Lost Vape Lyra Kit Review | Colorful and Compact Design

Lost Vape Lyra 20W Pod System
Lost Vape Lyra 20W Pod System

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Size: 96.3mm by 30.8mm by 15.8mm

Battery Capacity: 1000mAh

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As more people adopt vaping, the vape industry continues to grow and offer different categories of products, including pods. The market provides many pod brands to choose from. However, you should go for the best products that guarantee you quality and high performance. Lost Vape Lyra Kit is an example of a pod to consider buying.

The company presents you a small, user-friendly gadget that is easy to operate. Lyra is a stylish, sleek model that offers more than a great appearance. It is an efficient, unique, innovative pod that can help you vape flavorful clouds of e-liquids.



Lost Vape Lyra Kit

Max Wattage Output:
Pod Capacity:
Recommended VG/PG Ratio:
70/30 VG/PG
Body Material:

What's in the Box?

Every Lyra pod comes in an eye-catching, solid box that contains the following things.

  • 1 Lost Vape Lyra Pod
  • A 0.6-ohm mesh coil
  • A 1.2-ohm regular coil
  • 1 USB cable
  • A user manual
  • 1 lanyard
  • 1 warranty card

Lost Vape Lyra 20W Pod System Package Contents


The Lost Vape Lyra Kit consists of a mouthpiece, a cap, top refill slots, a cartridge, an LED indicator, a fire button, and a micro charging port. The body is made of PCTG metal material while the pod consists of food-grade plastic. It comes with two different coils a 0.6-ohm mesh coil for direct to lung vaping and a 1.2-ohm regular kanthal coil for mouth to lung draw.

The latter is for nicotine salts and provides a maximum of 10 watts while the former suits regular e-juices and offers up to 20 watts. That is not all. The two airflow inlets on the sides foster rich vapor and flavors.

With this brand, you use an easy to operate drip tip and replacing the coil is not challenging. To change the coil, carefully twist and pull it out. Make good use of the 2ml capacity and enjoy proper hits whenever you need them.

Taking off the cap is as simple as lightly squeezing the clips on the cartridge and lifting off the lid. The two filling slots make it straightforward to replenish the juice without messes and spillage. Pour your vape liquid through one side of the hole, and it will flow to the other end.

Lost Vape Lyra 20W Pod System Back Side


The model is a small, 79g pod that can fit in your palm discreetly. The lightweight design is helpful. Lyra Kit form Lost Vape is a stunning, cylindrical device available in blue, green, silver, rainbow, and black colors to match your preference.

These shades are available in both beautiful, bright graphics and simplistic leather looks. The manufacturer includes a USB port on the lower end of the product for stress-free charging of the internal battery. Also, the LED color adds to the beauty of the product.

To switch on the device, push the fire button five times, and the LED around it flashes five times. Enjoy three power levels when you press the fire button three times in two seconds. This way, you are not restricted to a specific power mode.

As you push the fire button three times, the LED button color will tell you how many watts you are using. When using the 0.6-ohm coil, a green light means 20W, a blue one 18W, and red 16W. With the 1.2-ohm regular coil, a green light indicates 11W, blue means 10W, and red 9W.

The Lyra lanyard ensures the safety of the pod to prevent you from losing it. Attach it to the pod and use it when on the go. Besides, it relieves you of the discomfort of having to carry the device in your hands for a long period. For example, hang it around your neck or your hand for comfort.

Lost Vape Lyra 20W Pod System Pod Front


If you are a beginner, this kit is appropriate for you. It works with both nicotine salt and standard e-juices. The pod utilizes a single button trigger for stress-free handling. Besides, it allows you to use two separate draw mechanisms DTL and MTL depending on the coil in place.

The company understands that users have different needs, therefore creating a device that permits two types of draws. The MTL draw is excellent when you want to quit smoking.

Afterward, you can switch to DTL. You do not have to buy two different vape kits. Save the cash for accessories, such as batteries and e-juices. The 20W maximum output treats you to exquisite flavors and hits.


Every serious vape company provides pods with user safety features. Lost Vape Lyra has them in mind, including short circuit, resistance, temperature, and weak battery protections. Such characteristics protect your pod to ensure lasting use and ensure your safety. The last thing you need is ruining the in-built battery or causing a short circuit when vaping.


Lyra boasts of using a huge battery capacity of 1000mAh, meaning you have adequate energy to last you a while, even a whole day, before a recharge. Insert the provided USB cable in the charging port and connect it to a power source to charge the pod. The LED battery life indicator allows you to know the battery level when firing the pod.
Lost Vape Lyra 20W Pod System Pod

Pros and Cons


  • Smart, colorful and compact design
  • High-quality and easy to use
  • Light and portable with a palm-sized design
  • Utilizes replaceable coils
  • Has several safety aspects
  • Has visually appealing patterns
  • Offers a high wattage than some products
  • Sturdy, stylish, versatile, and powerful


  • The 2ml capacity could be small for frequent vapers
  • The detachable mouthpiece pat can be flimsy

Final Verdict

Lost Vape Lyra Kit is a helpful device as a starter package. It offers buyers with several colors to select. The patterns and leather designs appeal to people of different tastes. It is a safe product with multiple protection aspects to prevent accidents and pod damage. While other brands provide pods with one draw type, Lyra offers two DTL and MTL, thus fostering convenience.

Vaping is terrific when using the right products. When you settle for Lost Vape Lyra, you are buying an elegant, sturdy, compact pod that is lightweight to allow you to move around with it. It is easy to operate and has a strong body. Its lanyard makes portability even more comfortable. Even with a low capacity downside, it is a worthwhile purchase.

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