Lazarus Naturals CBD Review

Lazarus Naturals CBD Capsules
If you’ve got to get your CBD fix, then you’ve got to use the cleanest, best-quality CBD product in town. Lucky for you, Lazarus Naturals, a 2014 CBD brand, from the Pacific Northwest promises some GMO-free, organic, hemp-derived CBD strains. And they’ve got some excellent discounts in place to make their unique formulations accessible to those who need them the most. Oh, and they are vegan-friendly too!

How do Lazarus Naturals craft its CBD products? The CBD is derived from organic hemp cultivated with care in the US. Ethanol is used in the extraction process resulting in a full-spectrum extract rich in natural terpenes and cannabinoids. The extract is then blended with various organic carrier oils derived from plants to ensure its effectiveness and consistent dosing! The end product is 100 percent organic, vegan-friendly, and without any synthetic additives.

The last step is lab-tests for purity and consistency. Lazarus Naturals CBD products get submitted in third party labs for purity and consistency tests. These tests ensure you get something that meets various standards of quality. The lab-test information is included on Lazarus Naturals merchandise. Here’s a dive into some of their CBD products on offer.

Lazarus CBD Tinctures

Lazarus Naturals CBD Tinctures are liquid herbal extracts available in a variety of formulations. They can be taken orally, added to your favorite food and beverages. The tinctures come with a dropper for accurate serving sizes. Just place a few drops underneath the tongue using the supplied dropper and expect full-body effects.

You can pick Lazarus Naturals CBD Tinctures from a full spectrum or isolate-based lineup, all available in various fan-favorite flavors and standard and high potency options too. Expect consistent potency because regardless of CBD source, all Lazarus Naturals CBD Tinctures have been mixed with a plant-derived special carrier oil.

Lazarus Naturals CBD Tincture

Lazarus Naturals CBD Capsules

Ingestion is one conventional way of dosing on CBD products. In the streets, CBD capsules are also known as canna caps, and Lazarus Naturals has its lineup of CBD capsules. They are made from CBD and infused with organic plant-based oils such as coconut, sesame or MCT to aid in absorption.Lazarus Naturals CBD capsules provide numerous health benefits such as helping you sleep better, manage chronic pain, reduce anxiety, improve heart health, and treat bowel infection and inflammation. They are available in varying potencies.

The CBD capsules are available in varying potency of 10mg, 25mg, and 50mg. You can pick from a full spectrum, or CBD isolates capsule. Special capsule for specific symptoms includes the THC-Free Energy Blend, the Relaxation Blend, the Cycling Frog, the Calm Bundle, and more.

The only disadvantage is that after swallowing capsules, the digestive system interferes with the absorption of THC into the bloodstream. Studies show that only 4-12 percent of CBD ends up in the blood when you swallow canna caps.

Lazarus Naturals CBD Capsules

Lazarus Naturals Topicals

CBD Topicals are CBD-infused lotions, balms, and ointments mostly used during post-workout massages to help relax and manage pain. These euphoric and uplifting blends are usually CBD that has been perfected with potent terpenes enough to give you a nosegasm. The formulation can also include soothing plant-based extracts.

Lazarus Naturals Topicals balms are available in soothing Mint, Cedar, Citrus, and the ever-popular lavender fragrance. Just massage the balm onto your skin, and your endocannabinoid system will do its job to release the soothing ingredients.

Lazarus Naturals Topical balms help with skin inflammation, chronic muscle pain, and you can also use the arousing blend to spice things up in the bedroom. All topicals are full-spectrum and blended with natural organic ingredients.

Lazarus Naturals CBD Topical

Lazarus Naturals Pet Products

As you get your daily CBD fix, remember that our loyal friends, dogs, experience emotions swing too. In fact, in thousands of animals, mammals, fish, birds’ reptiles, CB1, and CB2 receptors get expressed.

Lazarus Naturals CBD-infused yummies can help reduce your dog’s anxiety. They have got a Pet Tincture that comes with a nice little dropper you can use to serve consistent amounts of CBD to your dog based on its weight. You can also add a few drops in the dog’s food and drinks.

And not just dogs, your horses, pet birds, cats, etc. can be treated by Lazarus Naturals CBD Tinctures for pets. The dropper makes it easy. Just open the pet’s mouth and place a few drops underneath its tongue.

