iJoy Capo 100W Box Mod Review-Complete Buyer Guide

iJoy Capo 100W box mod
iJoy Capo 100W box mod

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Size: 78 x 52 x 30 mm

Battery: Single 21700/20700/18650 batteries

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 iJoy Capo 100W box mod is a small but powerful device. It comes with a very powerful single 21700 battery, that has a capacity of 3750mAh. Another bonus is the “Captain Mini” sub-ohm tank, which is a mini version of the widely popular Captain Sub tank.

This mod is ideal for those who prefer vaping at somewhat lower wattages (max 100 W). The coils included in the kit perfectly complement the mod’s max power output. Capo is beautifully designed, and the battery cover is positioned on the top for more comfortable use. Now, let’s take a look at the contents of the kit!



iJoy Capo 100W Box Mod

Wattage Output Range:
Resistance Range:
0.05-3 ohm
Temperature range:
0.96 inches OLED screen
510 thread

Package Contents

Included in the iJoy Capo 100W Box Mod Device you will find:

  • 1 CAPO 100 Box Mod
  • 1 iJoy 21700 3750mAh 40A Battery
  • 1 MicroUSB Cable
  • Instructional Manual

iJoy Capo 100W box mod


What makes iJoy Capo 100W box mod especially attractive, is the compact and practical size, making it an excellent portable mod. Without the tank, it measures only 78 mm (less than 8 cm), and it fits perfectly in one hand. It’s beautifully designed, comfortable to use, and feels secure in your hand.

Despite its size, iJoy Capo 100 W, is very powerful, ensuring you more than a day of vaping with a single charge. The only minor downside is the screen, which is smaller and a tad “overcrowded.” Despite the size, the screen is clear and can be easily used in very bright conditions. You have all the important features, displayed on the screen, including; battery life, current wattage, voltage, amperage, resistance, modes, puff timer, and counter.

iJoy Capo 100W box mod


The Captain Mini sub-ohm tank (22 mm), is perfect for the iJoy Capo. However, it could easily take tanks measuring up to 26 mm. The Captain sub-mini tank is smaller than the regular Captain sub, but when concerning Capo’s smaller size, it’s a perfect fit, and not hard to get adjusted. Since the maximum power is 100 W, and more likely you won’t vape on 100 W all the time, the juice will last you for a while.

The coils that are included in the kit are a perfect match for the Capo (CA-M1 0.5 ohm coil and CA-M2 0.3 ohm coil). The firing button powers the device very fast, with minimum or no warm-up time, offering you tasty, dense, and beautiful clouds. Capo’s 100 W will provide you with the perfect balance between flavor and vapor.

Battery and chipset

iJoy Capo 100W box mod is compatible with different battery types, including 21700, 20700 and the 18650, which gives it an additional advantage. The charging time of the battery is approximately 2 hours.

Capo’s IWEPAL chipset offers an easy and comfortable vaping experience. Five clicks are needed to turn it on/off, and the two selector buttons help you operate the mod’s functions.
The vaping outputs are pretty standard, including; temperature controls (titanium, stainless steel, nickel) and variable wattage.

The power modes include; soft, normal, and hard. For more advanced vapers, The TCR mode is included. This kit is perfect for beginners, as well as the pros in vaping, as you don’t need much knowledge or skill to operate it. You could say that all the best features of its predecessors were gathered, and included in this little Capo.

iJoy Capo 100W box mod

How to use it

Five clicks of the power button to turn it on/off

Three clicks of the power button will open the main menu. Pressing the up and down buttons will navigate you through the menu, and you can confirm your selection with the fire button

Selecting the P icon will enable the wattage mode (power). You can adjust the wattage with the up and down buttons.

Selecting the T icon will enable temperature control, allowing you to choose between Nickel, Stainless steel, and Titanium.

Soft mode – fires at 20 % lower than the current power setting
Normal mode – maintains the current power setting
Hard Mode – will be 30 % higher than the current power setting
User mode – customize your power output

The robust single 21700 battery won’t disappoint even at the highest settings.

IWEPAL chipset will offer you fast and responsive performance

Pros and Cons


  • Easy to use and operate
  • Appropriate for beginners
  • Compact and portable size, perfect for every pocket
  • Beautiful and sturdy design with zinc-alloy construction
  • Powerful single 21700 battery, ensuring you up to 2 days of vaping with one charge
  • Big size power button


  • A small and slightly “overpacked” screen

Final Words

iJoy Capo 100W box mod’s battery life might not be equivalent to two 18650 batteries, but it’s very satisfying, lasting more than a day even if you are regularly vaping. The mini Captain tank gives you just enough room for your favorite juice, providing you with a good flavor. The 0.5 coil head might be small, but it packs a nice punch of vapor.

iJoy succeeded in making an excellent lower-wattage device. The device is compact, yet powerful, light but sturdy. The only minor disadvantage is the size of the screen, which is quite understandable due to the size of the device. However, the screen does include all the important parameters (battery life, current wattage, voltage, amperage, resistance, modes, puff timer, and counter)

Captain mini tank and the powerful coils included in the kit are top performers, giving you a tasty, smooth, and creamy vapor. Because of its simple use, it’s appropriate for beginners in vaping, but also pro vapers that want a smooth, tasty vaping experience, packed into a compact and powerful form.

iJoy Capo 100 w deserves 10/10 as it will bring you lots of joy vaping!

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