Innokin iSub-B Review

Innokin iSub-B
Innokin iSub-B

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Dimensions: 24 mm

E-liquid Capacity: 4 ml

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When it comes to those sub ohm tanks that can be afforded, then the new Innokin iSub-B is really promising especially on performance based on power. It has the latest plex3D together with a micro-grooved mesh.

Additionally, there is a pulp wicking and a prism colored glass and a loaded chimney which protects or prevents the coil so that there is no flooding that might occurs when it is filled. All these can be purchased below $20! For some years now, Innokin has been able to design unique wood pulp and mesh coils.

I received this product for free so that I can review it:

Colors: Gunmetal, black, stainless steel, and blue
Price: $17.95(at Element Vape)



Innokin iSub-B

Maximum Wattage Output:
55 W
Minimum Atomizer Resistance:
0.35 ohm
Coil Material:
Wood Pulp + Organic Cotton Fiber
Black, Gunmetal, Stainless, Blue
510 thread

Kit Content

-1 x iSub-B Tank
-A good Cable
-1 x Vape Band
-Warranty Card
-Warning Booklet
-1 x User Packet
-1 x Spare Glass
Innokin iSub-B Content

The Build up Quality and Design

The Innokin iSub-B looks good when it comes to its design. It has a straight prism colored tank. Additionally, it has a glass bubble and has a diameter of 27 mm.

The Innokin iSub-B tank comprises of:

-Top cap
-A colored straight glass of about 3 ml
-A chimney section which is responsible for holding the drop coils
-An airflow controller base

It also has a screw top. It is usually removed so that it can fit closer to the chimney which is the old way of filling up the tank. When talking about the actual chimney, it’s more classical. It has a spring loaded system that protects the coil when it’s being filed so that no flooding occurs.

The tank is just like the other iSub tanks when observed from the outside and has 510 threads as well a connection to the tank. In order for you to remove or install the coil, you will need to roll the tank on its side so that you can hold the chimney base and unscrew it.

Here, the coil will be pushed closer to the O-ringed line chimney and then locked up in that place. This will, in turn, allows you to remove or install the coil even when the tank is almost full. The coil head should be in a proper fitting or else the tank will not seal well.

Innokin iSub-B Build up Quality and Design

The Coil Design

As observed in the video, this coil head is not as bad as it looks. It contains smaller groves on the heating element surface. This is Innokin’s flavor boost. Here, the coils are designed in that they can wick themselves through a capillary action as well as increased surface area.

On the other hand, the coils are generally not stuffed wicking. They have about four 3.77 mm by 5 mm holes which increase the rate of wicking. These coils use the wood pulp in the wicking process.

For me, I think it is similar to what Freemax and Horizon Tech have been operating on so some time now Wood pulp isn’t something now but in this case, its not used a lot like in other wicks. So how does it operate?

Innokin iSub-B Coil Design

How Does It Operate?

When we consider vapor and flavor, then Innokin iSub-B has so many things to offer especially in terms of wattage!

I really love to check if these sub ohm coils can reach their maximum lits and at some point, even exceed their maximum point. the iSub-B is rated at 30-55 watts gives me dense vapor and a chewy flavor at the low ranges. It has a short break in which only lasts about o.5 ml to 1 ml and then the flavor is saturated.

The drawing process is very quiet unless you are taking big fast hits. Even if it’s placing its extreme open setting, it will still have a restricted draw. This doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s even closer to the MTL.

My best setting is when airflow stops when its halfway. Here, the vapor is not affected in any way but it is a bit warmer and alive.

For some time now, I have been testing the sub ohm tanks using the same liquids that is Chibi Bar Fruitnola and Yami Vapor Taruto. They are both 70 VG. The two liquids have never tasted great. There isn’t flooding or spitting coming out of the coils.

The only problem when it comes to performance has been time to time leaking when the airflow is left open and also how long this coil head will last.

The first coil head that I bought started to taste lesser than a peak flavor several refills. Though it was not burning. It wasn’t good and it was earlier.

The flavor too was tasting awful and I was pushing too hard. At this point, it was only at 39 watts. My second coil then lasted a bit longer than was about after a 5th refill and it’s still running. Even the first one is still good but I cannot compare it with my second one.

Pros and Cons


  • Incredible flavor
  • Dense vapor
  • Attractive tank
  • Well-machined
  • It is compatible with most iSub-B tanks
  • Has two coil heads
  • The chimney system that prevents flooding
  • It’s affordable
  • Removable 510 tip


  • There is occasional leaking when it’s left in an open airflow.
  • The flavor cannot hold on when on an incessant chain vaping


Innokin iSub-B is one of the best tanks around. It is well designed and it vapes so well. It also produces good vapor and flavor even when at low wattage. I will also need to do more tests to know how long your coil will lasts.

I have some issues with the tank but so far nothing big has made not to recommend it. This is the best tank that I would recommend to anyone who loves vaping. Not only does it come in high-quality design but also in sub ohm tanks. When it leaks, its easier to prevent the leaking and this should not be a big issue.

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