Juul Lab Smoke Cessation Therapy

While e-cigarettes have already helped thousands across the world to quit smoking, no vape brand has been approved by the FDA as a therapeutic product that helps quit tobacco cigarettes.

This is due to the rigorous restrictions and costs that come with seeking approval. Now the JUUL brand is aiming to change all that by working with health care organizations to help smokers quit the habit and putting forward statistics showing 47 % of 8000 tobacco cigarette smokers being able to stop the habit after using the JUUL vape kit.

The San Francisco brand has also been partnering with companies and healthcare providers to offer smoke cessation therapy to employees. This is an effective way of proving that the statistics mentioned above can be replicated in other populations.

The JUUL brand is keen on showing these successes and has therefore hired a capable marketing team of 17 people spearheaded by Douglas Roberts a former Cardinal Health executive.

While there’re many FDA approved smoking cessation programs such as the Nicotine Replacement Therapy, the general public opinion is that they’re not as effective as vape products.

For example, some FDA approved NRT products include lozenges and gum which may not be useful for companies wishing to provide therapy to large masses of people. People want effective smoke cessation products combined with effective face-to-face aid.

Mr. Roberts has been taking such opinions from people in the private and public sector and using this information to update the JUUL smoking cessation therapy program.

Findings show that vape products twice outperform NRT products in helping with smoke cessation. Up to 9 percent of NRT users find it useful in helping to quit smoking; while for vapers, the number is twice as much.

This number could be much higher in the US as the UK has more restrictive nicotine strength regulation. The standard amount is 20mg/mL in the UK which is way less than the 59 mg/mL contained in JUUL e-liquid. The JUUL e-liquid is therefore way more useful for smokers who are transitioning to vapor.

However, the JUUL lab is not yet medically approved and therefore cannot make the claim that it’s a smoke cessation product. The only remaining way to go about it is to get people talking and giving first-hand testimonies. That is why the smoking cessation program was established and a website to share the statistics described above launched.

JUUL therapeutic program targets insurance companies’ customers, healthcare organization, self-help groups and more who are frustrated with FDA approved smoke cessation products and want expert face to face aid plus effective products to transition, too.

The core objective is to get such employees to make the switch to vape products. Above all, the brand is perfecting the vape kit; for example, it recently launched three additional new flavors and is giving customers a choice between vape-juices with different nicotine strength. This way users can smoothly transition from high to low nicotine e-liquids.

While still not yet approved, the above steps are the only way to get people to appreciate the effectiveness of the JUUL vape kit – the lower-nicotine cartridges and their mouth-to-lung delivery style that is way better than smoking which stains the teeth and leaving odor all over. However, if the lab wishes to seek FDA approval, clinical tests and other research will be required.

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