and gold leaf, which is the primary flavor that the MyBlue e-cig comes with. The pods have an e-juice capacity of 1.5 ml. Such a volume should last for a while before you have to replace it.

The starter kit is compatible with MyBlu liquid pods only, which are pre-filled to save you from refill troubles and messes. It is draw-activated, and swapping the pods is easy using the one-click mechanism. Pull out an empty pod from the battery and push another cartridge into place. To determine whether the pod has appropriately installed, you should hear it click in place. MyBlu is a lightweight product that allows you to hold it by the mouthpiece using your mouth comfortably. That way, you do not have to grasp it by hand every time you draw vapor.

MyBlu incorporates protections against overheating and short circuits. For instance, if it firs for more than 10 seconds, it goes off to prevent overheating. When using the device and it detects a short circuit, it flashes five times and switches off for your safety. In case you are not using it, it will flare three times and go off.


MyBlu e-cig starter kit comes with a rechargeable 350mAh battery, which you can charge using the provided USB cable. Through the USB port on the device, the cell recharges in 20 minutes, which is a fast pace. In case the battery runs low on power, you do not have to wait for long to continue vaping.

Besides, the magnetic charger connection increases the user-friendliness of the kit. The LED battery indicator blinks to signal you that you need to connect the pod to a power source. Besides, the pass-through feature of the MyBlu e-cig allows you to vape while charging the battery, thus increasing convenience.

How long the battery power lasts depends on your vaping habits. If you vape a few times a day, the battery energy can last a day. But if you do it more frequently, then ensure you have the USB cable and a power source near you.

Myblu E-cig Starter Kit-Battery


The flavors that MyBlu offers can be divided into three categories traditional, minty, and fruity. You should be able to find an essence that matches your preferences. As we mentioned earlier, there are US and UK flavors to select, and they have variable nicotine strengths.

For the regular US pods, you can buy a cartridge with 0%, 1.2%, or 2.4% nicotine level. The intense American pods have a 2.5-4% range of nicotine strength. On the other hand, the UK intense cartridges contain 1.6% nicotine while the regular one offers 0%, 0.8%, and 1.6% nicotine strengths.

US Flavors

• Gold Leaf tobacco (regular)

• Tobacco chill (intense)

• Green apple (regular)

• Neon dream (intense)

• Blueberry

• Classic tobacco (regular)

• Honeymoon (intense)

• Vanilla (regular)

• Citra zing (intense)

UK Flavors

• Blueberry (intense)

• Mango apricot (regular)

• Blue ice (regular)

• Tobacco (intense)

• Strawberry mint (intense)

Pros and Cons


  • Compact, lightweight, portable, well-built
  • Offers a smooth taste
  • Discrete with a comfortable grip
  • Simple, reliable, and charges fast.
  • Easy to swap pods to different vape flavors
  • Usable with nicotine and nicotine salts
  • Provides both regular and intense hits
  • Battery life can last for 24hours
  • Has a draw similar to cigarettes


  • Compatible with MyBlu pods only
  • The 350mAh is not as powerful.
  • You have to remove the pod to view the e-juice level properly.

Final Words

MyBlu cig starter kit is a product worth buying if you are new to vaping. It is easy to use and swap pods. The 350mAh battery life should last a day if you vape occasionally. The manufacturer provides US and UK flavors and offers cartridges containing varied nicotine strengths. Go ahead and find essences and nicotine levels that suit you.

Besides, there are pods with 0 % nicotine if that is what you are looking for. MyBlu pods use standard nicotine and nicotine salts to meet different consumer needs. Despite the countable cons, in general, MyBlu is a helpful brand that will kick start your vaping experiences in a stylish, smooth, and efficient manner.

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