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Dimensions: 3.7 x 0.5 x 0.2 inches

Pod Capacity: 0.7 ml or ~200 puffs

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Are you searching for a worthwhile vaping device? Here is a JUUL pod review to help.

It is common knowledge that smoking is terrible for your respiratory system. To mitigate the effects, manufacturers have made available a wide range of vape devices that allow you to take in nicotine puffs in a safe manner to reduce damage in your body.

When researching about vape gadgets, you will come across the brand JUUL. Not everything you come across in the market is worth your money. If you need to find out more about JUUL to determine if it is worth purchasing, continue reading.



Juul Pod

Nicotine Strength:
5% nicotine by weight ( or 59 mg/mL per pod)
E-liquid Ingredients:
glycerol, propylene glycol, natural oils, extracts and flavor, nicotine and benzoic acid
JUUL Wattage:
estimated at around 8W
Metallic Grey (standard) and Silver
United States, UK (1.7% nicotine version), Switzerland (1.7% nicotine version), France (1.7% nicotine version), Israel (1.7% nicotine version), Germany (coming soon), Russia (coming soon), Italy (coming soon)


Juul is a popular name in the vape industry. It is known to provide quality items. Juul starter kit package entails batteries, charger, and pods. The company provides various flavors to choose from and limited pod colors. Their pods are small and lightweight, increasing portability. With firm design and construction, you can be sure you are investing in a worthwhile product. It has cons, but its pros outweigh them making it a great purchase.
Juul Pods

Design and Battery

The brains behind JUUL vaporizer are James Monsees and Adam Bowen. It is a closed vaping device meaning it is non-refillable. You will be using disposable pods, which increase convenience and eliminate the need for refills. Juul starter kit is elegant and looks like thumb drives while the mouthpiece takes a square shape, but it is comfortable though. You can buy a gray, silver, navy, or blush gold pod depending on your preferences.

It runs on a USB rechargeable battery. How long a full battery charge lasts depends on how frequent you vape. It uses three LED light colors to convey different messages. Green means the power therein is high, yellow shows it is half, while red means the battery is running low.


The brand offers various flavors to select, including cucumber, mango, classic tobacco, virginia tobacco, apple, vanilla, royal blond, and mint. These tastes are not too sweat, thus great for vaping. Each flavor has a different hit. Mango and blond have strong hits while mint provides a light hit. Strong flavors contain 50mg/ml nicotine while light ones use 35mg/ml.

To find a suitable flavor that gives you the puffs you need, attempt all the flavors. Despite reviews telling you which ones offer great hits, finding out for yourself can be a fulfilling experience.

Do you want to quit smoking? JUUL can help you make the transition from smoking to vaping, considering it utilizes a hand to mouth mechanism and a mouth to lung draw. These mimic the manner in which an ordinary cigarette works, giving you the satisfaction you need.

Juul Pen

Pod Capacity

Perhaps you are a heavy smoker. This device offers strong nicotine to quench your craving. Its automatic temperature control ensures that you vape at a comfortable heat level. The pod has a capacity of 0.7mL of e-juice hat provides 200puffs.

In the US, you will be getting 50mg/ml or 5% of nicotine while Europe has stipulations that a pod should contain a maximum of 20mg/ml of nicotine salts, to which JUUL adheres. The latter amount is too small for users who need high nicotine levels, but it is suitable for those with minimal needs. Consumers who are used to powerful hits will find its taste bland with puffs that do not satisfy their throats.

How Do You Use JUUL?

It is easy to operate. Its pod style means it entails a cartridge containing an e-juice and a battery. Fix the pod into the battery housing and start vaping by drawing or inhaling to activate the vape. You do not need any special training to use it.

This item does not have buttons to confuse you. It saves you time and the frustration of having to deal with a complex vape pod. Once you have depleted the e-juice, remove the pod, and replace with another one for fresh, soothing puffs.


JUUL vape features an innovative design that provides satisfactory results. There is no need to worry about inhaling burnt puffs due to temperature control. It does not have any sophisticated control settings, which can be unfriendly for many users. The sturdy, anodized aluminum body makes it durable and tough to handle drops. It uses a 1.6-ohm coil to heat up the e-liquid for powerful puffs.

