Juul Pods Near Me

Juul Stores Near Me

Have you ever typed “Juul pods near me” or “Juul near me” into a browser search and only to find there are no adequate Juul pods stores near you? Don’t worry, and our Juul shops locator is here to help!

With the Juul pods being a relatively new product on the market, its success could be considered runaway, now controlling over 50% of the e-cig market. Considering its market share was as little as 5% only two years ago. With a mission statement that is almost impossible not to be impressed by, the company’s goal is “improving the lives of the world’s one billion adult smokers by eliminating cigarettes.”

With major distribution deals with huge retailers such as Kroger’s and Wal-Mart, customers can be assured that they are within a reasonable distance of a Juul vendor. In another word, it is becoming easy to find Juul pods stores near you.

We recommend you use the Juul stores locator to position first, then call ahead to make sure they have the Juul and associated products in stock as inventory sells quickly.

Juul Pods Shops Near Me


The Juul History

Since 2017 Juul Labs, a San Francisco-based company, has been producing what has perhaps become the most popular e-cigarette of all time. Originally part of Pax Labs, the company split from them in 2017, and by 2018 was listed as having revenue of 2 billion.

The Juul is an electronic e-cigarette and is unique in that instead of vape juices, and it uses cartridges loaded with nicotine salts sourced from tobacco leaves. The Juul name has become widely recognized, even among those who do not smoke cigarettes or vape.

The company was founded by two men who both smoked cigarettes and wanted to devise a product that would be a safer, more enjoyable alternative. And so the Juul was invented.

The company’s mission is to eradicate traditional cigarettes, thereby reducing the dangers of smoking. The company sees the Juul as being a way for regular cigarette smokers to reduce their nicotine consumption, and they desire to do so, stop nicotine intake altogether.

Juul Pods Near Me

How to Find Juul Pods Near Me

Any vape shop around the world that cares about its customers and provides quality products will have the Juul in stock. With the increasing number of brick and mortar vape shops nationwide, there will always be Juul stores near you.

This is excellent news for anyone who is looking to enjoy the patented nicotine salts contained in the Juul’s cartridges. It may have been somewhat of a novelty to smoke the Juul when it first hit the market. Today it is a firm favorite with a vast number of people, both serious and casual vapers.

Some of the major store chains, where to buy your Juul pods are 7-11’s, Shell gas stations (and other gas stations), Cumberland Farms convenience stores and many others. Along with the Juul, many of the pods and other accessories are available for purchase at these locations.

Some will also have the Juul starter kit available, and the basic kit which does not include pods. The pods will be available for purchase at additional cost. The cost of the basic kit will vary from store to store, so shop around for the best deal.

Juul Stores Near Me

As an indication of the price difference, Wal-Mart sells the basic Juul with a charger (no pods) for around $41 (price may vary by location), which is a little higher compared to the price at $35 at Juul.com. The benefit of the starter kit is that it comes with five flavors, so first-time users can experiment to see which flavor pods they like the best for $50 online.

Large city prices for Juul products sold in brick and mortar Juul stores tend to vary little in price. Retailers in New York and Chicago, for example, sell the kit for almost the same price. A quick look on Reddit will reveal what you can expect to pay for Juul products in your local area.

Many people go online and search “Where to buy the Juul pods near me?” One place, which is likely to come up in the search results is the huge chain convenience stores, Circle K. Almost Circle K you visit will have the Juul starter kit available for purchase. Other convenience stores will have it too, along with pods, chargers and the basic kits.

Be aware that while many brick and mortar retailers stock the Juul for the budget consciousness, so buying online may offer better savings. Of course, you will trade convenience by ordering online, but for those who want to start using the Juul immediately purchasing from Juul shops near you is the solution.

Don’t Forget to Stock Up on Juul Pods

You may find prices vary from store to store for the four-pack of cartridges, but for the most part, store prices are very similar to what you would pay at juul.com. The only difference is that there will be state taxes applied when buying in physical Juul shops near you. You can expect to pay in the region of $26 to $27 for the four-pack of Juul pods.

Entering “Juul pods near me” on searching engine should reveal not only the locations but also give you an idea of the cost at each location. Compare that to what you would pay online and usually buying from the official Juul website will save you money.

The advantage of searching for locations online by the Juul stores locator tool is that you can be assured that the locations that appear are genuine authorized Juul dealers. Some companies are trying to sell counterfeit versions of the Juul. So using the Juul shops locator tool will avoid you purchasing low quality, fake version.

Juul Pods Stores Near Me

Is the Juul E-cig the Best E-Cig Ever?

The Juul certainly has captured more than its fair share of the e-cig/vaping market, and with good reason. Its popularity grew exceptionally quickly and continues to grow today, as more people turn their back on traditional cigarettes in favor of vape pens and the electronic e-cigarette.

However, the Juul and other vaping tools are coming under scrutiny, with many feeling that vaping is just as harmful to the health as traditional tobacco cigarettes.

