Mi-Pod Review-An Ultra Portable Vape Starter Kit

mi pod vape kit
mi pod mod stater vape kit orange color

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Size: 51MM X 13.5MM X60MM

LED Indicator & Battery Levels: Red(low), Blue(full), Purple(50%).

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Every once in a while, a vaping system with the capability of delivering real cigarette-like experiences lands in the vaping scene and puts a smile on vaping enthusiasts’ faces. Such is the case with the Mi-Pod from the Smoking Vapor brand, the brand behind the fan-favorite Mi-One AIO unit.

The Mi-pod presents an AIO Mouth-to-Lung vaping platform powered by a 950mAh battery and features the use of 1.2ohm coil, an airflow compartment, and hybrid 2ml e-juice capacity pods systems.



Mi-Pod Starter Kit

Juice Capacity:
Cutoff Time:
10 seconds
LED Indicator & Battery Levels:
Red(low), Blue(full), Purple(50%)
Voltage Output Range:

Package Contents

Included in the Mi-Pod Device you will find:









mi pod package Contents

Features of the Mi-Pod

The Mi-Pod Mod is the brand’s latest addition to the Mi-series. It features a ton of improvements that makes it more than just a tiny square-shaped piece of plastic with an in-built battery. What makes it different from other Mi devices is that it’s both a refillable and disposable pod system. The kit includes two empty e-liquid bottles, both refillable and disposable. Here’s a closer look at the Mi-pod device.

• Coil and Wicking System

The Mi-pod has a 0.5ohm to 3.5ohm resistance range, but the in-built coil clocks at resistances way above 1.2ohms. The Mi-pod is, therefore, an MTL style draw system.

Both the coils and wicking materials are visible on the outside with the device’s see-through design. The wicking material is or organic cotton, so expect uncompromised flavor integrity.

• Airflow System

The airflow compartment on the pod is separated from the e-juice section. The pod includes two adjustable airflow holes that give the vaper control over the draw. Two tiny silicon plugs have been included in the kit for this purpose. You can switch from a loose to a restricted draw only by plugging up one or both air holes.

mi pod

Manufacturing and Design

The Mi mod presents a minuscule form factor with both rounded and flat edges. It is of plastic build with metal sheets around the side. The Flat side features the power button and a USB charging port, while the rounded edge, fits into the palm, disappearing entirely for discrete vaping experiences.

The top side features a bay onto which the pods snap into position. Two pods are included in the kit, both reusable and replaceable. The pod themselves are of the plastic build. With a see-through design that makes the wicks and coil visible on the pod’s outside. The pod design is unique in that the air compartment is separate from the e-juice section.

In terms of color options, you can get the Rave Edition, the Stars Edition, the Gentleman’s Edition, and the Digital Edition. All Editions available in glossy colors and stylish finishing and a bottom inscription to complete the look.

mi pod color set starter kit

Operation of the Mi-Pod

The Mi mod is a manual auto-draw system that features a power button and a rechargeable battery. The power button is the small tab located on the flat side of the device. You click it in 5 quick successions to fire up Mi Pod then proceed to make a draw.

 • Charging

The battery could be charged via the USB port located on the flat side of the mod too. Plug it in, and the LED light indicator will turn on to indicate it’s charging and off once the battery is full.

• Fitting the Pods and Refilling

The included pods snap into position quickly. They make use of a new unique design such that the air compartment and the e-juice section are separate. Pods are both refillable and replaceable. Refilling is done from the bottom, which features rubber plugs to prevent leaking.

Always fill the pods before inserting them into the bay. To fill the pods, remove the rubber grommet and squeeze your e-juice in, then replace the silicon plugs into a position to seal the cartridge. Once filled, wipe off any excess juice, then fit the pod onto the unit and get to vaping. Just make sure that the gold grommets at the bottom of the pod align with those inside the device, and the pod will snap into position.

• Powering Up the Mi-Pod

The Mi mod activates in 5 quick successions of the power button located on the flat side of the device. Once activated, you can proceed to draw the vapor, the pods are draw-activated, no need to press the power button when taking draws.

mi pod vape kit

Pros and Cons


  • Minuscule and comfortably hand-fitting form factor
  • Manual auto-draw
  • Descent coil life
  • Works well with high VG e-liquids
  • Cheaply priced.
  • Airflow control


  • Prone to scratches
  • Tends to spit e-juices back
  • Bottom filling system is hectic to use
  • Small volume cartridge
  • Gets greasy as it retains fingerprints a lot

What to Expect from the Mi-Pod?

While there’s no outside of the box thinking going on with the design, the hybrid factor surely does make the Mi-pod mod a fan-favorite. You can fill it with any favorite e-juice. And the kit includes two pods so you can fill two different flavors in both and swap between them as you wish. Both nic salts and standard e-juices are a go! But the pod does work well with high VG e-liquids and nic salts.

The plastic form factor is minuscule, and the rounded edge makes it comfortable to hold. But in terms of durability, the casing does look a bit weak and prone to scratches. The plastic also retains fingerprints, so it’s going to need constant wiping.

In terms of vapor, expect decent cloud sizes. You can adjust the draw by plugging or unplugging the air-holes. Expect tighter draws but with great throat hit when you fill the air hole. The coil life is descent, depending on how often you vape, expect a maximum of 2 weeks before pod replacement is needed.

Lastly, while I will say the 2ml e-juice capacity is a bit low, the Mi-Pod is cheaply priced at $39 per packet of 2 pods so you can buy as many as you like. The only nuisance will be swapping between cartridges if you want to sneak in those hits during the day. But in terms of performance, I will give the Mi-pod a thumbs up.

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