Lost Vape Drone BF Squonk DNA250C Mod Review

Lost Vape Drone BF Squonk DNA250C Mod

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Size: 96mm x 50mm x 41.5mm

Battery: Dual 18650 Battery

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Vaping might still be a new concept but has got a lot of trends to keep up with. For example, squonk mods are a thing now. These are mods with in-built squeeze bottles that you can use to feed the e-liquid to the atomizer through specialized 510-thread connections. With the squonk bottle, an entire day’s worth of e-juice can be carried along for an on-the-go vaping.

By using the combination of a squonking mod and a bottom-fed RDA-style tank/ atomizer, you can keep vaping by simply pressing the e-liquid bottle to saturate the cotton or fill the tank with more vape juice.

Experience a different unique and powerful squonking style with this box mod that features an in-built 8ml squonk tank and a powerful DNA250C chipset. You just have got to press the bottle, give the wicks 5 minutes to saturate then get to vaping.



Lost Vape Drone BF Squonk DNA250C Mod

Squonk Bottle Capacity:
Wattage Output Range:
1 – 200W
Temperature Range:
510 Thread
Output Range:
1 – 7.4V


This beautifully crafted high-end box mod is an upgraded version of the original Drone BF. The mod is powered by dual 18650 batteries and an advanced DNA250C chipset that supports up to 200W with various working modes. You can expect to enjoy some long and powerful squonking time.

With the “memory” feature on the DNA chipset, the mod can capture the flavor and satisfaction of favorite puffs and provide the same performance and consistency on future puffs courtesy of the innovative REPLAY mode.

Build Quality

You are going to love this make: it features a spectacular poly-angular chassis crafted from Ultem and Diecast Zinc alloy. The polyangular frame surrounds the colored plastic panels and catches the eye with its futuristic lines and perfect accenting.

That said, the Drone BF DNA250C is a massive device. Just like most dual-battery squonk mods, it dwarfs the size of your usual single-battery cell mods. However, the top of the mod feature centrally-placed 510 connection. This centrally-placed connection can accommodate a wide range of atomizer sizes without appearing to overhang. You can fix here all your favorite BF RDAs, even the 30mm monsters, without the worry of awkward balancing.

Along the base of the chassis is an ergonomic cutout for the 8ml squonk tank. This cutout enables perfect integration and convenient access to the squonk tank. Another feature is the magnetized battery door for easy battery replacement operations. The door fully covers the dual 18650 battery cells to enhance safety while using the mod.

The OLED display and menu system is excellent and simple-to-use. The Drone BF DNA250C has an intuitive and clean interface you can use to comfortably navigate through various customization options the device offers.

The mod is button-operated and features an ergonomically designed button that is a perfect balance of click, responsiveness, and throw. You can, therefore, expect some flawless draws and accurate clicks every time you fire up the Drone BF DNA250C Mod.

Lost Vape Drone BF Squonk DNA250C Box Mod

The DNA250C chipset

The DNA250C chipset allows the vaper to have a say in the vaping experience. It features a REPLAY function, a Preheat function, a BOOST mode, and accurate wattage control, temp-sensing/ control/protection.

The DNA chipset Boost Functionality allows the vaper to gradually increase the initial power output when a temperature-sensitive atomizer is not in use. With this function, every subsequent puff gets more powerful, and you can go from low to high wattage vaping faster as you search for unique vaping settings.

The DNA chipset supports various vaping modes such as VW, VV, and TC. It allows for the use of Ni200, Ti, temp-sensing, and non-sensing coils in various favorite combinations.

The chipset also features an Onboard Programmable Multi-color LED and the use of a three-button layout. The third button is the Function button that allows for hassle-free navigation through the device menu system for favorite vaping modes. With Escribe desktop software, you can change the styling of the DNA250 color to whatever you find appealing.

Though these various features may overwhelm the noobie vaper, to the advanced vaper, they make it capable of exploring new vaping experiences. Here’s a look at what to expect from the Drone BF DNA250C Mod.


This high-end device doesn’t hold back anything; your first impression of the mod is not going to be about its high-price tag, but the possible vaping experiences it could offer.

With a large 8ml squonking bottle, ergonomically designed OLED display technology, and an advanced chipset, the Lost Vape Drone BF Squonk DNA250C Mod is capable of delivering powerful, fresh, and exciting squonking experiences.

In TC mode, coil auto-detection is fast, allowing the user to lock in the resistance, set the temperature then get to vaping. The ramp-up time to the max 200W power output is little to non-existent. Expect full flavor and descent cloud shortly after firing up the device. The mod detects the temperature of the coil and then drops the power output if there’s not enough e-juice. You can, therefore, vape away until the wicking material gets dry without any dry hits!

The mod’s onboard controls allow the user to quickly make adjustments to the vaping settings. When it comes to letting a vaper a say in the vaping experience, DNA250C is the leader. By use of Escribe desktop software, you can comfortably manage the Drone BF DNA250C from your computer.

Squonking is by the usual “squeeze the bottle” routine that gives a flawless performance. The squonk bottle feels up easily without any flooding, leakages or e-liquid buildup near the connections. The 8ml bottle capacity ensures there’s an entire day’s worth of vape juice around to vape on-the-go.

Lost Vape Drone BF Squonk DNA250C Mod Performance

Pros and Cons


  • The chassis is gorgeous and durable
  • Powerful squonk performance
  • Easy re-fill system
  • Dual battery
  • Firmware upgradable chip
  • It can be used as a power bank
  • Flawless squonk performance
  • DNA chipset is laden with goodies.


  • Insane price tag
  • Massive size for all hand sizes.
  • Poorly designed plastic door battery that feels like it’s going to snap when you pull.

Final Verdict

With a mature design, top-tier chip and perfect squonk performance, the Lost Vape brand re-described what squonking should be like with this Lost Vape Drone BF Squonk DNA250C Mod. The mod doesn’t just flaunt its insane price tag. It holds nothing back too: just fit on a suitable RDA and watch the mod transform into something special.

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