The company is very pro-active in ensuring that vendors who violate the law and selling to minors are reported. This is just one vital step the company takes to protect underage users. With almost $30 million invested in fighting the use of Juul products by under-aged children, the company is still struggling to maintain and improve the reputation of the Juul.


Can you buy Juul pods online?

Yes, of course. We recommend buying directly from the company at juul.com. You can check online for coupons for further savings.

How long does a Juul pod last?

It all depends on how heavy of a vaper you are. Manufacturers predict around 200 puffs, equal to 20 cigarettes. The battery charge is enough to get you through the whole pod.

Due to high nicotine content, JUUL isn’t meant to be vaped as often as a usual cigarette. They are designed to satisfy your cravings as they appear. It’s best to take short hits and spread them apart to increase their lifetime.

Does JUUL ship to all US states?

Unfortunately, no. Even though most states have no limitations in regards to shipping of nicotine-based products, some have specific prohibitions:

  • Utah – no nicotine products can be shipped
  • Maine – only premium cigars allowed
  • Vermont – no tobacco products can be delivered
  • Arkansas
  • Outer islands outside of the 50 states

These laws have been put into place due to a significant increase in underage use of nicotine products and their appearance in schools. JUUL continually monitors legislation and puts out updates accordingly. Even though online shopping is the most cost-efficient way, our Juul pod stores locator will help you find the closest retailer about your current address.

No vapor production from my JUUL device?

There are many causes of an improperly hitting JUUL – low battery, clogged up contacts, liquid leaks, etc. Thankfully, they are all fixable.

Before attempting anything else, make sure that the battery is not faulty and is fully charged.

Hold a cotton swab onto the contacts of your JUUL pod and the device for a few seconds. If there’s liquid on it, repeat the process until the swab is dry. Afterward, dip the swab into some rubbing alcohol and dab the contacts to restore the proper connection.

It’s a common occurrence for wicks to dry out due to air bubbles. Take out the pod and squeeze it to see if bubbles appear. If so, tap the pod on a hard surface until they dissipate. If it still doesn’t hit, try replacing it with a new pod.

How many pod flavors and strength variations are there?

JUUL pods come in eight unique flavors. Each of the characters has two different strength options – 3% and 5% nicotine by volume. The 5% comes out to roughly 42mg of nicotine per pod. The flavors are:

  • Virginia Tobacco
  • Classic Tobacco
  • Cucumber
  • Fruit
  • Creme
  • Menthol
  • Mango
  • Mint

Every box of different flavors is of the same size. JUUL also sells a flavor multipack, which contains one pod each of Virginia Tobacco, Mint, Creme and Mango.

Is JUUL available internationally?

Alongside US and Canada, JUUL can be bought in 4 Asian, 1 Middle Eastern and 13 different European countries. However, due to the various country regulations, nicotine content varies in comparison to the US, usually ranging around 1.7% in volume.

JUUL plans to continue spreading worldwide and raised $325 million in 2019 to do so. In June of the same year, they announced their plans to cover to the Philippines. The main obstacle is its high nicotine content which they have to reduce to comply with the specific laws.

For more detailed information, visit https://www.juul.com/global.

What are FDA regulations on JUULs?

The FDA recently tightened its rules on different JUUL flavors. They want to ban liquids that are more likely to entice underage users, such as different candy flavors.

E-cigs introduced before 2007 that have no FDA clearance are going to be subjected to new actions, possibly even banning them. Applications need to be sent for an FDA review before August 8th, 2021 – one year earlier before the proposed deadline. This is mainly due to increased use in underaged kids.

What causes my JUUL pod to leak?

Temperature and pressure changes, aggressive puffing, pod squeezing – the number of possible causes is uncountable.

JUUL pods are sensitive devices, so try to use them with care. Pulling too hard isn’t going to bring anything useful – the pods are specifically made to provide the most optimum hit and vapor during normal drawing pressure.

There’s a possibility that you’re also biting the pod during vaping which can squeeze the juice out.

Leaving the pod in direct sunlight can cause leakage. Also, pressure changes are almost guaranteed to make a mess, especially while in an airplane.

How to prevent/fix the leakage?

Try to relax your mouth when taking a hit. It requires almost no force to get a decent amount of vapor. You shouldn’t bite or put any pressure on the device itself. Otherwise, it’s highly probable that some liquid will end up inside the mouthpiece.

Always store your JUUL pods in a dry, cool place. Avoid leaving them out in the open for more extended periods.

Check the connections for liquid and wipe any excess off. Cotton swabs work well for hard-to-reach areas.

If all else fails, get a new one. Avoid refilling as it does more harm than good.

Can I take Juul pods on a flight?

Although their use during the flight is restricted, JUUL pods can be brought along. Already used pods have an extremely high chance of leaking, so it’s recommended that they are disposed or vaped beforehand.

If you decide to pack a used pod, make sure that it’s completely sealed inside a bag. The altitude and pressure change is almost inevitably going to cause a leak.

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