Each of JUUL’s vape pods uses a salt-base nicotine e-liquid. It does not produce harsh nicotine. Therefore, it ensures a smooth, enjoyable vaping experience. Are you worried about leaking pods? This product’s structure has an answer for that. The part of the pod touching the battery casing does not leak while the mouth area has cotton pads to bar the e-liquid from entering into your mouth as you vape. The product offers consistent inhaling for enjoyable vaping at any time.

JUUL Starter Kit

Quality of Vapor

It is essential that you get high-quality vapor from vaping pods. That is why Juul is designed to ensure you get an uncontaminated vape. The manufacturer places the electric and heating parts separate to prevent chemical reactions that may undermine the quality of puffs you get. Juul uses pods made from food-grade and medical quality materials to provide you with clean, safe vapor.


This vaping gadget is small and lightweight. It is 9.5cm long and weighs 14g with the pod in place. Its size is similar to a pen, making it a discreet piece to use when you do not want people to notice that you are vaping.

Imagine being at an event, and somehow, your mind is distracted. You need to vape to relax and focus on the occurrences of the day. Step out, and vape using this little vape pod and get in the mood for what is happening around you. The minimalist design makes it easy to carry around in your hand, and it takes up little space in your purse or bag.


Juul Price

A JUUL starter kit (battery, USB charger, and four cartridges) goes at $49.99 while a basic kit (battery and USB charger) costs $34.99. When you run out of pods, a pack of four is available at $15.99. The starter package is available in crème Brulee, mango, virginia tobacco, and mint flavors. Some vape products manufacturers offer cheaper packages while maintaining quality. However, if you are content that Juul is what you need and you can afford the cost, then go for it.

Price at Different Country:

  • UK                    £9.99
  • Canada            C$20.99
  • Ireland            €12.99
  • Italy                 €13.99
  • Germany         €12.99
  • Switzerland    CHF17.95
  • France             €11.99
  • Spain               €11.99
  • Russia             695₽
  • Israel               69.90₪
  • Thailand         ฿890
  • Bahrain           BHD10
  • Mexico            $550
  • Qatar               QR170
  • India                ₹1500

Maintenance and Customer Service

Keeping the Juul pen in proper shape is an easy task. All the maintenance you have to do is wiping contacts connecting the battery to the charger and those in the pods. This makes your work easier, especially when you have a busy schedule. You should buy a Juul pen that is easy to maintain for convenience reasons.

Juul understands the value of customers in their establishment. That is why they have efficient customer service. They attend to your concerns in a timely and professional manner. All you do is passing across your concern and let them work on it. Keeping in mind that they produce high-quality vaping devices, you may find yourself never contacting them at all, which is great.

Pros and Cons


  • Easy to use
  • Offers several tasty flavors
  • Lightweight
  • Mess-free
  • Uses long-lasting batteries
  • Has an ergonomic, modern, high-quality design
  • Offers high-strength nicotine
  • Uses LED light to show power level
  • The battery recharges in 50minutes


  • Classic tobacco and mint are the only ones with weak nicotine strength
  • The small e-juice window makes it hard to know how much is left
  • Provides limited flavors and pod colors
  • Closed pods limit you to manufacturer’s e-liquids only

Final Word

Vaping has become a household name with many people across the world adopting it. This has led to the market being flooded with a wide range of vape products, including vape pods such as Juul. It can be cumbersome identifying a high-quality item when every company is claiming theirs is the best. This is where reviews come in to help. From the above Juul vape review, you stand a better chance of making the correct purchasing decision.

You should buy pods of high-grade materials, durable, and safe offering you excellent vapor. Juul is such a product. The price tag should not bar you from purchasing it, considering it has a high performance. What is the point of buying something cheap that endangers your life and works terribly?

With Juul, you will be getting quality pods and batteries that last a while. It is a credible brand responsible for developing nicotine salts that are better than ordinary nicotine. Despite its limited pod colors and flavors, among other limitations, it is worth trying.

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