Lazarus Naturals Pet Products

Lazarus Naturals Coconut Oil

Lazarus Naturals coconut oil is a specially-formulated organic cotton oil infused with full-spectrum hemp extracts that you can include in your delicacies or take it raw straight from the jar.
CBD Coconut Oil


Lazarus Naturals CBD RSO is a full spectrum hemp extract loaded with CBD isolate. It then gets standardized using distilled coconut oil to deliver 100mg of CBD per ml.

Who is Lazarus Naturals CBD RSO for? It’s been prepared lovingly for individuals who want CBD products that deliver more CBD serving sizes than they can get in tinctures. Just add it to your delicacies and drinks, and you will have your CBD fixed. You can also take raw Lazarus Naturals CBD RSO if you don’t like how it tastes in foodstuff.

Now that we’ve dispensed with Lazarus Naturals CBD products let’s look at what takes place behind the curtain. On its home page, the brand claims its CBD products are third-party assessed, vegan-friendly, GMO-free, and accessible to everyone, but do they deliver as expected?


Lazarus Naturals CBD Products Pros

A quick look at their homepage will inform you that Lazarus Naturals CBD products are available in favorite strains and fan-favorite flavor servings. The company also has a discount program in place, and its products include third-party lab results. Surely then Lazarus Naturals CBD store is one of the popular go-to places for CBD fix. The Pros include

Third-Party Lab Tests

Lazarus Naturals submit their products for purity and consistency testing in third-party laboratories. And in a move to build trust, they stick this lab results on their merchandise, so you know what it is you are buying.

In this early CBD-products industry day, there are no regulations that compel CBD brands to disclose the ingredients in their products. And a lot of cannabis companies are taking advantage of this loophole to blend their cannabis extracts with various ingredients without regarding the customer’s health. Some cartridge contents from brands such as Clear and Stiiizy have tested positive for pesticides!

Therefore, transparency from Lazarus Naturals’ lab is much appreciated among weed enthusiasts.

Friendly Product Prices

While they do not have a flagship CBD product, Lazarus Naturals CBD products are reasonably priced. For example, their tincture is available at $40 per 750mg and $125 per 3000mg compared to other CBD shops where prices are four times more for the same specifications. And the tincture being a popular product from Lazarus Naturals tells much about the pricing of their products.

Discount Program in Place

Lazarus Naturals Assistance Program guarantees a 60 percent price reduction to veterans and all other individuals who are struggling financially. The program also covers people with long term disabilities and those first responders to emergencies.

The assistance program is a sensible one, much appreciated among veterans. CBD helps to reduce anxiety, relax, and prevent mood swings. It also helps to alleviate insomnia and physical pain, which all are conditions experienced by many veterans.

A Smorgasbord of CBD Flavors

From full spectrum to CBD isolates high potency, and standard and blended with various plant-based ingredients to suit your olfactory cells and tongue buds.

The other good thing is you can take Lazarus Naturals CBD products the way you like. You can go for canna caps, add tincture drops in your meals, use CBD-infused balms, and still get to treat your pet to CBD products. All organic and vegan-friendly.

GMO-Free, Vegan-Friendly Products with Good Customer Support

Customer care is very crucial for CBD shops. Customers want to know which products to choose, the right dosage, and which ingredients have been included in the merchandise. And according to online reviews, Lazarus Naturals has a responsive customer support system that provides just the right details.

The other thing customers like about Lazarus Naturals is that their CBD products are derived from US cultivated hemp, extracted using ethanol to preserve terpenes and cannabinoids, and no animal products or chemicals get added.

Lazarus Naturals Products Cons

Third-Party Lab Information Isn’t Fully Disclosed

Jumping at the news that product stickers contain lab-test results? Well, not so fast, no company discloses all information about its products, and Lazarus Naturals is no exception. They only pick information on purity that sells their CBD products while agents and solvents aren’t disclosed!

Not the Best-Tasting CBD Products in Town

Yeah, it’s 100 percent organic: No additives or supplements. But there’s a downside; pure hemp-oil tastes bitter. While some people are going to get madly, deeply happy with pure hemp products, most people do not appreciate bitter-tasting stuff.

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