Innokin Cool Fire IV Kit Review | What Expect You Can Get

Innokin Cool Fire IV Kit
Innokin Cool Fire IV Kit

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Battery: Built in 3300mAh

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The Innokin Cool Fire IV Kit happens to be a crafted box mod that offers some innovative features which the vaping world has not witnessed before. It is very simple to use this product, and it is also easy to adjust plus maintain it. Almost everyone out there will be able to use it properly irrespective of whether he had any vaping experience before.

For this reason, this breathtaking Innokin Cool Fire IV Kit is a fantastic choice for any novice who is entirely new in the vaping world. In the subsequent paragraphs, we will mention a comprehensive review of this product, which will help to justify its huge popularity at present.



Innokin Cool Fire IV Kit

Tank Capacity:
Wattage Output Range:
6 – 70W
Resistance range:
0.1 – 2.0ohm
510 Thread
Voltage Output Range:
3.0 – 7.5V

Package Contents

Included in the Innokin Cool Fire IV Kit box you will find::

  • 1 x Cool Fire IV Plus APV Box Mod
  • 1 x iSub Apex Tank, 1 x Extra 0.5ohm iSub Coil
  • 1 x Set of Spare O-rings
  • 1 x Micrp USB Cable
  • 1 x English User Manual

Attractive design

Innokin Cool Fire IV mod has been built for performance, but this does not imply the style will be compromised. Whatsoever, each of the products launched by this manufacturer comes with an identical basic design and this one is no exception either. All these mods feature round edges which make it very simple to hold the device while using it.

The placement of the fire button is at the top corner of the device, allowing users to hold it comfortably. Firing the gadget will be equally comfortable with the help of a thumb and pointer finger.

Innokin Cool Fire IV Kit

OLED screen

One more significant aspect regarding the Innokin Cool Fire IV Kit is its rather small OLED display screen. In spite of being small, it can show all the essential information such as coil resistance, battery life, battery voltage output, temperature settings and wattage, shutdown timer, and so on.

The screen is quite bright, which helps you to read it easily irrespective of whether it is day or night. When it comes to the shutdown timer, it is another innovative feature that you should not ignore. The product is going to shut down automatically in case you do not use it for 10 seconds. This will help to save the battery considerably in the long run.

In terms of style, this product is not going to provide you with lots of options. It is available in only blue, black, stainless steel, and red color. According to some users, this mod is quite plain-looking, and the present color range is not adequate.

Nevertheless, you’ll come across lots of satisfied vapers who are complacent with this product right now. Those who want to go for a comfy device providing proper functionality without being too flashy will definitely like this product.

iSub V Sub-Ohm Tank

Innokin Cool Fire IV’s atomizer is extremely simple to use, and it is also noted for its innovative top-fill design. Apart from this, the automatic shutdown feature will not allow you to flood the coils in any case.

It is very simple to replace these coils. Unlike most of the other tanks, there is no need to empty this one prior to replacing the coils. All you need are to take out the cover at the bottom and remove the coil from there. That’s all! While putting in another coil, you need to focus on the abs on the coil plus the atomizer’s groove too. These should be aligned appropriately to avoid any leakage.

All these features make this mod an elementary device when it comes to operation and maintenance. In spite of this, it is quite powerful, which can provide the best experience when it comes to vaping. You’ll be able to use this device as soon as you get it and you need to fill the tank with the vape juice, and that’s all!

Innokin Cool Fire IV Kit

Pros and Cons


  • It provides fantastic performance with the simplicity of usage.
  • It comes with an innovative iSub V Sub-Ohm Tank.
  • Includes a small OLED display screen which shows all the essential information in a flawless manner.
  • Reasonable price.


  • The design is not flashy in spite of being able to provide a fantastic vaping experience.
  • The gap that exists between the atomizer and the mod can prove to be frustrating for some users.

Final Verdict

All in all, it can be asserted that the Innokin Cool Fire IV Kit is powerful as well as a durable device which can boast of having a rather long battery life with quick charging as well. The temperature control feature is accurate, and you’ll be able to fill the e-juice quickly. Another important reason to purchase this product happens to be the iSub V tank, which comes along with the starter Kit.

However, this product is not perfect in the market in terms of design. Moreover, the gap between the atomizer and the mod can prove to be frustrating for some users out there. In spite of some deficiencies, the positive aspects help this device to deliver the goods in the long run.

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