Innokin DV Review

Innokin DV Pod Starter Kit
Innokin DV Pod Starter Kit
Dimensions: 42.4 mm by 21.3 mm by 75.6 mm

E-liquid Capacity: 2.8 ml

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Innokin has released its newest refillable MTL pod, known as DV, and it is the second one the firm has released after the EQ. Innokin is well-known for its booming MTL products.

The Zenith is an exceptional MTL tank, the prism features several very consistent and reliable products, and the Ares has a significant fanbase. Besides, the EQ is vastly considered to be one of the best MTL pod systems in the market. The DV has more features as compared to the EQ.



Innokin DV

Maximum Wattage Output:
15 W
Minimum Atomizer Resistance:
0.3 ohn
Maximum Juice Capacity:
2.8 ml
Battery Capacity:
500 mAh
Coil Type :
0.5ohm PLEX3D Mesh Coil 12-15W

Introduction and Specs

It features efficient coils, and four different wattage settings to choose from. Though is this enough to guarantee a complete recommendation? Herein find out how it works.

The DV retails at $22.95 (at Element Vape). It comes in white, stainless steel and black colours. The kit also contains a user manual, the pod system, micro USB charger, exclusive replacement pods, a user packet which has a warning booklet, warranty and battery warning cards.

Innokin DV


The DV features tri-color indicator for battery capacity, 500 mAh battery and a micro-USB charger, four levels of wattage, button triggered draw and auto draw, 3D mesh coils (PLEX3D Next Generation), 2.8 ml refillable pods or 2ml TPD compliant, and it is compact and light to carry.

Innokin alleges that DV means Daily Vape, but it is quite evident that this is the Darth Vaper, however, the white one is a Storm Trooper. From its construction quality standpoint, the device is a standard Innokin product although the DV feels pricier than it is.

The build of this device feels like durable metal, and it is somewhat weighty. It weighs about 65 grams. If you compare it to other devices, the EQ weighs 54 grams, and the SMOK Nord which is relatively weighty for its size weighs 79 grams. The Innokin DV is way shorter than these two and is smaller in size than it looks on the photos.

But it is thicker than the standard pod system. It feels perfect in one’s hand, the key is positioned conveniently and the key to adjust the wattage system bulges just enough to ease track without looking. The branding in the device is very discreet, and the print situated on its back has some texture.

As mentioned above, it features a 2.8ml pod which is bigger than most pods in the market, and it also has 2ml pod in the package.

There are only two drawbacks with this apparatus. Non-magnetic pods. It’s not quite a big deal, but some people prefer a little more feedback when putting them in the device.

Also, they are too dark. They have alike tint to the EQ pods which makes it difficult to view the level the e-liquid has reached.

Another drawback is that the LEDs on the lower part of the device cannot be deactivated and they will turn on each time you are vaping, though they are not very bright.

Except for these picky cons, the device is constructed and fabricated nicely. Utilizing the DV is quite easy, take a pod, unplug the small rubber plug positioned at the lower part of the pod, and top it up.

Put the pod back in the device and wait for five minutes for saturation, then press the fire button thrice to turn on the device and vape, by either inhaling on the mouthpiece or press the button.

Also, setting the wattage is simple; press the button situated next to the DV logo and the apparatus will cycle through all four power options (15, 14, 13, and 12 watts).

Innokin DV Pod


If you test the pods with a fresh e-liquid, it is smooth sailing at the beginning, but at some point, you’ll experience a plastic flavour. The taste will eventually go away although it will take more than one pod to make it go away. The factory smell is experienced with at least one pod.

Besides this issue, the pods perform exceptionally. They integrate PLEX3D tech, which is as well utilized in the coils for the Plexar Kit and the iSub B tank. The pods can keep up with various liquids like the 50/50 and the 70 VG.

There are some insignificant seepages with thinner e-liquid mostly from juice leaking from the plug when left overnight. You can also experience some spit back if the pod had been left unused for several days.

The DV offers regulated output, meaning it will continuously vape until the battery dies.

It supports auto-draw and also offers you the choice to utilize it as a button-triggered vape. You can’t merely change the airflow, though the default setting is a quenching MTL draw which one can barely complain about. It is tight and velvety, but still relatively looser as compared to the EQ draw.

Auto-draw is fine, but some people say they get to experience a warmer vape when utilizing the button even before warming it up.


Innokin DV features a 500mAh internal cell which is somewhat low for an apparatus that releases the 0.5-ohm coils at approximately 13 watts. When the device is charged fully, you can vape about half of the pod before recharging it.

If you are utilizing the DV as your primary vape, you will require charging it at least once daily, no matter how you slice it.

Fortunately, it accepts pass-thru charging. Also, the fire button works as an indicator for the battery capacity. It turns green when charged when the battery is 50% it turns yellow, and red when it begins to get low.

You will get some vape from it even when the button turns red, but do not look forward to much. The USB port is situated at the lower part of the device which is practical since the DV can stand easily when positioned at its side. Innokin says the cell fire button glows red as the device charges, and turn green when it is charged fully.

Innokin DV Battery

Pros and Cons


  • Light and pocketable
  • Good construction quality
  • Pods last for a long time
  • Velvety MTL draw
  • Auto and button-activated draw
  • Pass-thru charging
  • Snug mouthpiece
  • Comes with two pods
  • Four different wattage options
  • Has large pods (2.8ml)
  • Effortlessly wicks 70 VG


  • Had to view the e-liquid levels since the pods are dark
  • Battery life is not impressive
  • LEDs cannot be disengaged
  • Pods are not magnetic
  • Some pods have plastic flavors


Except for the weird flavour issues, the Innokin DV has a lot more pros than cons. However, until the flavour issues, I cannot wholeheartedly recommend it.

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